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Live Loving Today Die Loving Tomorrow

Newlyweds Edward Masen and Isabella Swan are hit in a fatal car crash, and are left to die. The doctors don’t know what to do, and while in the hospital on a dark night, a mysterious blonde haired, pale faced man rescues them from the four walls of their confinement. Then the next thing they feel is pain, and the feeling of wanting to die. Half Human and Half Vampire.


3. Chapter 3: Scared Stiff

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After a minute or so of just sitting there, I realized Carlisle wasn’t going to answer my question. He was doing everything in his power not to look me in the eyes. I was beginning to think that he didn’t know how to put what he wanted to say in words. The silence wasn’t helping Edward either. He was beginning to shake uncontrollably. His knuckles were clenched white into a tight fist.

My throat was no better. It was on fire now, but for Edward, I think his pain might be worse than mine. My pain is tolerable; all I have to do is not concentrate on it, and it won’t hurt as much. Edward though, I knew he never had any kind of self control, unless it had to do with not hurting me. Every emotion he had doubled when he felt it. Crazy or not, I loved him for his overly human emotions. Most the time, his emotions benefit me. He loves me double, he is happy around me twice as much as anyone, but the one thing I’m not really sure I liked is the double overly protective side of him. I know he means well, but he does keep a lot of people, even some people I like, away from me. I don’t care though, because the people he does keep away from me, he always has reasonable reasons; though sometimes I don’t understand them.

Now I know he isn’t breathing, but he is thinking; vey very hard. Deep, visible, worry lines were taking form on his forehead. I thought maybe he was having a mini pity party within his mind. I almost laughed, until his worry lines magically disappeared, his hands unclenched, and his face became even more unreadable. He didn’t look mad, unhappy, or even confused. Blank. He looked as though he didn’t know what to think.

I was beginning to think that Jesus might have to come back to break the silence, but Edward broke it in a whisper.

“How? When? Why? Where?” he is talking non-understandable nonsense, but apparently Carlisle is understanding something that I’m not.

Carlisle shook his head, and looked at both me and Edward.

“First, Edward, I think we should explain to Bella what is happening. I think you should be the one to tell her, because she probably believe you more than she would me.”

Edward just looked at me like he really didn’t want to explain anything, but his mouth started moving and words came out anyway.

“Bella, first you have to promise you won’t freak out or anything,” I nodded and he continued. “Bella, you know all the stories about vampires that we have heard on the Reservation? All the stories about the Cullens?” he discontinued.

Oh my God, what is he saying? I don’t get it! The only conclusion I could come up with is that he is saying that the Cullens are vampires, but that is stupid. Vampires aren’t real. Are they?

I must have been too quiet, because Edward snapped his fingers in front of my face.

“Bella, are you getting what I’m trying to tell you?”

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even know what to think? I looked back at Carlisle.

“Am I dead?” I asked him freaked out a little?

Carlisle chuckled but just said, “Only technically.”

“What do you mean only technically!?” I emphasized the word only just to prove a point.

“Bella, please just listen to him.” Edward whispered.

“Explain to me Edward how you just figured all this out by yourself?” I didn’t whisper back, but I was mad. Now was no time for me to be reasonable with anyone, not even Edward.

Edward still didn’t yell back, but stayed calm. “Bella, I told you, I’m hearing thoughts. I heard what he is thinking. He explained it to me with his mind, and I understand why he did it now.” He stood up and kneeled in front of me, “if he didn’t save us, you wouldn’t be here right now, and neither would I. We would be decomposing in the ground somewhere. Like you said, the doctors had no hope….they were going to let us die.”

“So, you turned us into vampires?” I quietly said back, too exhausted to yell a response back at him.

For the first time in awhile Carlisle spoke, “Bella, I don’t know if you will ever forgive me for what I did, but I really would like you to try. Just remember this….vampires are immortal. Not totally indestructible, but we can survive most anything. My point being, think of Edward, you have forever with him now. Forever and Ever.”

I liked the sound of all that. It had a certain ring to it; forever and ever. Edward must of liked this too, because he was, for the first time all night, grinning from ear to ear.

“ Forever and ever,” I whispered back smiling also. But then a thought popped in my head. “So, all the stories said that your family doesn’t hunt people, but animals? Are they the stories telling the truth?”

Carlisle didn’t smile, but he didn’t look mad that I asked either. He did though looked amused, even though he didn’t smile.

“Yes, they are true, but it is different for many vampires. Some can’t handle this life, and they cheat. Animals aren’t enough to satisfy our thirst, but they are enough to help control it.”

“So when do we get to hunt?” I asked him curiously.

“Well, I think we should go as soon as possible, because you may be able to control the burning in your throat, but I don’t think Edward can much longer.

“One more question before we go…Why can Edward hear people’s voices?”

“I don’t really know, maybe he some emotional attachment to people when he was human, and now it’s just branched out.”

“Wait,” Edward interrupted. “I can’t hear Bella’s thoughts. Why is that?”

Carlisle looked just as puzzled as I was. He facial features changed repeatedly. From confused to amazed to understanding. He then finally spoke.

“You can’t hear her thoughts?” Edward shook his head. “ This is amazing. So amazing, I’ve always heard of this power, but I’ve never met someone with it.” He ran his hands through his hair, and continued speaking. “You’re a shield! A shield, I’ve finally met a shield!”

“A huh?” I asked him back.

“A shield. It’s a power where you can protect your mind from people like Edward, mind readers, but it can also protect you from other powers that vampires have too. But that’s another story.”

I was starting to think that every time Carlisle found out something new, he would immediately be like a child on Christmas morning. Again, though, he proved me wrong. Just as fast as he became hyper, he became serious again.

“Enough of this, it’s time for the hunt!” he said with what I thought was too much enthusiasm.

Edward jumped up so fast I didn’t even see him move. First he was sitting, and then he was standing. He grabbed my hand, and pulled me toward the window.

“Okay let’s go!” he said impatiently. The last thing I heard was Carlisle laughing, apparently deciding to follow us.