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First Meetings

Bella’s POV of her first week of school and seeing the Cullen’s for the first time. I rated it Teen for now due to language for future chapters.

I am not Stephenie Meyer and all of the Twilight characters belong to her. I am merely borrowing them and will return them, however reluctantly, when I am through. But that won’t be for a LONG time… Hopefully. *grin*

1. Chapter 1

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A new school. Can you say GUH! Can it get any worse than that?

Well okay, actually yes it can, as I found out as soon as I slid out of my ancient yet beloved truck.

The only thing worse than being a new student at a school, any school, was being a new student in a SMALL school, in a small community town, where your father is the Chief of Police.

Double GUH!

I tried not to notice the stares and hear the whispers as I walked to the somewhat beautiful brick building, the newest torture in my life.

Joy of Joys!

I cringed when I felt the kid slide up beside me, a trait that I had honed throughout my life. I may be clumsy but I always knew when someone, *anyone* was approaching my space.

I barely managed to keep the grimace from showing on my face when the kid came up and began chatting to me like he was my best friend.

Okay, chatting was not what I would call what he did, but after a few minutes I started to actually like the kid, Erick I think he said his name was, so I gave him a break.

He was going on about being on the school news paper, and how I was big news and that there would be a front page article about me on the paper.

I quickly, gently but firmly put a stop to that one. UGH! I did not want to draw any more attention to myself. It started to appear apparent to me that Charlie had been talking to EVERYONE about me and if I could I would torture him unmercifully.

But then again, he was my father and I did love him. So maybe this time I would let it slide.

He walked me to my first class, then much to mu chagrin, he met me afterwards. Repeatedly! After every class he was there, including gym.

Did I say GUH?

As if gym class wasn’t bad enough? No amount of begging, pleading or cajoling was able to get me out of the dreaded class. It was HELL! We played, if you could call it that, Volleyball.


INCOMING my brain shouted at me as my hand shot out instinctively and protectively, it’s only purpose was to get the white sphere away from my accident prone body. I groaned as the ball it one of the boys playing basketball on the back of the head.


Now to go and apologize.

He was really nice about it. Mike, was his name, and he was a bit too nice. If you know what I mean.

Then there was the little Barbie doll, Jessica, who hurried over as soon as she saw that Mike was talking to me. I raised an eyebrow but kept the sarcasm to myself. Yeah, the first time she spoke to me all day, regardless of the two other classes he had together already. Like I couldn’t tell what THAT was about.

Then the crack about people from Arizona being tan.

Yeeeeeahhhhhh, like I couldn’t see the slam in that!

Finally it was over. Then of course my faithful puppy met me at the door and walked me to the cafeteria. Where he sat us with Jessica and another girl who took a photo of me.

Groan and GUH!

Thankfully my little puppy nixed that idea. My affection for him was growing by leaps and bounds. I really didn’t want to hate her too, the girl who took the photo of me, Angela her name was, she seemed like a genuinely nice girl.

True friend potential I think.

Mike came up and sat with us, briefly before my cheek was accosted by an unknown set of lips, before his seat was pulled out from under him and he took off chasing the offending person.

THANKFULLY! He was getting on my nerves. I was just relaxing from the drama of Mike, when I felt something pull my attention towards the door.

OMG! Who the HELL were they??????

Fellow students? Oh Hell yeah! I could handle that.

M aybe, just maybe Forks High School wouldn’t be soooo bad after all…