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First Meetings

Bella’s POV of her first week of school and seeing the Cullen’s for the first time. I rated it Teen for now due to language for future chapters.

I am not Stephenie Meyer and all of the Twilight characters belong to her. I am merely borrowing them and will return them, however reluctantly, when I am through. But that won’t be for a LONG time… Hopefully. *grin*

2. Chapter 2

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I had to ask my fellow students who they were and Jessica couldn’t keep the derision from her voice when replying to my question.

I managed to refrain from rolling my eyes at her tone. She informed me that the first two that entered the building were Rosalie and Emmett Cullen. They were together. I personally think that little Miss Barbie was jealous and I had no patience for it.

I observed the couple. They had a certain exotic allure to them that I was drawn to. Like a moth to a flame.

They were a pair, mated, totally together.

Regardless of what Jessica alluded to, I knew that they were One.

The other two were the same. Also as One.


It was like there was a wall between them and the rest of the world. If I looked close enough, I swear I could see a faint line connecting them. Soul mates, just like the others.

I gritted my teeth at Barbie’s minor insult of the she called Alice.

I smiled and turned slightly to watch them take a seat at their table. Then my attention was caught by the door opening once more and my head swung around.

WHO THE HELL WAS THAT???? My mind shrieked, causing me to wince at the demanding and impatient tone.

I asked the question softly, my mind seething for its answer.

Edward Cullen, Jessica informed me.

My whole body sat up and took notice of this person. My body had already claimed him and now I just had to bide my time until he realized that he was mine.

I turned my head to look at him sitting with his family, over my shoulder and felt like I was slammed into a brick wall as our eyes collided.

Holy Crap!

I sighed.

His brother Jasper was looking at me as well. It felt like a double whammy to the system. What was WITH these people?

I tore my gaze away, which felt like a punch to the gut and tried to fight the thoughts in my head. Finally lunch was over and Eric once again escorted me to my next class. Biology. I had most likely been through all of the labs before in my Advanced Biology class, so this would be boring as all get out. We walked into the room and I stopped in my tracks.

Thankfully I stopped in front of the fan which sent its cooling air to my over heated skin.

He was there.

In my class.


The teacher lead me over to ‘his’ table and my heart raced. Could I stand being this close to him and not pounce? I guess we would find out soon enough.

I went over to my new desk and looked at him as I sat down, he was looking, well okay it was more of a glare than anything else, back at me.

I curled my fingers into fists and said a silent prayer. All through the class I was distracted by his nearness. His scent made my mouth water. His eyes made my knees weak, thankfully I was sitting down and that I had already heard about Planeria, because the whole class was a blur that was taken up by thoughts and feelings about Edward Cullen.

Finally and thankfully the bell rang, but before I could hurry out of the class ahead of him, he beat me to it.

Fast. Faster than humanly possible or so it seemed to me.

I watched him and couldn’t keep my eyes from fully checking him out. Niiiiiiiiiice! My mind purred.

Not soon enough my day was over and I was on my way back to the office to hand in my first attendance slip. I stopped just inside the door.


HE was there! And he was trying to get out of Biology class. OUR Biology class. I saw red. Anger was warring with my hurt. He turned ever so slightly when the wind blew at my back and he stiffened before storming out, making the comment that he would ‘endure’ the class somehow.

Okay now I was beyond pissed. By the time I got to the parking lot, he was nowhere to be found. I was determined that I WOULD confront him the next day. I would demand to know what the hell his problem was and make him apologize.