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First Meetings

Bella’s POV of her first week of school and seeing the Cullen’s for the first time. I rated it Teen for now due to language for future chapters.

I am not Stephenie Meyer and all of the Twilight characters belong to her. I am merely borrowing them and will return them, however reluctantly, when I am through. But that won’t be for a LONG time… Hopefully. *grin*

3. Chapter 3

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The next day he was absent.

My anger simmered.

The next day was the same, my mind sniffed and pouted. Strangely it was missing him.

I kept looking at the table that his siblings sat at during lunch and found that more often than not they were looking back at me, at least Jasper and Alice were. It got irritating. Like they knew something that I didn’t and I didn’t like being kept out of the loop.

By Friday my mind was in agony. It was convinced that he was gone.

By the time my last class was over I was beyond angry. Beyond depressed and any other adjective I could think of. I had convinced myself that for some reason Edward Cullen took exception to my very existence and high tailed it out of town.

The weekend dragged on so slow I swear that someone was playing with time, intentionally making it so that it felt like there was a two day to one ratio. Part of my mind blamed Rosalie Hale, not putting it past her to figure out some way to make my life hell. Don’t ask me why I feel that way, I don’t even know the girl but there just seems to be an air of hostility where I am concerned.

Finally, and I do mean FINALLY! Monday arrived and I headed off to the hell that was school once more, stealing myself in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be seeing him today.

Out of habit, for fear of disappointment, I kept my eyes down as I walked through the parking lot, not searching for that all telling Silver Volvo.

For some reason my day sped by and before I knew it I was trudging off to the cafeteria for lunch. It was hell some days to have to spend time being all lovey-dovey with my own personal Barbie and Ken dolls, not to mention my own personal lap dog, all vying for my favor. Although I can admit that I did like to be around Angela, there was something about her that just felt pure and peaceful.

I could not help myself while I was in the cafeteria. I had purposely sat with my back to THAT table, but every day I gave a brief glance over my shoulder, just on the off chance that he would have shown up again. Once again he was absent. My heart sank, there was no hope left.

No longer hungry, not that I really was to begin with, I stood up, dumped my food and headed off to Biology. A student bumped into me when I walked in, causing me to look up and out of the corner of my eye I saw a shape sitting at my table.

My glance shot over and I saw him looking at me with his hand over his mouth. I continued over to my seat and sat my bag down, a bit harder than needed and looked met his gaze, my anger dissolving into relief.

I was relieved to see him sitting there, no matter how upset I was over his abandonment, my heart gave a little leap of joy.

I just wish I could have started in a more pleasant manner other than being accusatory. Thankfully it seemed that whatever slight I had given him that first day, I had been forgiven and he was actually in a chatty mood.

Biology went fast, and we ended up walking down the hallway together still chatting about things. He was back to asking me about why I had moved to Forks, so I had to delve into the life that was Rene and Phil.

It was then that I really noticed his eyes. They were different today than they were that first day. Today they were like a warm butterscotch whereas that first day they were black as pitch. When I asked him about it, he stammered and closed his eyes before blaming it on the lights and walking off.

HEY! My mind shouted at his rudeness once again.

I was really getting tired of him running away from me. Taking a deep breath I decided that it was okay. He could run all he wanted, but eventually I would catch him and then he would have to answer all of my questions.