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Lost Love Found.

It has been 70 years since Edward left Bella and alot has changed. Due to an unfortunate meeting with Victoria Bella is now a vampire and part of the Howe coven, along with her two protective best friends/lovers she is now heading back to where it all started, Forks High School. Who will she find there? Will she forgive him or break him like he did to her?


1. Chapter One

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A new town, a new school and a new look. Every time we change location I decide to get a new look at the moment I have long wavy blonde hair, I’m not really into this look but I lost a bet against Scott and Logan and this was the outcome. Eva and myself were sitting on my bed looking at a hair magazine, this was sort of a tradition for us as she was more responsible than me and would put her foot down on the more reckless ideas I had for my hair. Scott charged in and jumped on the bed.

“Ooooh new hair time, how about that?” Scott asked pointing to a model with long red hair.

“No way, reminds me too much of Victoria” I replied and turned the page.

“Fair enough. But that is hot!” Scott grinned and pointed to another model. She had a sleek, dead straight black hair with a fringe.

“For once in my life I agree with you Scotty boy!” I smiled and pictured myself with my new cut.

“Well I agree it will look lovely on you.” Eva rose from the bed and smiled at us, “ I’m going to nip to the salon and get my nails done I will book you an appointment while I am there.”

“Thanks Eva see you later.” I yelled as she walked out the door. I was soon tackled by Scott who started kissing my neck.

“Alone at last beautiful.” He whispered in my ear as he started making his way down my body.

“I don’t think so Scotty, nice try though with the beautiful comment.” I laughed as I pushed him off me and walked to my wardrobe. Me, Scott and Logan were always messing with each other, at some point we have all slept together however our relationship is purely friends but with a few bonuses. My attitude about boys has severely changed since … him … I cant let my self get hurt again so I stick to one night stands and quick flings.

“It was worth a try.” Scott smirked and laid down on my bed. “What do you want to do tonight?”

“Not what is on your mind” I replied and picked out a Black tank top and white shorts and started changing into them.

“I have no idea what you are talking about” Scott feigned hurt and placed his hand over his heart. “I was going to suggest a lovely movie in bed but if you don’t want to… “ He started getting up from his place on by bed but I pushed him back down again.

“ A movie huh? Well… I guess I have a little time.” I said while straddling him. “But only if it’s a good one this time?”

“That’s more like it! I’ll run and get us one” Scott jumped up and slapped by bum on the way out. I laughed and jumped under the covers. He came back in and had a grin like a child in a sweet shop.

Turns out we didn’t really watch the film we got a bit …… well distracted. At some point during the night Logan crept in under the covers with us feeling a bit jealous that Scott was getting all the attention. That’s how we spent most of the night. Me sandwiched between by two best friend/lovers talking about my fears on returning to Forks high school.