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Lost Love Found.

It has been 70 years since Edward left Bella and alot has changed. Due to an unfortunate meeting with Victoria Bella is now a vampire and part of the Howe coven, along with her two protective best friends/lovers she is now heading back to where it all started, Forks High School. Who will she find there? Will she forgive him or break him like he did to her?


2. Chapter Two

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The next day passed in a blur, in the morning I went to get my hair cut. I don’t want to sound vain, because I’m not, but I had to admit it looked good. The sharpness of the fringe really made my cheekbones stand out and the jet-black colour contrasted well with my pale skin.

Afterwards I cruised through the mall. Ever since becoming a vampire I have grown a love of shopping, I think this might be due to the fact that, thanks to the Howe’s, I actually have money to spend. I brought a new `first day of school outfit’, which consisted of tight black skinnies, a red chequered top with three quarter sleeves, and black very high heels. In my human days I was most likely to call then death traps, however with my newfound grace I have grown to love all high shoes.

As I walked out the mall my phone started ringing.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked as I made my way over to my cherished Koenigsegg CCX, it was sleek black and currently the 3rd fastest car in the world and my baby. As with my unexpected love of shopping came an unexpected love of going very fast.

“Hello sexy.” Logan replied. “Where bout’s are you? I’m in a little coffee shop called `The Chillax Zone’ lame name but a hot waitress.”

“I’m coming out of the mall I’ll be there in five.” I hung up and dumped my shopping bags in the passenger side the car and sped away to see what Logan was up to. x x x

I walked in the coffee shop and immediately spotted Logan sprawled out on a sofa in the corner of the shop, he was talking to Scott who was slouched in an armchair opposite.

“Jeez make yourself at home why don’t you.” I laughed as I pushed Logan’s feet off one side of the sofa. They both straightened up at this, not wanting to be in my bad books. I sat down and waited for the comments on my hair.

“ Looking fine baby, one of your better cuts I see.” Smirked Scott. Logan just slowly whistled.

“Ooh I like. Lots.” I rolled my eyes and looked around the café. The place was slightly busy many people only coming in to buy a cup of something then taking it elsewhere to drink. I bunch of giggling girls sat in the corner opposite.

“ How long have they been trying to build up the courage to ask for your numbers?” I grinned knowing they had no chance. Logan and Scott may be big flirts, wait let me try that again, huge flirts but their standards are pretty high. You pretty much have to be dead.

“They only came in about ten minuets ago, but they haven’t stopped giggling since. It’s starting to grate on my nerves.” Logan flashed his eyes to me.

“Ha! You nearly said that with a straight face darling, you know you love the attention so quit complaining.” He smirked and winked at one of the girls, she started squealing and winked back. I tried to hold in a roar of laughter as her ‘wink’ turned out to be her whole left side of her face scrunching up as she attempted to be sexy.

I calmed down enough to notice a nervous looking girl standing next to me with a notebook.

“W…w…what would y…you like to d…drink?” she glanced at me and ducked her head blushing. She reminded me a lot of human Bella, such a different Bella to who I am now.

“Just a Hot Chocolate please sweets.” I smiled at her as she wrote down my order and scurried away.

“So Bell’s, have you decided on a boyfriend yet?” Scott leant over and smirked at me. Every time we move schools I tend to pick either Logan or Scott to be my `boyfriend` as it tends to keep the boys at school at bay.

“No, no, no. I have already told you I am not deciding this! Its up to you two. Work it out.” I leant back to watch the outcome.

“Normal way then?” Scott asked.

“Of course. On Three, One, Two… THREE.” Logan groaned as Scott jumped up and pumped his fist in the air in victory.

“Paper beats rock!” I couldn’t believe that my ‘boyfriend’ is picked from a rock, paper, scissors match. The timid waitress brought my drink over and gave a funny look to Scott who was doing some type of victory dance. Scott reminded me a lot of Emmett in many ways… a pain in my stomach grew bigger as I remembered my old big brother. Logan and Scott saw me clutching my stomach and asked what was wrong.

“Oh nothing… I … was just making sure I… wasn’t sitting still for too long.” It was a rubbish excuse but they seemed to buy it.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me. I saw this flyer for a talent show at Forks high school. I think we should do it, to you know, introduce ourselves to Forks.”

“Logan, how were you reminded of that?” I asked slightly confused.

“I don’t know, but that’s not the point. It is tomorrow night but there were only a few names on the list so it shouldn’t be hard to get us in, and together with Scott I’m sure we could enter.” We looked at Scott and he shrugged. That was Scott’s power. He can persuade people to do what ever he wants. It’s rather troublesome after a while. Once he persuaded Logan to streak through our old high school singing Barbie girl. I’m just so glad his power doesn’t work on me. That is my gift, I’m immune to others powers.

“I’m not sure, we don’t really want to attract attention to ourselves…” I trailed off as the boys raised their eyebrows.

“We are going to get noticed anyway Bella and you know it, why not make an entrance?” Logan looked at me with pleading eyes. “Please Bella, I don’t want to do it alone. And you know grumpy won’t do it with me.” Scott protested a bit at that. I took one look at his pouting face and couldn’t say no.

x x x