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An Ocean Away

Twins Ansel and Allegra live very different lives. Ansel lives in Forks, eagerly anticipating the day he will become a werewolf. Allegra lives in Volterra, loving the life of a Volturi guard member. The problem is, they have no idea they're related. Part four in the Twist of Fate series.

So, my dears... you can just read :D

1. Ansel: The Bee's Knees

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Mister Black,” said my Trig teacher, Mr. Carlson. My mom had the same teacher when she was in school, and I had heard many horror stories. She told my not to get on his bad side, but I didn't really listen. I frequented his detention list almost as much as my mom did. But, just like her, I usually could talk myself out of it.

The night before I had stayed up with my dad, Jack, my mom, Axelle, and my Uncle Emmett. We were always competing against each other. The vampires versus the werewolves, we always joked. I wasn't a werewolf yet, but my dad said the day would come soon enough. We were playing Dance Dance Revolution, and my dad and I had lost miserably. We couldn't move as fast as they could, not at all. We played for a good four hours, and we didn't end until four in the morning.

That was why I fell asleep in Trig. “Mr. Black, if you insist on sleeping in my class, be courteous and don't snore!” bellowed Mr. Carlson.

I knew for a fact I didn't snore. “I didn't snore... sir,” I said, smiling smugly. If there was one thing you didn't do to Mr. Carlson, it was talk back. His face turned bright red.

“Detention, young man!” he exclaimed.

“But I have practice! You can't possibly think we can bench the captain!” I had basketball practice, and if I missed it I'd be benched for the next game. I played just about every sport in the book. My parents couldn't see my games, though. All the people they went to school with had kids just a little younger than I did... they'd be bound to run into someone, and it'd be hard to explain why they still looked exactly the same as they did back in high school.

Mr. Carlson frowned. He loved the athletes. I'm sure he wouldn't have even considered giving me detention if I were like the other jocks. The stupid, thick-headed guys on the team were fun to hang out with sometimes, but if you wanted to talk to them about anything that didn't have to do with the score of last nights game, or about how the girls look in their cheerleading outfits, their brains would shut down. They'd laugh, punch you in the arm, and then walk away.

I was also smart, which confused Mr. Carlson even more. I was a smart jock? To him, it was the biggest oxymoron of them all.

Everyone in the class had their eyes glued on us.

Mr. Carlson raised an eyebrow. “Talk to me after class.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. That meant he would let me off the hook. He just didn't want an audience.

He launched back into his lecture about his days in the navy, totally avoiding the subject he was supposed to teach altogether.

“Close one, Ansey,” whispered a girl sitting behind me. Her name was Amber, and she couldn't go two hours without calling me by some odd nickname.

“Don't call me Ansey,” I groaned.

She giggled. “Don't be silly.”

I shook my head. I took her on a date once... and it wasn't the wisest move. When I first met her, it seemed we'd be able to get along great. She told me she liked sports, but she didn't. She told me she liked all of the bands I liked, but she didn't. When I broke up with her, she wasn't even phased. She went along calling me “Ansey” and “Ansaroony”, and I couldn't do anything about it. She wasn't mean or anything, she just wasn't the girl for me.

When the bell rang, I waited around until everyone left. Carlson let me off, just like everyone in the class knew he would.

I was ambushed once I left the classroom, however.

“Did you really stand up to him, Ansel?” It was Kris, a different ex-girlfriend. She, much like Amber, said what she thought I wanter to hear... but of course, I didn't want to hear it. She was pretty, though, and everyone thought I had dated her just for her looks.

“Yes, Kris! It was terrifying!” I exclaimed sarcastically., pushing my long, black hair out of my face. “He threatened expulsion, but I gave him the what for!” I grinned, almost positive she'd know I was joking.

She didn't. “He did? Oh, I'm sure it was much scarier that you are letting on. You're so modest,” she said in all seriousness.

I resisted the urge to laugh out loud. Modest was not the way to describe me. Honest, yes. Modest, no. When Dad and I got into it with Mom and Emmett... my dad and I bragged like there was no tomorrow. I also knew I was the best athlete the school had ever seen, and everyone knew I knew. The years with Emmett had rubbed off on me, and I would never hesitate to throw out some cocky remark if someone was being particularly stupid.

When I walked into English, I sat down in my usual seat at the back of the room. It was one of the only classes that I dreaded. Sure, the actual learning was great, but the girl that sat next to me... she drove me insane. She had only been in Forks for a few weeks, and she hadn't really found her niche yet.

She waltzed in just after the bell rang, not worried about what the teacher would think. We were spending the week working on our own independent projects which, loosely translated, meant that nobody was doing any work at all.

When she wasn't glaring daggers at me, she was actually very pretty. Her dark, curly hair fell to the middle of her back. She was smiling slightly. When her green eyes shifted to me, though, it all changed. She looked like a Greek goddess, but she had the worst attitude.

She sat next to me, on the very edge of her chair.

I tried to be friendly, but she wouldn't buy it. “Hello, Athena,” I said, smiling my best smile. I had dazzled plenty of girls with that smile.

She glanced at me. “Is there something you want, Ansel?”

I shook my head. “Nope, just being friendly.”

She turned away and fished a book out of her bag without saying anything. I couldn't figure out why she hated me so much. I was always nice to everyone, no matter who they were. Sometimes I was a bit of a smart ass, but that wasn't really her problem. It was irritating when Athena treated me like dirt.

I leaned forward and read over her shoulder. If she already hated me and there was nothing I could do to right it, I knew that I'd have fun messing with her. The time I spent with Uncle Emmett really prepared me for that.

She ignored me for as long as she could, but finally, she slammed her book down on the table.

“Why'd you do that? We were just getting to the good part!” I exclaimed.

She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes. “You're infuriating,” she murmured.

I'm infuriating? At least I don't go around hating people I don't know for no reason at all!” I exclaimed.

“At least I don't date every person in Forks,” she said, her voice rising.

My mouth fell open. Yes, it was true... I dated a lot of people. But the entire town of Forks? That was a little extreme.

“And true, I don't know you... I don't think I ever want to know you!” she yelled.

“You're worked up because I've dated a lot? Why does that even matter to you? You don't know anyone here!”

Everyone in the class was looking at us, including the teacher. He loved getting into the student drama, though, so I knew he wouldn't stop us.

“Well... fine!” she yelled. She picked up her bag and stormed out of the room.

Our teacher started to clap. “I've got the best idea for my novel now!” he sang. He turned to his laptop and started typing furiously.

I put my head in my hands.

“Oh, poor Ansel. That girl... she's so rude!” exclaimed one of my ex-girlfriends, no doubt. There were a few in all of my classes. True, they were ex-girlfriends, but they all still thought I was the bee's knees. I was just happy none of us ended on bad terms. I might have been considered a bit of a player, but I wasn't intimate with any of them or anything. They were mostly just dinner dates. I was always a gentleman, though. If there was one thing I learned in my family, it was how to be a gentlemen, no matter what kind of relationship I was in.

But my dating history had made someone angry at me, someone I didn't even know! The only other person that had ever been truly angry at me was Uncle Emmett, and that was only because I cheated at Monopoly... and every other board game I had ever played with him.

I sighed and pulled out all the things for my independent project. Being disliked was going to take some getting used to.