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An Ocean Away

Twins Ansel and Allegra live very different lives. Ansel lives in Forks, eagerly anticipating the day he will become a werewolf. Allegra lives in Volterra, loving the life of a Volturi guard member. The problem is, they have no idea they're related. Part four in the Twist of Fate series.

So, my dears... you can just read :D

15. Ansel: S' My Job

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Meanwhile, back at the hospital...

“And her diet?” asked Athena. She was just starting to get a little bit comfortable with the idea of my mythical parents.

“Strictly animals,” I assured her.

She sighed. “Well, looks like I'm going to be having quite the adventure.”

I laughed. “For a family full of vampires, we really aren't that adventurous.”

Family full?” she asked incredulously.

I nodded. “My mom's entire side of the family.”

“What about my side of the family?” asked Axelle. Athena and I both jumped.

Axelle and Jack pushed the door the rest of the way open. Jack had a bag of food in his hand. Athena fell quiet.

“We thought you guys would probably be hungry,” explained Jack. “And we thought that you'd probably be here for quite awhile.”

“You're right,” I laughed. “I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon.”

“That's how I felt. If Jacob and my mom weren't there, Axelle and I would hav-”

“Dad! I don't think I'd like to hear what you were about to say, thanks,” I said, interrupting Jack's story. “And I'm pretty sure you don't have to tell it anymore.”

Athena started laughing hysterically.

“How do you think you got here?” exclaimed my mom.

I was pretty sure that if Athena were laughing any harder she would have coughed up a lung. “You're so embarrassed!” she gasped.

“Thanks, guys,” I muttered.

“S' my job!” said my dad, slapping me on the back.

When Athena finally calmed down, she eyed my mom and dad suspiciously.

“I told her about us,” I explained.

“Oh,” said my mom. “That's it.”

Athena looked down at her lap. “Well, it's just kind of scary,” she admitted.

“We've been living the majority of our lives like this, Athena. I know it sounds scary, but you really couldn't be any safer than you are with us. We are basically immune to every real-world danger,” said Jack.

“Both of my parents are vampires, and I grew up just fine,” said my mom.

Athena frowned. “And they never...”

My mom smiled. “No, Athena, they never tried to eat me.”

She laughed nervously. “Oh.”

“And since you're a part of the family now, you probably shouldn't be afraid of us,” added my dad. He and my mom sat on the foot of the bed.

“A... part of the family?” asked Athena.

“Ansel imprinted on you!” he exclaimed.

“I don't even really know what that means,” I laughed.

“You ran off before I could tell you!”

“Well, go!” I said.

“Werewolves imprint on the people who they are meant to spend their life with. It's a sort of unbreakable bond. Sometimes it's a bit of a chore to get the one you've imprinted on to actually be with you, but it's pretty hard to avoid the kind of devotion they give you. You're pretty much meant to be with Ansel forever, Athena,” said Jack.

Athena was quiet for quite sometime. The three of us let her be, though. She had gone through a lot in the past few hours. She went on a date with a person she hated, was mauled, found out her date was part of a giant mythical family, and was told she was going to be in the family for the rest of her life.

“So I'm stuck with lover boy?” she asked after what seemed like an eternity of silence.

“Yep. Just plain stuck,” I replied.

Jack handed me the bag. “Esme made you both peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” he said, grinning.

I snatched it away from him. Esme made the best peanut butter and jelly. She seemed to be programmed to be the best mom, grandma, and great-grandma.

“We're going to go, alright?” said my mom.

“Bye, mom. Thanks for the food,” I said, grinning.

As the door closed, Athena sighed. “I'm exhausted.”

“And it's all my fault,” I said. I set the bag on the side table. I wasn't hungry anymore.

“No, it's not your fault. It's that snotty nurse. I bet she gave me the sleeping medicine just because my dad told her not to,” she laughed.

I shook my head. “I'm sorry I hurt you, Athena.”

“Stop it, Ansel. I know you couldn't help it, and I know it won't happen again,” she said firmly.


“No,” she said. “I trust you.”

I nodded.

She yawned.

“Maybe you should sleep?” I suggested. It was getting very late.

“No,” she said. She patted the bed beside her. “You should come over here.”

After some minor adjustments, I had Athena in my arms. We had to be careful. If I were to move her the wrong way, I knew she would start bleeding again, and that was definitely something I did not want to happen.

“That's much better than being by myself, actually,” she breathed.

“I'm glad you think so,” I laughed.

She yawned again.

“Can you sleep now?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Good,” I said. I kissed her forehead.

A few minutes later, her heavy breathing let me know she was asleep. I felt my own eyelids get heavy. I knew the snotty nurse would be irritated when if found me asleep, but I didn't mind. I was happy right where I was.