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An Ocean Away

Twins Ansel and Allegra live very different lives. Ansel lives in Forks, eagerly anticipating the day he will become a werewolf. Allegra lives in Volterra, loving the life of a Volturi guard member. The problem is, they have no idea they're related. Part four in the Twist of Fate series.

So, my dears... you can just read :D

16. Allegra: We Could Pay

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Meanwhile, at the big house...

Axelle and Jack walked in at the same time Demetri and I did. I felt horrible when I remembered just how terrible I had been to Athena. She was probably petrified.

Axelle stopped me before I could get into the house. We sat on the porch.

“You know that all of us have fallen off the wagon at some point, right?” she asked.

“Well, I think I've had my fair share to be perfectly honest with you,” I sighed. “And to go after Ansel's girlfriend!”

Axelle laughed quietly. “Do you think we would have let you get to her? There are always at least five vampires in the house. We'd never let you do anything that you would regret.”

I nodded.

Axelle got up. “Just don't dwell on it, okay?”

“Okay,” I said, smiling slightly.

When we walked into the house, Felix was having a heated debate with Emmett.

“The first Mario Kart is so much better than any of the new crap they've come up with in the last hundred years!” exclaimed Emmett.

“You're insane! Everyone knows that the newest ones have all the best graphics and sound out there! The old one just doesn't compare,” said Felix.

I left the room quickly. I knew such a fight could probably escalate into a full blown brawl. Esme would not be happy if there was a giant Emmett and Felix shaped hole in the wall.

Demetri was sitting at the table talking to Carlisle. He grinned as soon as I entered the room. “Hi, beautiful,” he said.

Carlisle laughed. “I feel I've aged more in the last thirty years than I have in the three centuries before that. Too many grandchildren.”

I gave him a pat on the back. “You don't look a day over twenty-three!” I exclaimed.

“Well, thanks for that,” he said, grinning. “So Demetri tells me that you have something to talk to us about?”

I frowned. I had no idea that he would hop to it so quickly. I expected to beat around the bush for quite some time. I sat down next to Demetri.

“Well,” Demetri started, leaning forward. “I need you to know that you can trust us completely. In the weeks we've spent here, we've found more love and support than we ever found in Italy. Those of us from the Volturi that are staying here now really do appreciate the hospitality.”

“It's my pleasure,” insisted Carlisle.

“Your ties with Aro... the Volturi that aren't here right now, they were severed when Aro kept Allegra, right?” Demetri continued.

Carlisle nodded. “I will never forgive him.”

“I am going to be honest with you, Carlisle.” Demetri hushed his voice. “None of us like it there. Do you know what it's like being treated like some sort of exciting toy? We aren't even living things to him. He collects us.”

“What are you getting at?” asked Carlisle.

“With your help, we can finally give the Volturi what they deserve. You know as well as I do that they were the reason that Bella, Axelle, and Allegra were made into vampires. Bella and Axelle were changed without their own consent! They are monsters, Carlisle, and they must be stopped!” he gasped.

Carlisle bit his lip. “That would be taking a huge risk,” he murmured.

“Think about it, though! There are sixteen of us! Five of them are in the Volturi. They'll be so surprised and so crippled by their lost numbers, there will be no risk for any of us!” exclaimed Demetri.

I noticed that all talking in the house had stopped. The entire family had been listening, no doubt. I was nervous. I Demetri's plan backfired, we'd be kicked out for sure.

Emmett ran into the room, closely followed by Felix.

“Hell yeah, we're doing it!” exclaimed Emmett.

“I can picture it now...” said Felix. “Ah, how I would love to show him just how horrid he treats us.” He grinned.

“I'll go. But if I break a nail, Carlisle, there will be hell to pay!” called Rosalie from her room.

Axelle and Jack scooted in from the living room.

“I'd take care of a million of them for what they did to me,” murmured Axelle.

Jack grabbed her hand. “And I'd be right there with her.”

“Esme?” asked Carlisle. She ran into the room, followed closely my Jane and Alec.

Esme looked down at her feet. “Of course I'd go, Carlisle.” She smiled slightly. “But it's all up to you.”

He sighed. “I don't like violence.”

Alec spoke up. “You are a threat to the Volturi, Carlisle. He will decide on day that it is time to dispose of you. Why not get to him first?”

“He's been talking about it,” added Jane.

“Well,” sighed Carlisle. “It seems we should prepare. I will call Bella and Jasper to ask what they think, although I already know what they will say.”

The overcrowded room was filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiousness.

Jack grinned. “Hey, Emmett?”

“What?” asked Emmett skeptically.

“I bet you a night with Axelle that I'll get more than you do,” challenged Jack.

“Like you'd win!” laughed Emmett.

Demetri took my hand and gestured to those of us that were in the Volturi. We exited through the back door and ran into the forest. We stopped when Demetri thought we would not be overheard.

“You do realize what we are about to do, right?” asked Demetri.

“Kill our boss?” said Felix.

“Basically,” I replied.

“Sweet,” whispered Felix.

“And you are all one hundred percent positive that this is what we want to do?” asked Demetri.

“I know that Jane and I have talked about it just since Felix and I have arrived, so obviously it is something that is pressing on our minds. And Felix has made it clear how he feels about the situation, so I think we know which side we are going to take,” said Alec, pushing his hair out of his eyes.

“I feel life part of a family here,” said Jane. “And I realize now that that's all I've ever really wanted.” She looked down. Jane was hardly ever shy, especially around us.

Demetri grinned. “Great!”

“So, when we win... where exactly will we live?” asked Felix, changing the subject.

Demetri frowned. “Well, I didn't actually think of that.”

“Could we live with the Cullens?” I asked.

“I don't know,” hummed Alec. “It seems like the house is crowded as it is.”

“And I wouldn't want to live that close to anyone,” laughed Jane.

“Don't the Cullens own... basically all the land that surrounds their house?” I asked.

Demetri nodded. “I was talking to Carlisle about it. Bella and Jasper have a house on their land, as do Axelle and Jack.”

“Well, then I'm sure we could have a house on their land,” said Felix.

“We could pay them, too,” said Alec.

Jane laughed. “There'll be a new family moving into the neighborhood.”

I smiled. If anyone that wasn't a supernatural being moved into the “neighborhood,” they'd be in for a huge surprise.