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An Ocean Away

Twins Ansel and Allegra live very different lives. Ansel lives in Forks, eagerly anticipating the day he will become a werewolf. Allegra lives in Volterra, loving the life of a Volturi guard member. The problem is, they have no idea they're related. Part four in the Twist of Fate series.

So, my dears... you can just read :D

17. Ansel: Anso!

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The next morning, at the hospital...

Athena and I woke up as soon as a nurse opened the door. It was five-thirty in the morning. It wasn't the snotty nurse, which made me happy.

When she saw us, she laughed quietly. “I don't think you should be sleeping there,” she suggested.

I nodded sleepily, and rolled off the bed. It wasn't comfortable, but I preferred it to sleeping in my own bed, as long as Athena was there.

“What's happening?” asked Athena through a yawn.

The nurse swept over and started inspecting Athena. “Well, if everything looks good enough, we're going to let you go home. You may even have to go to school today,” said the nurse, smiling.

The nurse moved the blankets to Athena's waist, and her gown to her chest. Her entire torso was covered in cuts. Some of them looked very deep. The nurse glanced at them quickly before pulling the gown back down.

“Your dad brought you clothes yesterday. You can change into them now. Your dad also said that this young man could bring you home,” said the nurse pleasantly.

Athena nodded and pushed herself out of bed. “I think I'll need help with my shirt,” she said, wincing.

The nurse nodded, assisted her to the bathroom, and helped her get dressed. A few minutes later they exited, and Athena grinned. She had a bottle of pills in her hand. She slipped them into her pocket.

“I'm ready to go!” she exclaimed as cheery as she could.

I put my arm around her waist and held most of her weight. The walk to the car was long, an I felt horrible every step of the way.

“I'm so sorry, Athena,” I sighed.

She shook her head. “I'll get used to it, and it's not your fault.”

I lifted her into the passenger seat. “I'll take you home.”

She shook her head. “I want to meet your family. Your mom and dad were really nice, so I bet the rest of them are, too.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered breathlessly.

I took my cell phone out of my pocket and called the big house.

“Hello?” answered Carlisle.

“Hi. I'm bringing Athena home, so will you please tell Allegra?” I asked.

“She and the rest of her clan left a few hours to discuss some things, but I'll call Demetri and let him know,” replied Carlisle.

I hung up the phone and turned to Athena. She was looking out the window, grimacing.

“What are the pills the nurse gave you?” I asked.

“Pain pills,” she answered.

I grabbed the water bottle that was sitting in the cup holder and gave it to her. She took it, fished the pills out of her pocket, and swallowed them.

“Thanks,” she breathed.

A few minutes later, I stopped in front of the big house. I got out and ran to Athena's side of the car. She waited for a long time before offering me her hand.

“Nervous?” I asked as I lifted her out.

“A little,” she answered quietly.

“You have nothing to worry about. My family has had a very, very long time to learn to control themselves. They probably will not even notice you, honestly,” I assured her.

Esme had the door open before we made it too the porch. She hurried towards us.

“Oh, Athena. Are you alright? Do you need anything to eat or drink? We have many beds that you can choose from if you would like to sleep before school,” said Esme. I knew she wanted to comfort Athena physically, but she stopped herself. She knew that humans tended to be a little scared of vampires.

“Thanks,” said Athena, smiling. “I am a little tired. A nap would be nice,” she admitted.

Esme nodded. “I'll set one up right now.” She ran into the house.

Athena pushed me away as soon as she left. “I want to try by myself,” she explained.

She straightened herself up, wincing slightly, and then walked up the three stairs and onto the porch. I was right behind her every step of the way.

“Ansel, who's this pretty lady?” exclaimed Emmett as Athena and I walked in the door. He was the only one in the room. I noticed a hole in the wall the size of Emmett's shoulder.

“Apparently I'm lover boy's soul mate,” answered Athena.

He grinned. “My God, Ansel, you hooked a good one.”

I was still looking at the hole. “What happened there, and who did Esme have to kill?”

“Felix and I started talking about Mario Kart an-”

“Say no more,” I laughed. Aside from the family, Mario Kart was the most important thing in Emmett's life.

Esme ran down the stairs. “It's six right now. You don't have to wake up until seven,” she explained.

I took her hand and was about to lead her upstairs when Emmett stopped me. “Esme, will you take Athena?” he asked.

“I'll be up in a minute,” I said to Athena, kissing her on the cheek.

Esme held out her arms and Athena nodded, skepticism all over her face. She was more than surprised when Esme picked her up and took her upstairs.

Emmett leaned forward in his seat. “We're going to go fight the Volturi. Allegra and the rest of them are going to help us.”

I grinned. “It's about time.”

“Your mom and dad will tell you more about it later, but I thought you ought to know.”

I nodded, and ran up to watch Athena sleep. I wasn't tired at all, especially knowing that we were going to get the Volturi. The hour passed quickly, and I woke her up gently. I had changed and gotten completely ready while she was sleeping.

I showed her the bathroom, gave her a spare toothbrush, and let her get ready. School started at eight, and we got there just in time.

I walked Athena to her first class and promised to meet her afterwards.

After I dropped her off, one of my basketball teammates walked up to me.

“What are you doing with that Athena chick?” he asked. He didn't sound happy.

I glared. “What do you mean 'that Athena chick?'” I replied rudely.

“Nothing,” he said, backing off a little. “It's just... she's not one of us.”

I shot him a look that would make the strongest man cry, and headed to my next class.

At lunch, when Athena and I sat at a table with nobody else, I knew everyone was looking at us. It was not every day that the most popular guy in school dated the “outsider.”

Everyone is looking at us,” she whispered, taking a bit of one of Esme's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“I'm fine with that,” I answered.

She frowned. “I'm not. It's kind of creepy.”

I grinned and stood up. I was taller than anyone else at school, so I was noticed easily.

“Hey, everyone! Quit looking at us!” I announced. I sat back down, and looked at Athena.

She tried to keep a straight face, but it didn't work. She started cracking up so hard, I thought she was going to faint.

“Oh my God, that was the best,” she gasped.

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. I helped Athena up and then took her books off of the table. We were halfway to her next class when she stopped.

“I think I have to res-”

She fainted before she could say anything else. I caught her before she hit the ground. My heart was beating a million miles a minute. I picked her up and strode quickly to the car.

Another one of my teammates stooped to pick up Athena's books that I dropped. “Hey, are you going to be at practice?” he called.

“No!” I replied, picking up the pace. I placed her gently in the passenger seat. We were out of the school before anyone other than that one person noticed anything.

Athena opened her eyes shortly after we pulled out of the parking lot. “Where am I?” she asked.

“You are on your way back to the hospital,” I answered.

“No, Ansel,” she said firmly. “I'm fine. I was just lightheaded. Just take me home.”

I gave in reluctantly.

“My dad isn't home right now, and I have to pick up Natalia from day care at three,” breathed Athena, pressing her hands to her head.

“Once I take you home and make sure you're comfortable, I'll call your dad and tell him. I'll pick up Natalia at three,” I said.

“No, I can do it,” she insisted.

“No,” I said. “You are going to stay in bed and rest. You shouldn't have gone to school today.”

Athena grinned. “You're so overprotective.”

At Athena's house, I took her straight to her bed. She gave me her dad's number, and I called to tell him what happened. He was very grateful that I was there to catch her, and thanked me multiple times for offering to pick up Natalia. He said he would call the day care facility and let them know I would be coming. He also told me that the car seat was in the hall closet.

Athena took another pill before going to bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep. I looked at the bottle, and it said that the pills may cause drowsiness, and are best taken before bed. It explained why Athena was so tired.

At two forty-five, I made sure Athena was sleeping soundly, got the car seat out of the closet, and drove to Natalia's day care.

The woman at the front desk smiled when she saw me. “You must be Ansel. Dr. Reynolds tells me that Natalia has never actually seen you before, but will be okay going home with you.”

She pressed a button on the intercom and called one of the rooms. A few minutes later, Natalia walked out. Her dark, curly hair looked just like her sister's, as did her green eyes.

“Hi, Anso!” she exclaimed. “I dunno you, but thas okay.” She smiled and reached for my hand. I had to bend down to reach it. “Bye, Teacher!” she yelled as we left the building.

I strapped her into her car seat and then we left. It was quiet for a moment before she talked.

“Anso?” she asked.

I grinned. Anso was a nickname I had never heard before.

“Why is you picking me up and not Thena?” she asked.

I looked into the rear view mirror. She was tying her hair in knots and looking out the window at the same time.

“Athena is a little... sick right now. She'll be better soon, though,” I explained.

“Oh, oh, oh!” sang Natalia. “That's not good! Are you going to live at my house up till she is better?”

I laughed. “No, Natalia. But I will come visit.”

“Yay! I like you, Anso,” she exclaimed.

When we pulled up to the house, another car was in the driveway. I got Natalia out, and then walked in quietly.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hello!” boomed Dr. Reynolds. “Thanks for getting Natalia. I didn't think I would make it back to town in time.”

“Of course!” I replied. “If you ever need anything else, don't hesitate to ask.”

“You bet,” he said. “And Athena was asking for you.”

I went upstairs to see Athena sitting upright in bed. “Whew, those pills wipe me out,” she exclaimed.

I smiled. “I guess so!”

My cell phone rang. It was my mom.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi. Carlisle has something he has to discuss with us. Can you be home soon?” she asked.

“Yep! I'll be there soon,” I replied. I hung up the phone.

“I need to go.”

She frowned. “But I don't want you to go.”

I smiled. “I'll be back later.” I glanced out her window and spotted a tall, sturdy looking tree right next to it. “Don't close your window tonight.”

“Okay...” she said, confused.

I kissed her goodbye, and then headed outside.

“Anso!” Natalia called from the front door just as I was climbing into my car.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Come back soon!” she yelled.

I nodded and climbed into the car. It had been a very eventful day, and it still wasn't over yet.