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Sharp and Shiny

Bella can no longer handle the pain. So she finds a new friend. A deadly Friend. It Sharp, shiny and will never leave her.

Hope you enjoy this poem. it really meant alot to me to write as it was more like a story from my soul then a poem about bellas pain.

1. Sharp, Shiny and Goodbye

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It’s really funny.

How innocent it looks.

How the sun shines off its surface.

So sharp and shiny.

My precious blade.

It is truly strange that this small object could mean more to me then anything else.

To me, Isabella Marie Swan.

The blade that became my friend.

A friend in a time of need.


The days have become longer

Drawing out the pain I feel each day.


The pain wells within my chest,

Taking away all my air,

Making me gasp for breath.


I run through the front door,

Ignoring Charlie’s shouts.

Running to my room

I search for my one true friend

My shiny sharp friend.


I hiss in pleasure

As the blade tears through my skin.

Blood pooling by my side.


I know I should stop,

That I shouldn’t cut deeper,

But the temptation was too strong.

I know it’s too late,

The damage has been done.


I hear Charlie knocking on my door

Yelling at me to unlock it.

But I am drifting in and out,

Fading into darkness and being thrust forward into light.

I don’t have the energy to get up


I hear loud thumps as Charlie tries to break down the door

“Bella, Hold on. I’m coming” I heard him yell.

I smiled silently.

‘You may be coming, but I am going’ I thought


I’m being held

Its unknown by whom

I feel them shaking me,

There voice is muffled

But I can tell what they saying


“Goodbye” I say, trying to look towards the person holding me.

And everything went black


I shook her over and over

Trying to wake her.

I froze when I saw a smile on her face.

The smile that has been hidden for almost 6 months.

“Please Bella don’t do this” I yell at her “Come on Bella”

I am shocked when he head lolls over to face me.

I could barely make out the words

But what I heard made me cry out in anguish