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Truth Be Told

Bella can no longer lie to herself. Her soul is broken, her resolve has shattered. And now the truth is out.

This is not even a twilight poem. i wrote this about the crap going on in my life at the moment but when i was in a happier mood i read it again and saw that it could be used as a poem for twilightarchives.com so please enjoy.

1. Truth be told

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Tears silently roll down my cheeks,
Showing for the first time,
The pain i feel inside.

The laughs are over,
The game has come to an end.

The pain is real,
and it's just begun.

My resolve has shattered,
My lie has broken free.

I'm Not Ok.

My body shakes with silent sobs,
The pain spreads like fire,
coursing through my body.

No more smiles,
No more laughs,
It's all at an end.

The tears,
The sobs,
The fake smiles,
Are just the beginning,

My resolve has shattered,
My lie has broken free.

Truth be told,
I'm Not Ok.