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Edward and Bella go ice skating!

Bella takes the Cullen family minus Carlisle ice skating and hilarity ensues. Plus some unexpected surprises! Sequel to Edward and Bella go sledding! but you don't have to read that one first. BTW: Two-shot!

Woot for ice skating! I don't own Twilight!

1. Chapter 1

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I picked up the small silver cell phone and called Edward. “Edward, could you come over to my house? I have an idea for an activity today!”

“Sure thing, love. Sit tight, I’ll be there soon,” he replied.

Bella grinned, happy. She was going to take Edward to the skating rink. Going to the garage, I pulled out my skates. By then, Edward had arrived.

“Hello, Bella. The skating rink, correct?”

Dangit, Alice.

“Do I get to drive?” I asked.

Edward shook his head. “Bella, Bella, Bella…”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I said, grabbing my keys and exiting the house before he could say anything. Soon enough, though, he’d picked me up by the waist and carried me to the Volvo. Inside were Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie.

“There’s not enough room for me,” I said.

He frowned. “Alright, we’ll take your car- but I get to drive. Alice, you drive the Volvo. Oh, where’s Esme?”

Alice closed her eyes. “She’s already at the rink,” she replied, more for the convenience of the rest of us than for Edward.

“Alright, Bella, let’s go.”

When we got to the rink, we had it pretty much to ourselves. I laced up my skates and stepped onto the ice. Alice smiled and skated over to me. “Don’t worry, I know of your… skills. However, Edward doesn’t.”

“Good, this should be funny.”

“You have no idea…”

I skated in a circle, and Emmett, having already put his skates on, said, “Bella, where’s your clumsy?”

“I decided I didn’t need to entertain you today,” I replied.

Edward walked out of the skate rental place, sitting down on a bench. He pulled off his shoes and put the skates on, then stepped onto the ice with me. Immediately, he fell down. I burst out laughing, as did Emmett. Edward stood back up, grimacing. I smirked, then skated into the middle of the rink. Building up speed, I spun into a triple axle, then across the rink and a double axle. Edward, still holding onto the railing, nearly fell over again with shock. Ha, ha- graceful Bella. And klutzy Edward. Next was Rosalie to enter the rink. She skated over to Emmett, graceful as ever.

“Ready, Em?” she asked.

“Definetly!” he exclaimed.

She went back to the entrance of the rink, then began skating gracefully in a circle. Emmett did the same on the opposite side of the rink. After a complete circle, they both, in complete unison, skated to the middle of the rink, Emmett picking Rosalie up and throwing her impossibly high. Esme looked annoyed- what if there were humans watching?- but she refrained from saying anything. Rosalie was spinning quick circles, still in the air, and Emmett was doing a three triple axles before Rosalie reached the ground. He caught her, but by now Bella had stopped watching. Edward had finally reached her.

“Hello, love. Why skating? How did you know I’d be totally ungraceful?”

“I didn’t- I just knew I’d be graceful and wanted to show off my mad skillz!”

Edward looked slightly confused. “Did you just say ‘mad skillz’?”

Bella laughed. “I’m so white I’m almost a vampire!”