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Hanging in the Air

Bella realizes that running into the clouds after Edward isn't enough, she like the warmth that the other side has to offer.

Rated "R" for some more hot and steamy scenes to come. Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, characters, etc. all belong to Stephanie Meyers.

1. What is in the Air?

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It was only a couple of weeks after I started hanging out with Jacob Black that I realized something was hanging above us in the air when we were out together. Soon after his transformation, the pack had found Victoria crossing over the treaty line and in the end burned the remains like I had suggested. I thought this had been the darkness creeping into the silver lining that was developing between Jake and me, and pulling me further and further away from my thoughts and the adrenaline rushes that were a constant reminder of him.

When I was next to his warm body my thoughts were always in the present never lingering on the past. It was not unusual to find him holding my hand as we were walking around town in La Push, or even the occasional kiss on the cheek. But my mind would always force my mouth to make it clear to Jake that we were no more than friends, when on the inside my heart was bursting to be more. More of what, I was unsure of.

That night we had discovered that Harry Clearwater had suffered a heart attack and died on his way to the hospital. Jake understood when I didn’t want to accompany Billy or Charlie to the hospital. He never made it awkward when I wanted to avoid some places that reminded me of the hurt. Out of habit I wrapped my arms around myself, trying to hold together the pieces. Jake noticed, he always noticed. He moved closer to me where we were sitting on his floor of his bedroom watching TV. He grabbed my arms and pulled them away from my chest. There it was again the animosity hanging in the air between us growing as he gently moved me to his lap, without protest from my annoying mouth this time. My heart was finally content that I was not ruining it this time. I needed to feel his warmth; it would make me whole again.

I looked up into Jake’s face, his eyes had narrowed and turned a little darker, his breathing had hitched something that usually never happened when I was with Jake at least. Right before it happened my mind turned back on and everything clicked I may not be one hundred percent but if I was a freak among freaks then I would choose the path that allowed me some happiness before I was crushed back into a zombie.

His lips gently brushed mine. It was amazingly warm, and gently I pushed my lips on his. His hands that were holding my hands let go slightly shaking, and slowly moving up my arms to my face, our lips never breaking contact. I moved a little closer and the pressure between our lips increased. I heard a moan, was it mine or his? I pushed again on his lips with mine and this time it was definitely him that let a small moan escape between his lips before his hands moved back down to my waist, and pulled me onto his lap. He would have never let me get this far. He always had his lines that were not to be crossed. One more thing that I didn’t miss now that I was wrapped in Jacob’s arms.

My hands that had been resting on his shoulders were now roaming over his bare chest, something I had wanted to do since he had been running around shirtless these last couple of weeks. I had never done anything like this before. Instead of being scared I was enjoying all of the exploring. I was preoccupied with Jacob’s bare chest, and silk black hair, and the noises he was making when I ran my nails over the nape of his neck. With the last noise that Jake had whispered he moved his tongue over my lips and into my mouth licking at every surface of my own tongue and mouth.

It felt delightful. Absolutely wonderful. I wanted to do the same so when he pulled back for air I pushed my tongue into his mouth; the warmth was so much I was hoping that my tongue wouldn’t burn. His hands moved from the resting position on my waist to my ass. He grabbed it firmly, and then rested his hands there. My mind starting creeping into the thoughts of my heart, saying that this was going too far. My heart was currently telling it to shut up, when our kissing became more intense and I was pressing myself harder against his chest, causing him to moan more. The bulge below his waist started growing and I grinded hard against it and him. His moan was louder this time, making me shake a little at its depth. Minutes seemed like hours, maybe it was hours. His hands had moving with my body as I grinded on him.

I had just started wondering how far this would go tonight, when all of a sudden Jake let go and pushed me onto the floor next to him and folded his legs up Indian style (no joke intended), turned the volume up a little on the TV. Just as I was getting ready to say What the HELL? The bedroom door opened.