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Hanging in the Air

Bella realizes that running into the clouds after Edward isn't enough, she like the warmth that the other side has to offer.

Rated "R" for some more hot and steamy scenes to come. Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, characters, etc. all belong to Stephanie Meyers.

3. Sunshine

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Dinner passed by quickly and Charlie and I were currently riding back in his cruiser I hated riding anywhere in that car. I wished Charlie good night when we got home it was already very late so I sauntered up the stairs to my room. I had just closed the door to my room when huge ridiculously warm arms wrapped around my waist. That was quick.

“I need a minute before we talk, is that okay?” I whispered, not wanting Charlie to hear. Jacob nodded his head in approval. I walked into the bathroom I really needed to take a shower and change into some really comfy but still loose pajamas.


Bella had just turned to leave the bedroom with her arms full of pajamas; I knew that she most likely wanted to take a shower. It left me with lots of time to think. I know that earlier she had said that she loved me, but I can’t get it out of my mind that she was with that bloodsucker first, and he had touched her in the same places, even places that I wanted to touch. It was obvious that after today, I was the inexperienced one; she wanted to have sex with me tonight with her father in the house.

I had just found out that she thought of me as more than a friend and now this. I wondered when I was going to wake up from this dream. I am unable to stay still, in theory and from listening to the rest of the pack, I know the mechanics of sex but I had never really been with a girl long enough to get that part of the relationship. I was still debating internally with myself when I head the door to the bedroom open.

Bella was standing there in tiny blue cotton shorts, and practically see-through white cotton tank top, both of which left nothing for my imagination, as she walked in as she normally would. I had to focus on breathing, she was towel drying her hair and I was getting hard from it, I was not going to last long at this rate.


As I was drying my hair I could he was nervous for as big as Jacob was he still fidgeted like a small child, which resulted with him moving back and forth on the edge of the bed. We had become very close over the last couple of weeks he had to know that although a part of me still loved … Edward… that I couldn’t help but feel the same way when I am around Jake. I want to show him how much I love him that is if he will allow me.

I moved closer to the bed, Jake had finally stopped moving around and was open mouthed staring at me walking closer to him sitting on the bed. I was standing right in front of him now, I put my knees on either side of him leaning into him, and instead of grabbing me he fell lightly on the bed behind us. He slowing rubbed his hands up my legs resting them on my hips.

I leaned down my lips almost touching his. “Jake?” I was chickening out, yeah there had been a few guys in Phoenix, and I was close enough with Edward, but Jacob was obviously clueless. He looked into my eyes when I said his name. He reached up and kissed me passionately. I moaned into his mouth, he must have liked it because at that moment when I moved up his body his used his hands to help grind my hips down onto him. His mouth was warm just like it was earlier that day.

It was calm and collected for the first few seconds then it turned into something warm and crazed. The kisses deepened, and somewhere in the mix he had managed to pull off my tank top, and it was a momentary pause as he caressed in amazement while I unleashed pure torture on his neck with my moans and sweet tantalizations of my tongue.

At this moment I was grateful that he went around La Push a majority of his time shirtless, it certainty saved me time, as I worked my way down from his neck to his chest. He didn’t try to hide exactly how much he was enjoying my mouth. There would be a time for exploring and sweet caresses we both needed complete physical contact, before we both changed our minds.

Something other than wolf instincts kicked in, and he flipped us on the bed leaving me on the bottom, he reached down to pull of my shorts, and his hands started shaking, I stopped him and finished kicking them off the rest of the way. I pulled him above me and reached for his jean cut offs, I was surprised to find my own hands lightly trembling. This was about to change our world. His stepped out of his jeans, after I had unbuttoned them. We moved from the end of the bed and were still lightly caressing and kissing after each caress, then when our eyes locked I pulled him as hard as I could crushing my lips on his.

He settled over me, and tilted my head up to his face his eyes were obviously asking permission. I pulled him down for another kiss, and he slowly pushed inside inch by inch, it wasn’t terrible, but I knew what to expect. I felt that he had realized this too, and he pushed a little harder. When a moan escaped my lips a smile spread across his face, he liked getting these kinds of reactions out of me.

Other than our mutual moaning, and the wind outside, the room was silent. After a few thrusts, he got the hang of it, and soon I was matching him thrust for thrust. It was building, and I could feel the need growing in the pit of my stomach, and Jake’s thrusting had become uneven, we were not trying to impress the other, we just wanted release, I reached a hand down in between us and rubbed my clit in motion with his thrusting, I wanted to cum as close together as possible, I tighten around him, and he involuntarily jerked, it sent me over the edge, I only remember blackness before he stilled over me.

It took some time before our breathing returned to normal. I felt him slip out and roll behind me wrapping one arm around my chest. He nuzzled into my neck, I could have sworn I heard him breath, “ I love you” before I gave into the night.

The next morning was hazy but the sun shone brightly in the room, a rarity for Forks. Sunshine illuminated the bed.

I was alone.

It was some horrible dream, I knew it. Finally the clouds were no longer in my life, and I was alone to face the sunshine. I rolled over to look out of the window. It was cracked slightly. A single sunflower sat on the ledge I crawled out of bed to get it. Underneath was a note,

To Keep You Warm Until I Return. Yours.