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Redemption and Vengeance

As everyone knows, the Volturi rule the vampire world, and have grown arrogant in their superiority. They are untouchable, and ruthless, with all vampires (and even some humans) living in fear of them. But, beneath the surface of calm in Volterra, there lurks an unease. A few in the upper echelons of the Volturi guard are having...second thoughts about their lives. And all it will take to set off a civil war within the Volturi is the right spark hitting the right fuse... "Pawns standing in awe/of the game, of the stage/You've worked so hard at building an empire/of secret rooms to display yourself/Add to your wealth/the sting of--oh, it stings!/When I saw it all come crashing/I witnessed the sound of a million voices/Screaming for a public hanging"

Yeah...vampire civil war?? The Volturi splitting in to factions? Justice catching up with them at last??

2. Chapter 2: Jane's Change of Heart

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An annoying, persistent knocking sounded on my door just after Six in the evening. “Oh, Jane dear—Aro is calling for you!”

Oh, how I hated that simpering voice! Felix. What a pathetic excuse for a vampire. “I'll be right there,” I muttered. When I felt like it. I sighed and returned to my book. Let them wait a bit. Why should I go running off to them all the time? Besides, Aro had his new toys now. Let them help him! I was tired of all the pain. I was useless now, anyway. With that Bella Cullen, what good was I? Oh, Aro still loved to parade me out and have me inflict pain on people. The twisted sadist. But as for me, ever since that night in Forks, I'd grown...tired. Yes, vampire I may be, but I was tired. Tired of the life style, tired of the death, tired of the pain—tired of all of it! Actually, I'd been growing tired of it before then, but that trip to Forks had just made me realize it more.

“Jane, you know Master Aro doesn't like to be kept waiting!” I ground my teeth together. Master. Was Felix content to be a lap dog for eternity? Well, I wasn't! Of course, I dare not tell Aro that, or his new toys would make short work of me. I shuddered. They were even worse than most people thought I was!

I sighed, and slammed my book shut. I threw the door open, and stalked past Felix. I was tempted to give him a little pain after I saw the smug smile on his face, but I knew he'd probably just enjoy it too much. One time, a few weeks ago, I had actually dressed up very frilly and feminine. Maybe that Alice Cullen was rubbing off on me, I don't know. I'd put on a nice dress, fixed up my short hair as best I could, makeup, the whole thing. I just wanted to look nice, you know? Like a normal teenage girl for once. And what happened? When I headed towards the main chamber, Felix, who'd been hovering around outside my door, took one look at me and laughed! The bastard actually laughed at me! Oh, I turned and sent such pain into his head that he was thrashing around on the floor and screaming so loudly that nearly everyone in the place came to see what was happening.

Of course, it was Aro who told me to stop. I did, and Felix lay there gasping a few seconds. Then he sat up, grinned at me, and said, “Oooh Jane! That was fantastic!” I ground my teeth together, about to send him another, even worse wave of pain, when suddenly Aro said, very loudly, “Jane! What are you dressed up as? I wasn't aware it was Halloween already.” This, of course, brought a round of giggles from most of the people present. My heart fell. And my face. Aro was actually making fun of me? Felix saw my reaction, and his grin widened. I scrunched my face up to keep from crying.

Aro and the others went back about their business, but Felix remained, still grinning. Aro or no, I blasted him a second time, worse than before, and he screamed again, pitching back onto the floor.

“Jane!” Aro called down the long corridor, and I stopped. Felix sat up and grinned again. I couldn't handle it. I didn't want him to see me look weak, but a sob burst out, and I flew back to my room. Slamming the door, I tore the dress off, and furiously wiped at the make up on my face so hard that even my pale face almost looked red. Damn them! Damn them all!! Well, except for Alec, of course...and Demetri—he was fairly kind, at least as Volturi went. And maybe a couple others...Demetri's girlfriend was pretty sweet. But damn the rest of them!! Aro, Caius, Heidi, and Felix—of course Felix!! I vaguely wondered just why Felix was staying so close to me lately. Was it under Aro's orders? Or did he have a “thing” for me? Ick...as if I'd ever stoop that low!

People got out of my way as I continued stalking towards the Audience Chamber. I heard a couple whispers of “Jane the Pain” floating down the corridor behind me, and my scowl deepened. Oh, how I hated that nickname! I wish I could get me hands on whoever started calling me that...probably Felix. Well, like I said, I was tired of inflicting pain on innocent people. Heck--I was even tired of drinking humans! At least stupid, duped tourists who had no idea of what was about to happen to them. I slowed my steps slightly, wondering when my mindset had changed so drastically. When had I, Jane of the Volturi, suddenly grown a conscience? Somehow, it all seemed to go back to our last visit to Forks. Something had snapped in me then, but not something evil. Quite the opposite, in fact. But it still made me feel crazy.

I had been livid when that Bella girl's power had trumped mine. I wanted to lash out and kill all of the Cullens! But Alec...Alec had shrugged it off. He was so nonchalant about the whole thing, it had boggled my mind. And yet, the more I thought about our encounter, and how not only the Cullens but also the wolves, our natural enemies--and even the other vampire covens--had been so wiling to fight us—even to the point of dying for each other—well, my poor brain had snapped. None of the Volturi would have died for me, and I certainly wouldn't have died for any of them—well, except for Alec, of course. I'd do anything for my brother, who was the one constant light in my miserable existence.

One time, after one of our “meals”, I had found an iPod that one of our victims had dropped in the frenzy. It was pretty badly damaged, and I could only get one song to play. I don't know the name of the group, or even the song, but it seemed to have written just for me:

Tell me, please, who took the flame

When seasons pass and all's the same

As yesterday?

It's growing cold, it's getting dull, it's growing old...

Those was the first lines of the song, and that was exactly how I felt about my life. But what to do? The Volturi was kind of like the mafia (after all, they're both from Italy...)--once in , never out. And even with his new toys, I highly doubted that Aro would just let me leave. He was greedy and power hungry, and would never let me loose where I could join another coven and potentially be a threat to him some day. Not that I would...I didn't want that power. But Aro wouldn't care or believe me. He judged everyone by his own thoughts, which were always to rule, to control, and couldn't conceive of anyone just wanting...to be free. No, he'd destroy me before he'd ever let me go.

Demetri was hovering outside the doors when I arrived, almost like he was waiting for me. I smiled slightly at the thought. Sweet Demetri. He took one look at my face and asked what was wrong. Not wanting to go into detail at the moment, I shrugged slightly and said, “Felix.” He nodded in understanding, not exactly being a big fan of Felix either.

“Say no more,” he murmured before opening the big doors. Aro, Caius and Heidi were having a rather animated conversation. They turned to us as we entered. “Ah—Demetri! And Jane, dear! Thank you for coming!” Aro boomed, the usual smile plastered across his face. I cringed inwardly, but shot him a bright smile. Best to keep up the appearance of utter devotion to him that I was known for. But Caius narrowed his eyes at me. If I had a working heart, it would have skipped a beat—did he have some idea that all was not right with me? I dismissed it quickly. Silly Jane, I told myself. He can't read minds! Best to not let Aro touch you, though...

“It seems we have a little puzzle to solve,” Aro continued. “Our dear Heidi encountered a human that actually injured her, and we would like the two of you to find him and bring him here.”

As much as I disliked her, I turned a surprised look at Heidi. “He hurt you?” I asked incredulously. “Are you ok?” She nodded. “Yeah. But when I bit him, there was no blood, and my mouth felt like it was burning!”

“Now, Demetri—you and Jane take two others with you, and track down this human, or whatever he is,” Aro said. “He is an unknown, and therefore could easily be a threat to all of us! Subdue him, and bring him back to us. Perhaps he can be turned. If so, he would be a powerful addition to our ranks.”

“And if not,” Caius growled, “we'll kill him! No one will threaten the reign of the Volturi! It may be a trick of those stupid Romanians, trying to take back the rule. Or, more likely, some sort of attempt at revenge by the Cullens! But regardless of who is behind it, it must be stopped now, before it is allowed to spread!”

Demetri inclined his head slightly, gestured to me, and walked out of the room. I followed as quickly as I could without looking like I was hurrying. And I swear I felt Caius' eyes burning into my back as I retreated. I tried to assure myself that I was just being paranoid, but still...

Demetri called for two other of the guard, and the four of us left. The other two, whom I didn't honestly know, seemed to be a bit in awe of Demetri and I. I sighed. I just didn't understand what the big deal was...but these two were all starry eyed at being send on an assignment with “Big D” and “Jane the Pain”!

We exited the underground complex, and swept silently through Volterra's dark, and for the most part empty, streets. It was around 7:30 in the evening. I had no idea where we were headed, but I trusted Demetri. He always knew where to go.

“How are we going to find this guy, Demetri?” one of the others asked, overcoming his awe of us enough to form a complete sentence.

“I was able to pick up on his mind from Hedi's thoughts of her encounter with him.” And with that, we found ourselves across the street from a fancy hotel. Demetri pointed up at the building. “He's in that room there, on the fourth floor. Jane and I will wait here, while you two go bring him out. Go quietly, prove yourselves to us, and we will tell Master Aro you performed well. Then you will be able to go on even more jobs such as this one!” The two smiled at each other and hurried off.

“Idiots,” I muttered, watching them go. Just like trained dogs. I shook my head.

Demetri smiled. “What's bothering you, Jane?” He asked.

I sighed. “I don't know.” I glanced at him, and found him watching me with a curious, unreadable look on his face. But I decided to trust him.. Next to Alec, he was practically the only one who was nice to me. Everyone else was either jealous or scared of me.

“Demetri,” I began, talking so quietly I could barely hear it. “Don't you ever feel...well, bored? Tired of it all—all the death, all the misery, the drudgery of immortality? I mean, if it wasn't for Alec, I think I'd just provoke Aro and have someone destroy me. Sometimes it feels like my head is going to burst, and I can't take it anymore! I just want to go away, on my own. I mean, I was even tempted to run away to the Cullens, and ask if they could help me! Crazy, isn't it? Considering how much the hate me. At least I'm sure they'd help destroy me...Aro probably wouldn't--just have his other toys torture me for the rest of eternity!” I sighed again.

Demetri patted my shoulder. “Believe it or not, Jane, I feel nearly the same as you. But sadly, I just don't see what we can do about it. I mean, it's not like we can just walk away. Especially with Aro's new...pets. We'll just have to keep our eyes open, and hope for some time when things will be different, where we can--”

At that moment, there was a loud “wooshing” sound, followed by a strange roar, and the sounds of screaming. The two lackeys that had been sent up to get the human came flying out of the fourth floor window Demetri had pointed at. They were screaming, and totally engulfed in flames! They landed in the middle of the street a few feet away from where we stood. The screaming had stopped, and we could feel the heat of the flames even from where we stood. Very quickly, the two vampires that had accompanied us were nothing but a pile of ash.

Demetri and I slowly walked over, and he kicked at one of the piles. It scattered, and a breeze gently carried it away down the road. We stared at the ground for a moment, then back up at the hotel. “This might be more difficult than we thought,” Demetri murmured softly.....