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Starts off when Bella finds the meadow in New Moon, Laurent rapes her and bites her when the wolves show up. Now Bella must learn to live with who she is and what's happened to her. Inspired by the story "I am not the PERSON i used to be" by Akasha101, you should totally go check it out, it's super good!!! :) RATED TEEN FOR MATURE SITUATIONS (it's mainly just talked about)

Haha, so I just realized that a LOT of my stories happen during New Moon except for like one... and that was the book that bored me the most, well that huge section where Jacob wasn't a werewolf and they were just hanging out (I have nothing against Jacob).

3. Family Sticks Together

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1304   Review this Chapter

I took a deep breath as I stepped out of the car.

Even though I had tried to blend in- tried being the key word in that statement- I knew I wouldn’t. With my inhuman beauty, of course everyone was bound to notice. Unfortunately ‘everyone’ included the male population.

As we made our way to the main office- Luella and Analeigh on either side of me- the student body who were still standing out in the rain (they were to amazed by our arrival to hear the bell ring, teachers would probably be wondering why so many students were late to class) gaped at us. I tried to ignore it, but it remind me to much of my last first day of school here in Forks.

When we entered the main office the old woman behind the counter’s jaw dropped. Analeigh, trying hard not to laugh at her behavior, stepped forward to get our schedules.

“Hi! My name’s Analeigh, and these are my sisters Bella and Luella, we’re here for our schedules, we’re new here.” Of course she was overly excited for someone starting high school for the millionth time in her life.

“Y-yes we’ve been expecting y-you.” The woman stammered before digging through a pile of papers that sat next to her on the desk. “Oh, here we are.” She smiled a little, still dazed, as she hand them shakily to Analeigh.

“Thanks so much!” Analeigh grinned, exposing her shiny white teeth, before turning and pulling us out the door and back out into the rain.

“Let’s see,” Luella pulled the schedules out of Analeigh’s hands and gave me mine. “Looks like I have first, second, and fifth hour with you Bella. What do you have Analeigh?”

“I have third, fourth, sixth, and first with Bella.” She grinned again. It was always like this on the first day, they had a competition to see who had more classes with me; Luella usually won, but not this time.

“That’s nice,” Luella looked upset but then she smiled, “Congrats, but I’ll get you next year.”

“Ha, I’d like to see that!” Analeigh teased, “I’ve been winning ever since we moved back to the US!”

“Okay, okay, let’s just get to class,” I interrupted before Luella could respond; I knew that if she got the chance this argument wouldn’t end for awhile.

“Fine,” Luella grumbled before she and Analeigh followed me to our first class.

We were lucky enough to get three seats in the back of the classroom. It made it next to impossible for them to stare at us, of course most of them found some way to do so.

“So, what do they think?” Analeigh whispered to Luella, to low for humans to hear; Luella can read minds also, although it was an unwelcome reminder of Him, it was still extremely useful at times. Analeigh has the gift of being a little overprotective of her family. There have been multiple occasions where we’ve had to move because she’s growled at someone getting a little to close to me.

My power is to put up a shield around my minds and others; it’s a mental and physical shield. When we had discovered my gift I knew why it was mental, however I was confused at why I could put up a physical shield also. Luella believes it’s because of what happened with Laurent, so that I can protect myself from people.

“The blond on the right side of the classroom, the one looking at us in her compact, hates us already. She thinks we’re going to destroy her popularity and take all the hot guys.” She was silent for a moment, “Uh-oh.”

“What? What is it? Does someone know?” Analeigh’s voice rose in volume as she spoke and I shot her a warning glare. She smiled sheepishly then put her finger to her lips signaling that she would quiet down.

“No, no one knows, however the guy in the front wearing the varsity jacket is going to try asking Bella out after class.” My head shot up and I searched for the boy. Just like Luella said he was in the front of the class. His body was turned sideways in his seat and his head kept turning back towards us every few seconds as he tried to inconspicuously look at us.

“I’ll take care of it.” Analeigh whispered with anger coloring in her tone.

“Analeigh, maybe I should…” Luella trailed off, looking at Analeigh fearfully.

“Why? I can handle it just as well as you can!” She protested.

“Well, last time you did we had to move the next day.”

“It’s not my fault the boy just wasn’t getting it!” Analeigh crossed her arms defiantly a crossed her chest.

“Well, you really didn’t need to almost break his arm.”

“Fine,” Analeigh huffed and sunk down lower in her seat.

When the bell rang, sure enough the boy packed up his stuff and started making his way to the back of the classroom. Luella stood up and walked towards him- making sure he didn’t get to close to me.

“Hey,” she smiled sweetly at him.

“Hi, um, excuse me,” his eyes shot back to me.

“Oh, no, excuse me. But I was wondering, why exactly are you coming this way, the door is over there.” She pointed towards where the students were filing out of the classroom.

“Well, I, um, w-was going to ask your sister out…” he looked towards me again.

“Hmm, well I don’t think that would be such a good idea.” The sweet smile on her face started to fade.

“W-why not?” he stuttered.

“Well, I think she might just be a lot out of your league.” She tried to make her expression pleasant again, she didn’t want to scare him, “so why don’t you just turn around and leave her alone. She’s not interested.”

“How about you get out of my way short-stuff,” it was true, she was a good two feet shorter than him, “and I’ll ask her myself and we’ll see what she thinks?”

That did it. Luella’s expression turned murderous. “How DARE you! You can’t insult me and then ask my sister out! That just proves exactly what kind of boy you are! Now, turn around and leave now, or so help me I’ll knock your little as-“

Analeigh chose then to step in, Luella had raised her hand. She grabbed the hand in the air and pulled it down, then turned to look at the boy.

“You know, I would leave now if I were you. Luella doesn’t joke, and even though it looks like you’re pretty in shape, I’ve seen Luella destroy creatures three times your size.” She chirped matter-of-factly.

The boy looked Luella up and down for a second and then smiled.

“I really doubt that,” He tried to push them out of his way, but Luella and Analeigh stood their ground.

“Get your filthy hands off me jerk.” Analeigh smacked his hand off her shoulder, not hard enough to do damage, but enough to hurt a little.

“Why I ought a…” The boy looked seriously pissed now, if I didn’t want to move tonight, I was going to have to step in.

“Excuse me, but I think we have to go now,” I grabbed Analeigh and Luella’s hands and pushed by him. He opened his mouth to speak but I didn’t give him the chance to me. “And no, I don’t want to go out with you. Especially after how you treated my family.” And with that we swept out of the classroom.

When we got outside I shot them an irritated look before heading off to my next class.