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Starts off when Bella finds the meadow in New Moon, Laurent rapes her and bites her when the wolves show up. Now Bella must learn to live with who she is and what's happened to her. Inspired by the story "I am not the PERSON i used to be" by Akasha101, you should totally go check it out, it's super good!!! :) RATED TEEN FOR MATURE SITUATIONS (it's mainly just talked about)

Haha, so I just realized that a LOT of my stories happen during New Moon except for like one... and that was the book that bored me the most, well that huge section where Jacob wasn't a werewolf and they were just hanging out (I have nothing against Jacob).

4. Story Telling

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After four more incidents with guys trying to ask me out I was completely exhausted.

When Analeigh and I entered the cafeteria we got two trays of food, which we wouldn’t eat, and then searched the crowded cafeteria for Luella. She looked excited for some reason.

As soon as we sat down she was talking away.

“Okay, so in my third hour I liked walked in, and you know I heard all the usual thoughts and all, the ‘oh my god she’s hot’ and the ‘she’ll steal myboyfriend!’ thoughts, but from the back I heard someone think ‘another vampire.’ So I looked in the back and sure enough there was this guy vampire, so I sat down next to him and I arranged for us to meet with his coven. You know to arrange hunting boundaries and stuff with them and all. We wouldn’t want a war to break out or anything now would we.” She took a deep breath after her long speech that last all of two seconds.

“Great, well when are we meeting?” Analeigh asked.

“Tonight, he said that his siblings and him were going to leave early from school and go hunting or something, so you guys will just have to wait until tonight.”

“Wait, what do they hunt?” If they weren’t like us it could pose a big problem.

“Oh, well,” she paused, “I don’t really remember what color his eyes were…”

“And why is that?” Analeigh inquired.

“Well, the teacher had started class early, so I just sat down and we started talking, I didn’t really turn my head to look at him, and then at the end of the class I had some boys to deal with…” She trailed off thoughtfully. “Oh well, I guess we’ll find out tonight.”

“What did he say about his family?” You could tell by the tone of Analeigh’s voice that she hoped there were girls that she could shop with.

“Nothing, really,”

“Well what’s he like?” Analeigh obviously took her inquisitive pill today.

“He looked like one of those people who could be really funny and stuff, but he was all sad looking and gloomy.”

Just before Analeigh could ask another question the bell rang.

Fourth and fifth hour were uneventful, but not sixth.

Analeigh and I had Local History together. The class consisted of old legends from the reserve, which I knew were all true, and all the major events, which weren’t many, that had occurred since when the small town was founded.

As we took our seats in the back the teacher started class.

“Alright class, today we’re going to be covering the great wolf scare on the early 21st century.” I froze, that had been when I was changed, I had seen those wolves; Analeigh grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “Now does anyone know anything about it?”

“People started to see gigantic wolves everywhere.” A girl in the front of the class said.

“Very good, but does anyone know anything else about it?” When no one raised their hands he continued, “Well, people were disappearing right and left. At first they thought it was a bear because no one had seen it up close, but then two teenagers named Angela Weber and Ben Case were having a picnic and came face to face with the wolves. Lucky for them they weren’t harmed.”

“Why not?” The girl who had spoken earlier asked.

“They claimed the wolves just looked at them and then left. They said there were around six wolves and they were all the size of a horse. Anyway, we’re going to talk about one of the more major disappearances. Does anyone know which one I’m talking about?”

Once again no one raised their hand, “Well we’re going to talk about the disappearance of Isabella Swan- she was the police chief’s daughter.”

I stiffened and Analeigh shot me a concerned look.

“According to reports her father asked her not to go out into the forest because of the wolves, but she went out anyway without telling him. A search party was sent out to find her that night when she never returned home. Her truck was found at the end of a dirt road by a trail head. Two men from the reserve, Sam Uley and Jacob Black, came across the remains of her clothes in the middle of a clearing.”

“What’s so important about that particular story though? I mean so what if she was the daughter of the police chief?” A boy sitting near the door asked loudly.

“Well, let me finish. Her father died a few months after the discovery of her clothing, the doctors said it was too much grief for him to handle. Her body was never found.” I gasped; Charlie had died only a few months after I had because he was so upset. It was all my fault to, if I had never gone in the woods none of this would ever have happened. “The saddest thing about her story is that according to her father, about six months before, her boyfriend who she was in love with suddenly left three days after her birthday. He said that she was basically dead already because of how torn up about it she was.” I grabbed at my sides, something I hadn’t done in awhile.

“That’s so terrible, but I doubt that I would get that upset if my boyfriend suddenly left me. I mean just cry for a few days then get over it. It’s not that bad.”

“Yes, it is. Especially if you were insanely in love with them.” I said quietly, but the whole class heard me. They all turned and stared at me. I was hugging my chest tightly and Analeigh was rubbing my back comfortingly; she glared at them and they quickly turned around and faced forward again.

“Apparently her father came into work a few weeks later and told someone that he knew the real reason that his daughter had died, and that it was worse than giant wolves. The idea was so crazy that most people thought he had gone insane because of Isabella’s death.”

“Well, what was it?” The boy from earlier questioned.

“He said a family friend had told him the truth because he had seen it. He said that Isabella was raped and drained of her blood by a vampire.”

The whole class laughed except for Analeigh and I. She tried to hug me, but that last remark had done it. My head was on my desk, my hands were clutching at my sides, and I was hyperventilating (which is kind of impossible for a vampire). The hole in my chest was ripping itself open and the feeling of worthlessness coursed through my body.

“Analeigh is your sister alright?” The teacher asked concerned.

“No, um, she’s feeling a bit sick; may I take her to the office please?” Apparently the teacher nodded, because the next thing I knew Analeigh was helping me up and then had her arms wrapped around me and was leading me to the door. Once we were outside she pulled me into the backseat of the car, and seconds later Luella was climbing in the driver’s seat.

For the next two hours I lay across the couch and sobbed.