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Starts off when Bella finds the meadow in New Moon, Laurent rapes her and bites her when the wolves show up. Now Bella must learn to live with who she is and what's happened to her. Inspired by the story "I am not the PERSON i used to be" by Akasha101, you should totally go check it out, it's super good!!! :) RATED TEEN FOR MATURE SITUATIONS (it's mainly just talked about)

Haha, so I just realized that a LOT of my stories happen during New Moon except for like one... and that was the book that bored me the most, well that huge section where Jacob wasn't a werewolf and they were just hanging out (I have nothing against Jacob).

7. Trust

Rating 5/5   Word Count 639   Review this Chapter

After school we headed toward the Cullen house to meet Esme and Carlisle before going hunting.

“So where do we want to hunt?” Emmett asked, attempting to crack his knuckles even though he knew vampires can’t.

“How about we hunt to the north?” Carlisle suggested. “That way we can avoid running into Quileute land.”

“That sounds good.” Analeigh chirped.

“Let’s go!” Emmett yelled and took off into the forest with Rosalie trailing behind rolling her eyes.

“Oh! Come on Jasper!” Alice exclaimed. “I know where we can find a bear!” And then she grabbed his hand and dashed into the trees pulling him along with her. Carlisle and Esme seemed to have disappeared also, leaving Analeigh, Luella, and Edward and I.

Luella turned toward me. “Which way do you want to go?”

I laughed. “I’m not going with you guys this time.”

“Why?” Analeigh pouted.

“Because you two always scare everything away with your bickering,” I exclaimed.


“No,” I cut Luella off. “I’m going alone; you guys can go scare the wildlife somewhere else.”

“Actually Bella, do you mind if I come with you?” I froze a little and turned to look at Edward.

Could he? Could I stand going hunting with him?

While my mind mulled it over my mouth decided to speak for me.

“Sure,” Luella and Analeigh looked at me like I had grown a second head.

He nodded so I took off into the forest.

“Bella, can we talk for a moment?” He asked as he came up next to me.

I couldn’t sense much wildlife in the area so I just nodded.

“It’s about why I left.” I didn’t respond; I didn’t exactly need any reminders as to why he left. “I only left to protect you Bella, I still love you.”

I stopped running and stared at him.

“You what-?” I wasn’t sure if my ears were working properly.

“I still love you. I only left because I was scared I was going to hurt you.” He moved closer to me and surprisingly my body didn’t unconsciously move back. “I wanted you to get married, have kids, have a career, and have a normal human life.”

“Yea well that didn’t exactly work out now did it?” I asked and he flinched a little at the tone of my voice.

“Bella can you find it in you heart to forgive me, please? My life is nothing without you, I love you. Always have, always will.” He was telling the truth, I could see it in his eyes.

I still loved him, I always had. It had never disappeared, no matter how much I tried to get over him.

I nodded and a smile graced his lips before he stepped toward me and attempted to pull me into a hug.

I stepped away and the smile fell.

“I-I need time.” I told him, and he nodded slowly. “I have to learn to trust people again, I know you won’t hurt me, it’s just… I just can’t.”

“I understand.” He smiled sadly. “I saw how Rosalie was after she was changed, I get that you’re going to need time. I’m prepared to wait eternity if that’s what it takes.”

I smiled, a real smile, not a twisted grimace that I had become accustomed to, before I took off into the forest.

We quickly found a little heard of deer and drained them.

“Race you back!” He exclaimed and disappeared into the trees, but I was faster than him (which was a surprise) and quickly overtook him.

I was a good bit in front of him when I came into a clearing and froze.