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Starts off when Bella finds the meadow in New Moon, Laurent rapes her and bites her when the wolves show up. Now Bella must learn to live with who she is and what's happened to her. Inspired by the story "I am not the PERSON i used to be" by Akasha101, you should totally go check it out, it's super good!!! :) RATED TEEN FOR MATURE SITUATIONS (it's mainly just talked about)

Haha, so I just realized that a LOT of my stories happen during New Moon except for like one... and that was the book that bored me the most, well that huge section where Jacob wasn't a werewolf and they were just hanging out (I have nothing against Jacob).

8. Memories Can Kill

Rating 5/5   Word Count 543   Review this Chapter

We were there; the place that had led to me being a vampire.

Edward shot past me but turned around when he noticed that I had stopped.

“Bella? What’s wrong?” He asked, and then he noticed where we were. “You know I could never come here without you for the past year that we’ve been living here.” He tried to move closer to me, but as he did he morphed into Laurent.

“Stay away from me.” I whispered. I knew it was really Edward, but I was seeing Laurent.

“Bella?” Edward asked, “What’s wrong?” He took another step toward me and I stumbled back, tripping over a tree root and landing in the exact same spot where it happened.

“Bella, please tell me what’s wrong.” Edward leaned down toward me and I screamed, sending out a physical shield and pushing him back.

I screamed again and then curled myself into a ball before the hysterical sobs came over me.

Seconds later Luella, Analeigh, and the Cullen’s were coming out of the trees and standing next to Edward.

“What did you do?!” Analeigh screeched at Edward.

“Nothing,” Edward put his arms up like he was surrendering. “We were racing back and she stopped all of a sudden and started freaking out.”

“Bella?” Luella called to me, fighting to get by my shield. “Can you let me in please?”

“No!” I screamed. “No one is allowed to touch me!”

“The wolves are coming.” Alice stated simply, and I whimpered as more memories came flooding back.

“Bella?” I heard Jacob’s voice and sat up. When Jacob finally came into view with a few of his pack members and spotted Edward he started shaking. “What did you do to her leech?!” He yelled at Edward.

“I didn’t do anything!” Edward defended himself. “She just started freaking out! I don’t know why!”

Jacob took one look around and a look of recognition came to his face.

“Bella,” He whispered, getting as close to me as my shield would allow. “Its okay, Laurent isn’t here; he’s not going to hurt you. Remember? The pack and I took care of him years ago.”

Everyone gasped as they realized what was going on. I sobbed a little more.

“Bella? Can you let me through to you?” Jacob asked softly.

I thought about it for a moment. Jacob was the one who had helped save me, why would he hurt me?

I nodded and let him into my shield.

He walked over toward me hesitantly and knelt down next to me, slowly putting his arms around me. I leaned into his embrace and sobbed a little more. I could see Edward stiffen a little out of the corner of my eye.

“This is the first time she’s let a man touch her.” I heard Analeigh whisper.

Jacob rubbed my back a little and whispered that everything was going to be okay in my ear.

I wanted to believe Jacob, I really did, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever get over what had happened to me, or if I would ever be able to let Edward back in.