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ALL HUMAN. What if Edward Cullen isn't the good guy all the time? Bella is Pregnant and Edward refuses to accept it.

Just a little story I wrote. Hope you all like it.

13. Chapter 13

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Bella POV

Summer passed quickly. The twins grew and learned to hold their heads up and roll over. Masen was attached to Emmett, who was on a quest to teach him how to play Halo 3. Seeing Emmett with my little Masen was quite a sight. There were a few times that I found the two of them passed out on the living room floor. He definitely looked like Edward. He had his eyes and his crooked smile. Maddy, on the other hand was very attached to Carlisle. He would put her on his lap when he worked in his study and would talk to her about his patients that day. The twins loved it at the Cullen house.

Every day I learned something new about the two of them: Masen was definitely the porker of the two. Anything and everything went in his mouth. He was also a bit more fearless than his sister, and would probably be the one who walked first. Maddy was my picky eater unlike her brother who would suck his food down so fast he'd make himself sick. You also couldn't rush her; she'll do what she wants on her own time. She was the lover of the two; the cuddler. Her favorite spot was tucking her little head in the crook my neck and fall asleep while I read to her.

Edward and Tanya are together now, and I really didn't care. Everyone knew he wasn't happy with her, but he made his mess with her and he has to deal with it. Carlisle, especially, wasn't happy with Edward's decision. They argued constantly about it. Tanya wasn't allowed at the house while the twins were there, a condition I demanded in order for me to let Carlisle and Esme pay for college. Edward was alright with it, but that meant when Maddy and Masen were there, so was Edward, and Tanya hated that fact. She wanted to use the twins as a learning experience for when she delivers. I loathed her.

With the little bit of money I was able to save from working over the summer, I was able to buy a new, well new to me, car and by some some miracle I was able to enroll in college. Renee and Phil were more than happy when I told them. They had finally stopped arguing and Phil was signed to the Florida Marlins. He was now a major league player and Renee couldn't be happier. Charlie and Rebecca's relationship was still going strong. Its only a matter of time now until Charlie pops the question and I couldn't be happier for them.

But still, I was lonely. I missed having someone I could talk to about different things; someone I could curl up next to; someone to wrap their arms around me and make me feel safe. Truthfully, I missed Edward. I hated him, yes, but I still missed our relationship. He made me feel beautiful when I was with him. It was a feeling I wish I could have again. Esme would reassure me that the right one for me was out there, but I was starting to doubt that. What if I made a mistake by ending it with Edward? Did it really matter that he was having a baby with the wretched Tanya if he was with me and the twins? Maybe it was the sense of security I felt with Edward that I missed.

It was the Saturday before college started and Charlie decided to have a Bar-B-Que to celebrate and invited the Cullens, with the exception of Edward and Tanya.

"Bells, do you mind if I invite a friend," Charlie asked.

"No. Who is it?"

"Billy, and his son Jacob. He just transferred in from the University of Hawaii to help with Billy."

"Oh. How old is he?"

"Twenty, I think."

"Is Rebecca coming too?"

"Yeah, she's out picking up last minute things," he said with a smile. He always smiled when he talked about her.

A few hours later our back yard was filled with the sounds of the twins and the smell of burgers and beer. Charlie's friend Billy arrived with his son, Jake. He was tall and muscular like Emmett, and hand long black hair that went to the middle of his back.

"Bella, this is Billy and Jacob Black," Charlie said.

"Hi. It's nice to meet you," I said.

"Who's this," Jacob asked me.

"This is Maddy, my daughter."

"She's cute! Looks like her mommy," Jacob said.

"Thanks. Her brother is around here somewhere," I said.

"Two, huh?"


"That's cool. My sister has a couple herself."

"Did she live in Hawaii, too?”

"Yep. I helped her out when I lived with her."

"Jake's very good with kids," Billy said.

"Good to know," I said.

The evening went on and I found myself having a good time with Jake. He made me laugh with his jokes and there were a few times I caught myself smiling while looking at him. I was sitting feeding Masen when Alice and Rose sat next to me.

"So, who's the hot guy you've been talking to," Alice asked.

"His name is Jacob. His dad is a friend of Charlie's."

"We're going out tonight. Do you want to come," Rose asked.

"I'll have to check with Charlie and Rebecca."

"Already done. You should bring Jake," Alice said.

"Edward's not going to be there, is he?"

"Doubtful. Tanya's barely letting him leave the house these days," Rose said. "It's actually quite pitiful."

"I suppose that's what happens when you stay with someone like that," I said.

"Hey, who are your friends," Jake asked walking over to me.

"This is Alice and Rosalie Cullen."

"Nice to meet you, ladies."

An hour later I was showered, changed and sitting next to a guy who made my heart race and kept a smile on my face. Alice and Rose were dancing with Jasper and Emmett and part of me wished I had the confidence to ask Jake, but I was perfectly happy just sitting here and talking to him. I missed talking to someone other than the Cullens, Charlie and the twins. This was new; fresh. The club was packed and the music was loud, so Jake and I were practically sitting on top of each other just to hear each other. When he put his hand on my shoulder, my heart stopped all together. I excused myself for a minute to run to the bathroom, while Jake got us drinks.

"Bella," I heard someone call behind me.

"Edward! What are you doing here?"

"Tanya wanted to go out."

"How is the old bat these days?"

"Fine, I guess. Who's the guy you were talking to?"

"A friend, why?"

"Just curious."

"Jealous, are we?"

"Maybe. Are you sleeping with him?"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

"That's hardly your business," I said.

"It is if he's with my kids."

"Right, because you spend so much time with them yourself!"

"I'm there when they are."

"Yes, but your parents and siblings do more with them than you. You just sit there and mope, most likely counting down the hours until you can see your precious Tanya."

"No, I'm counting down the hours until I can see you again," he said brushing a finger across my cheek. I smacked it away.

"Stop it."

"What? I'm not allowed to touch you, either?"

"No, you're not."

"Everything okay, Bella," I heard Jake ask from behind me.

"Fine now that you're here," I said.

“Who are you," Jake asked.

"Edward Cullen."

"Oh, Maddy and Masen's dad."

"Don't refer to my kids like you know them," Edward said sternly.

"Hey man, it's all good."

"Sure it is."

"Edward, stop," I said.

Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Rose joined us.

"You alright, Bell," Jasper asked.

"Oh look. Here comes my wonderful family who backs Bella and not their own brother," Edward said.

"You made your bed now lay in it," Rosalie said.

"What's all this," a familiar voice asked.

We all turned around and saw the dreaded Tanya standing next to Edward.

"I didn't know they let in pregnant ho-bags. We'll have to find a new club now," I said.

"Who's this," Tanya asked.

"Jake, I'm Bella's friend."

"More like her new man whore," Edward said.

"Hey! You don't know me!" Jake said.

Edward shrugged away from Tanya's grip and was standing face to face with Jake.

"All I know is Bella is mine. Always has been, always will be, so stay away."

"Funny. From what I hear you can't keep your Johnson in your pants and you broke her heart," Jake said.

Edward pushed Jacob, who then punched Edward.

"STOP IT!" I shouted.

I pulled Jake away and Emmett and Jasper pulled Edward off of Jake. The bouncer came over and told us we had to leave. Jake took my hand and led me out the front door, where it was pouring rain out.

"Are you okay," I asked him.

Without a word, Jake spun around and kissed me. I was stunned for a moment, but then my body reacted. My arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer.

"I don't know why, but I've wanted to do that all night," Jake said breaking our kiss. "I hope you don't mind."

"Do it again," I said.

Jake lightly placed his hands on both sides of my face and lightly kissed my lips. Just the feel of him against me made my head spin and my heart stop. Jake's kiss felt good and I wasn't ashamed that I liked it. Edward and I were through. I deserved to be happy. I don't know how long we were standing there, but my little piece of heaven was interrupted by Emmett's booming voice.

"Go Bella!!"

Jake and I both laughed.

"So I take it the Cullens are a package deal with you and the twins?"

We were pulled apart by Edward.

"Hey, I thought I told you to stay away from my girl!" he shouted.

"She's not your girl. That pregnant one over there is," Jake said.

Edward punched Jake again and the two of them went at it full force until Emmett and Jasper pulled them apart.

"Edward, I demand we leave!" Tanya shouted.

Jake and Edward stood there glaring at each other for a moment before Edward got in his Volvo and sped away.

"Jake, you okay," Jasper asked.

"Fine, fine. He doesn't hit very hard," Jake said, wrapping an arm around me, causing me to blush.

"So I take it you're a couple, now, huh," Emmett asked.

"You guys don't mind, do you," I asked.

"Of course not! Jake's hot," Rosalie said.

Jake laughed and I blushed even more. It felt good to hear the word 'couple' and know that I was part of it. We all piled in Emmett's jeep and left the club. A few blocks away was a horrifying site: Edward's Volvo was wrapped around a light pole.