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ALL HUMAN. What if Edward Cullen isn't the good guy all the time? Bella is Pregnant and Edward refuses to accept it.

Just a little story I wrote. Hope you all like it.

14. Chapter 14

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"EMMETT! PULL OVER," Rosalie screamed.

"I'm calling 911," Alice said. "Someone call Carlisle."

The scene was horrifying. The air bags were deployed and both of them were unconscious. Pieces of glass and the Volvo were scattered around the road. Tanya's side of the car was wrapped around the pole and there was steam coming from the hood. Jasper was yelling into his cell phone and Emmett was trying to direct traffic away from the accident. Alice, Rose and I stood off to the side of the road and waited for the police to arrive. Jake took off his shirt and put it on Edward's forehead to stop his bleeding from a large gash.

A few minutes later the police and an ambulance arrived. Deputy Brian gave us all blankets to wrap around us, as we were all soaked. Alice and Rose were crying, and I was surprised I wasn't. He was the father of my children and hate him as I may, I didn't want anything bad to happen to him...or Tanya.

We all piled back in the jeep and followed the ambulances to the hospital where Carlisle and Esme were waiting for us, as were Tanya's parents.

"What happened," Tanya's dad asked.

"I don't know, all we saw was car around a light pole," Emmett said.

An hour later a doctor came out and gave us an update. Edward had a concussion, a broken shoulder and a few cracked ribs, but would be alright. Tanya, on the other hand, had a broken neck, shoulder, arm and hip and was being brought upstairs for monitoring.

Edward's POV

A few days later I was able to go and visit Tanya. I needed to know how the baby was. Carlisle wheeled me to her room and waited outside.

"Edward," she whispered.

"Hey. How's the baby?" She didn't answer and I knew right at that moment. "There never was a baby, was there?"

"...no..." she softly said.


"I don't know."

"Of course you do. That's not an answer."

"Really, Edward. I don't know what came over me. I saw you with Bella and how happy you were. I guess I wanted the same thing."

"Was James a part of it?"

"It was his idea. He was crazy jealous of you."

We were both quiet. I felt stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. My entire family knew she was lying and yet, I didn't believe them. What was worse, Bella knew she was lying and I let her go. I should have fought harder to keep her; should have demanded a blood test early on to see if the baby was mine; I should have done a lot of things. Maybe if I told her the truth, she would forgive me and everything would be right again. I prayed she would forgive me.

"Edward, please say something."

I didn't answer her. The sound of her voice made my blood boil. She ruined everything for me and I wasn't about to let of off easy. I felt bad for her, though. Her doctors weren't sure if she would walk again. I'm sure she'd find a way to blame me, but it was her fault, really. The rain was falling hard and I was driving a little fast. We were arguing in the car, when she smacked me and pulled the steering wheel to the right. I tried to swerve, but couldn't.

"Stay away from me," I said quietly.


"Stay away from me and my family, Bella included."

"Edward, you aren't leaving me, are you?"

"Did you honestly expect me to stay?"

"Please," she cried, "I'll do anything, just please don't leave me."

"Do you think I'm stupid, Tanya? You ruined my life.”

"I didn't mean to. Please, don't leave me. I can't do this without you."

"Huh. Now you know how Bella felt."

I motioned to Carlisle, who came in and started wheeling me out.


"What was that all about," Carlisle asked me after we left her room.

"She lied, Carlisle."


"She was never pregnant."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I have no idea."

Truthfully, I did. I would find a way to win Bella back, but I wasn't quite sure how to do it. She looked happy with Jake and that scared me. She should be happy with me. We should be kissing on the front porch while our babies played at our feet. She should be kissing me in the rain, not him.

"Esme has the car out front waiting for you. Do you feel okay," Carlisle asked.

"I'm fine."

When we got home, Bella was there with Masen and Maddy, who were in the living room with the rest of my family.

"How are you feeling," Bella asked me.

"I'm alright."

Bella got up from the floor and helped me onto the couch.

"I'll be upstairs in my study, if you need me," Carlisle said.

I sat and waited until he and the rest of my family had left.

"Do you need anything? Do you hurt anywhere?"

"Just my heart.”

"Why...why's that?"

"She lied, Bells. About everything."

"What do you mean?"

"She wasn't pregnant."

"What? She was starting show," Bella said.

"She said it was James' idea."

"James. I should have known."

"I should have listened to you from the start. You and my family. I don't know why I just couldn't believe that she would make up something like this."

"It's easy. She pulled at the one thing you've always wanted: a family."

"You and the twins are my family now," I said taking her hand.

"Edward," Bella said, pulling her hand back. "About that, we should probably talk."

"What's to talk about? Tanya's gone and we can be together again."

"No," she said.


"I don't...I don't want to be with you. Not like that."

"Why not?"

"Because, Edward, you hurt me more times than I can count during the past year."

"I know, and I'm so very sorry for that."

"You should be. But that doesn't mean everything is going to be roses. I'm a different person. You're a different person. And I refuse to be treated like I'm unimportant."

"Is this about Jake?"

"Jake," Bella said with a small smile. "Jake is part of the reason."

"I hate him, Bella."


"Because he makes you happy. I should be the one making you happy."

"You had so many chances, Edward. And I kind of like where I'm at right now."

"Please, let me try to make it up to you."

"It's too late, Edward. Looking back, I should never have given you the chances that I did. You lost my trust time and time again, and I gave it back to you time and time again, without thinking about it. But this time, you will need to work at it and that means being a better father for Maddy and Masen and letting me enjoy this new thing I have with Jake. I don't know where it'll go, but you're not going to make me feel guilty for having it. I deserve it."

"You deserve to be happy with me," I said.

"A year ago I would have given anything to have that. Now..well now I'm just trying to figure out who I am. And I can't do that with you."

"Bella, you're the mother of my babies. I don't want anyone else but you and I know, deep down, you want me too."

I placed my hand on her face and pleaded into her eyes. I knew she loved me still. I knew it.

"Edward, please don't," she said.

Maddy started fussing on the floor. Bella picked her up and sat back down next to me.

"You are so beautiful," I said.

"Stop, please. Why can't you let me be happy?"

"I want that more than anything else in the world. But you and I both know you'll never be happy without me. I can give you so many things he can't, Bella. Please, come back to me," I begged.

Bella sat there, a tear rolling down her cheek, for a moment. She looked down at Masen, who was passed out on the floor.

"I'm sorry, Edward, I can't do this anymore," She said as she picked up Masen and walked up to their nursery.