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ALL HUMAN. What if Edward Cullen isn't the good guy all the time? Bella is Pregnant and Edward refuses to accept it.

Just a little story I wrote. Hope you all like it.

17. Chapter 17

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Bella's POV

These past four weeks have flown by. Masen started crawling and it won't be too much longer until Maddy joins him. Then we're all screwed! Edward has finally started to step up his fathering roll. Maddy has really taken to him. She still loves curling up with Carlisle after work, but her new favorite thing is standing on his lap and pulling his hear until he screams. He doesn't scream because it hurts, he does it to hear her laugh. She's turning out to be the daddy's girl I knew she would be. God I hope he keeps this up.

I had gotten a call from Jake a few days ago saying he was bringing Billy to a specialist in Seattle, and wouldn't be home for another few days. I truly missed him.

A week ago Charlie told me he proposed to Rebecca and she said yes. Word spread to Alice and of course a party was in order. And this wasn't just any party. Beside the fact is was catered, she decided it would be fun if it was a surprise party. I hated surprise parties, but I knew Rebecca loved them, so I knew it would be perfect. I don't remember a time when he was so happy. Rebecca had already started the wedding planning, which was surprisingly fun. She wasn't a complete bridezilla yet, but I'm sure it was coming, seeing as how the date was only a few weeks away.

"Should I get her something for the party," Charlie asked.

"What party?"

"I know Alice is planning something and I know it's coming soon."

"You haven't told Rebecca, have you?"

"No. So should I?"

"Sure. I think she would really like it."

"Now I just have to figure out what to get."

"How about a massage? She's been working nonstop and planning the wedding. I'm sure she'd appreciate it."

"So what's been going on with you and Edward these past few weeks?"

"Nothing, why?"

"It's just...he's bought you a laptop, taken the kids at night when you've needed the extra time to study, fixed your crapper car a few times and even took the kids to a doctor appointment. What did you do to him?"

"We talked. I think he's genuinely trying to be a good father, but I also think that he thinks that this will win me back."

"Will it?"


"Oh, you have mail from school," Charlie said handing me an envelope.

"Thanks." I opened it expecting just to receive my grades. "Oh hey! I made the Dean's List!"

A few days passed. Charlie just "happened" to have the same Friday off as the party, so everything was set. He had made arrangements to take Rebecca out to dinner and then over to the Cullen's. The house was spectacular. Since it was raining, the party was moved in doors. Rebecca's favorite colors were pale yellow and lilac, so naturally, those colors were seen throughout the Cullen house. I had a picture of the two of them blown up and placed in a frame where party goers could write their wishes for them. If this is what Alice can do for Charlie, God help me when I get engaged.

"What time are they supposed to be here," Alice asked.

"Seven. Why?"

"Just want to make sure we have enough time to get you and the kids ready," she said handing me clothes.

"Alice, this wasn't supposed to be a formal party. You know Charlie hates to get dressed up."

"It's not! Just a skirt and top for you, a dress for Maddy and a cute little outfit for Masen, that's all."

I quickly got Masen dressed and handed him off to Edward. Maddy was a bit more difficult. She hated getting dressed. But once the dress was on she settled down. Alice gave her a teething cookie while I attempted to do something with her hair. It was brown like mine, with just a hint of bronze. And she had the most beautiful curls in it. she looked like Shirley Temple. Every time I put a barrette in her hair, she pulled it out. After the tenth attempt, I gave up. Alice took her downstairs while I got ready.

When I went downstairs, the majority of the guests had arrived. The caterers were circling with drinks and music was playing. I could hear Maddy laughing and Masen was crawling around in between people's feet with Rosalie running behind him. Everything was perfect.

"You look nice," Edward said from behind me.

"Thank you," I said. "So do you."

"Are we still taking the kids to the zoo this weekend?"

"Um, as far as I know."

Right on cue we heard the cruiser pull up. Everyone was quiet as they walked in.

"Where is everyone," Rebecca asked.

"I'm not sure."

When the walked in the living room, we all yelled surprise. Rebecca was shocked, but looked at Charlie and kissed him. The two were so in love.

It was about an hour later when I found myself holding Masen by the sliding glass door. Emmett walked over.

"Hey, sis. Heard you made the Dean's List."

"Yeah. I didn't think I would."

"Have you told Carlisle and Esme yet?"

"I tapped the letter to his computer. He'll find it soon enough."

We heard the front door open and I saw Emmett look over his shoulder. I just figured it was someone leaving, so i didn't pay attention.

"Here, why don't you let me take Masen and you can go say hello to the guest who just arrived," Emmett said taking Masen from my arms.

I walked to the front door and there stood the one person I've missed the past five weeks.


Without a word Jake pulled me close and kissed me. And this wasn't just any kiss. This was passionate, like the kind you see in movies. The both of us didn't care who saw us either. I didn't realize just how much I missed him until he was there, in front of me, touching me, kissing me.

"So, I take it you missed me," I joked after our lips parted.

"More than you know, beautiful."

"Well I should tell you, for a solid two weeks I heard nothing but that darn drum you gave Masen!"

Jake laughed and kissed me again.

"I missed them too. Where's Charlie? I want to say congratulations from Billy."

"How is he?"

Jake shook his head.

"Not well. The specialist said there's nothing that can be done. It's just a matter of time, I'm afraid."

"Jake, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. I kind of knew that's what they'd say. I mainly did it for him, anyway."

We walked out to the porch where Charlie and Rebecca were.

"Jake! I didn't expect to see you," Charlie said.

"I raced back from Seattle as fast as I could. Congratulations on your engagement," Jake said shaking Charlie's hand.


A little while later, Jake was holding Maddy, who was just about asleep on his chest. Jake had his head resting on hers and an arm around me. We were still talking to Charlie and Rebecca about wedding plans when all of the sudden Edward comes running over.

"GET YOUR HANDS OF MY KID," Edward yelled while shoving Jake, causing him to fall through the glass window. Jake landed on his side on the living room floor. Glass went everywhere.

"JAKE!! MADDY!" I screamed.

Jake laid there for a moment, stunned. Maddy was screaming her lungs out.

"That's my daughter, not yours! Bella is my girl, not yours," Edward yelled as he was being pinned against the house by Charlie and one of the guests.

Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett ran over with the girls behind them.

"Are you alright, Jake," Carlisle asked.


Jake gently laid Maddy down. Carlisle looked her over quickly and didn't see any injuries, except for some scraps from the glass.

"I say you should bring her in. It doesn't hurt to have them look her over," Carlisle said.

"Alright," I said.

"And as for you," Carlisle said looking at Edward, "you will go to my study and wait for me there. Emmett, Jasper, see that he stays put."

"I don't need anyone to look after me!" Edward shouted.

"Apparently you do."

"Jake, you're bleeding," Esme said.

"It's nothing, really," Jake said looking at a gash on his arm.

"No, that's going to need a few stitches," Carlisle said.

Carlisle POV

At the hospital, Maddy was looked over and given the okay to leave. Jake had a few stitches put in his arm. When I got back to the house, Alice and Rose were cleaning and Esme was rocking Masen back to sleep.

"Edward still upstairs," I asked Rose.

"Yeah. Are Maddy and Jake okay?"

"They're fine."

I walked upstairs and found Jasper and Emmett standing outside my study door. Once inside, I found Edward pacing.

"Is Maddy okay?"

"Stop," I said. "Just stop. I don't know what your problem is, but this ends tonight. I have never been this disappointed in any of my children than I am with you. Between you three boys, you were the one I knew I never had to worry about."

"Carlisle, I didn't mean,-"

"Didn't mean to?! Edward, you pushed not only Jake, but your own daughter through a window! How do you explain yourself?"

"He was holding her like she was his! And I'm not talking about just Bella. It was the both of them."

"Edward, when are you going to realize that you blew your shot with Bella a long time ago?"

"But I didn't. We were finally starting to be us again."

"No, you weren't. The two of you will never be the same and you only have yourself to blame!"

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in," I said.

Bella walked in and closed the door behind her. Edward went to walk over to her, but I pulled him back.

"How's Maddy?"

"She's sleeping in the car with Jake," she said.

"Bella, I'm so sorry," Edward said.

Bella walked over to him and slapped him.

"Do you have any idea what you put me through tonight," Bella asked. "Seeing Maddy being poked and prodded by all those doctors and hearing her cry for me?!"

"I didn't mean it."

"What did Jake ever do to you?"

"He took you from me," Edward said in a low voice.

"Is that what this is all about," I asked. "Your jealousy of Jacob?"

"It always has been, Carlisle," Bella said. "Ever since I met him Edward has been plotting ways to get rid of him."

"Edward," I said shaking my head. "I've raised you better than this."

"I know. I don't know why I do it."

"Sure you do. If you can't have me, nobody can, right?"

"It's not like that. You and I deserve to be together. Our children deserve to have both parents living together!"

"Lots of kids have parents in separate households, Edward and they're just fine."

"But I don't want them to be raised by him."

"You are a piece of work, you know that, Edward."

"Bella, please, please forgive me."

"Never. I can't trust you anymore."

"You can. I promise, I won't,-"

"Damn it, Edward! How dare you do this!"

"Bella, I'm so sorry. Please, just forgive me."

"You think forgiveness is something that's just handed to you? You really need to grow up. I don't understand why you can't do that. You're nineteen years old and have two children. You should be working and spending every free moment you have with them. But instead you spend all day plotting ways to get Jake to dump me so you can have me to yourself. You're pathetic! Now you listen to me, Edward Cullen. Stay away from me and stay the hell away from my kids!"

With that, Bella left.

"Do you finally understand what you've done," I asked.

Edward was silent.

"Can I go now," he asked.

"After you give me your keys and credit cards. You'll have to earn these back as well."

Edward threw his keys and wallet on the floor and walked out. A few seconds later I heard his bedroom door slam shut. A perfect evening ruined by stupid jealousy. For the sake of Maddy and Masen, I prayed Bella and Edward could get back to a place where they could at least talk...but I don't see that happening any time soon.