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ALL HUMAN. What if Edward Cullen isn't the good guy all the time? Bella is Pregnant and Edward refuses to accept it.

Just a little story I wrote. Hope you all like it.

22. Chapter 22

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Edward POV

Jacob was still at the house when Bella and Esme returned.

"I'll take care of everything. By t time you get there, your ticket will be waiting," I heard Esme say to Bella.

"Thanks," she said quietly while hugging Esme.

Bella walked passed Jacob and I and I could see the glistening of her tears in her eyes. She didn't speak to us as she passed, but rather she got in her car and drove off.

"What was that all about," Jacob asked me.

"No idea," I said.

"Edward, Jacob, could you come over here, please," Esme asked.

"Where did Bella go," Jacob asked Esme when we reached her and the rest of my family.

"That, I'm afraid, I cannot tell you, but I can say she's going out of town for the next few days."

"Why," Alice asked.

"Because the two of you have put too much pressure on her. You're making her feel like she has to choose one of you right here and now and she wants time to properly think out her decision."

"I haven't told her she needs to choose. She's marrying me not him," Jake said.

"The point is boys, she'll be back on Friday and until then you will not call, text or email her. She needs this quiet time to think and I will not let you ruin it for her. And don't try to stop her at Charlie's house either. I'd like it if you both stayed here until I return with the twins."

With that, Esme went inside to make Bella's arrangements.

Later that night, after the twins were fed, bathed and sleeping, I sat in my room and started writing in my journal. Lately it has been the one thing that kept me calm. It was something that was suggested to me in anger management. I was a good two pages into my nightly writing when Carlisle poked his head in my room.

"Hey, just thought I'd let you know that Bella just called. She's safe and sound wherever she is," he said.

"So you don't know either?"

"Nope. It drives me crazy the way Esme can keep a secret. So how are you holding up with all of this?"

"Okay I guess. I mean, what can I do? I love her and I want her to be happy."

"What if she decides Jacob makes her happy?"

"Then I'll do my best and be happy for her. I'm done trying to force myself onto her. I never realized I was doing that. I never realized how much I had really hurt her until today."

"What do you mean," Carlisle asked as he walked in and closed the door.

"I mean, I know I hurt her beyond means with Tanya. I get that. But I mean everything since then, all I've wanted is her with me without thinking about what it cost to her. And now my actions drove her away, even if it's only for a few days. I can't get over this tremendous guilt. And seeing her with Esme, it just all hit me."

"Good. Maybe now you can focus on what's in front of you, rather than something that may or may not happen. Don't worry, son, Friday will be here faster than you think."

Bella POV

When I got to Charlie's, I found him standing on our tiny porch with a suitcase already packed for me. Esme must have called ahead. I thought for sure he'd be angry or upset, but he greeted me with open arms and a loving smile.

"So where are you going," he asked.

"I thought maybe I'd go to Montana. It's quiet out there. Plus, I don't know anyone, so maybe I'll get the quiet I really need."

"you'll call when you land, right?"

"Of course. You're not mad, are you?"

"No. I just wish you would have told me about you and Jake."

"We were going to after you and Rebecca were married. I didn't want to take away anything special from the two of you."

"It wouldn't have."

I slipped my ring off and handed it to Charlie.

"Will you keep this safe for me?"

"Sure, kid."

A cab pulled up. I ran in the house, kissed Mad and Masen goodbye and left. The weight I felt on my shoulders had started to lift a bit. I knew it wouldn't be completely gone until I had made my decision. When my plane landed, there was a driver waiting for me. Once my seat belt was on, he haded me a piece of paper:


I've made all the arrangements for you. I've found you a quiet, secluded cabin resort and have given them strict instructions not to disturb you. I know you have your school credit card with you - feel free to use it for whatever you want. I know you'll make the right decision, even if it's not by Friday. Remember, make it for you and no one else. Call me if you need to talk, even if it's three in the morning.


When we got to the resort, I checked in and found my way to my cabin. It was on the edge of a lake, surrounded by large trees. It was exactly what I needed: quiet, peaceful and serene. As I was unpacking, there was a knock at the door. When I answered, there was a girl about my age standing there.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi. I'm Emily. I just wanted to make sure you got in alright."

"Yeah. I'm fine, thanks."

"Great. Mrs. Cullen says to call her when you're settled. She said she tried you on your cell phone, but it must still be turned off."

"I will, thank you."

"Okay, well if you need anything, I'm here all day, every day."


I went back inside and finished unpacking. Tucked under a pair of jeans was a note from Charlie. it wasn't long, but he got his point across:


Listen to your head.


It actually made me laugh. Short, simple and to the point. Totally Charlie.

After dinner, I grabbed a blanket and went outside. There was a small point off the side of the house that was lit by the setting sun. I leaned up against a tree and closed my eyes, and started to think about nothing.

Edward POV

Monday and Tuesday were uneventful. Alice and Rosalie kept pressing Esme about Bella's location.

"But Esme, if she's really marrying Jacob, there are plans to be made," Alice whined.

"No. There will be no talk of that until Bella's decision has been made and even then, you will let her come to you," Esme said.

I couldn't help but laugh. I knew it was killing the two of them not having Bella around, but I hoped that wherever she was, she wasn't tormenting herself too much.

Jacob had called the next morning and asked to meet me for coffee. I found him sitting by the window at the local Starbucks.

"Hey, thanks for coming," Jake said.

"Sure. What's up?"

"Bella's coming home in two days and I thought maybe you and I could talk."


"I don't know how she's going to decide, but maybe if you and I had agreed on a few things, maybe it would make it easier for her."

"Get to the point, Jake," I said.

"I thought that whoever she doesn't choose, would do her a favor and stay away from her."

"Impossible if she chooses you. We have kids, remember?"

"Yes. But if she does choose me, I'd like it if your conversations were about the twins only and your family. I know that she can't completely give you up, so if you could keep it short and simple with her, I'd appreciate it."

"Then I have a request as well. If she chooses me, you will apologize for forcing the engagement on her."

"I didn't force anything, Edward."

"Right. You had to have known your father would be passing soon, and I think that maybe the only reason you asked her is because you needed some sort of stability. I don't think, well actually I know she's not ready for that type of commitment yet and for you to do that to her, is just wrong."

"Like you're the picture of perfection. Does the name Tanya ring a bell?"

"I never said I was perfect, but I've gained some perspective. Bella is the most important thing to me next to my children. I will not let you hurt her and in turn, I will not hurt her either. But so help me, if I find out otherwise, you will be sorry."

Friday came quickly. There was excitement and anxiety all throughout the house. Maddy and Masen were missing Bella like crazy. Every time Esme was near them, they'd call her "Ma" or "Ma Ma." Esme left for the airport at noon, and told us she would call when she got close to the house. I was anxious and couldn't keep still. I just needed to see that she was alright. Jake had already been called and was on his way over as well.

Finally, around three that afternoon, we heard Esme's car pull into the garage.

"Boys, do not rush her," Carlisle said.

The door that connected the house to the garage opened, and I heard the sweet sound of Esme and Bella's laughter.

"Where are my babies," Bella called as she came into the living room.

Maddy and Masen didn't notice her right away, so I bent down and pointed.

"Look, is that Ma Ma," I said. Maddy and Masen laughed and clapped their hands when they saw her. Masen pulled himself up on me. Bella started walking over. "Wait," I said.

I had Masen's hands above his head and when he was steady, I let go and watched as he took a few steps to Bella's waiting arms.

"Look at my big boy," Bella said as she kissed his chubby cheeks. Maddy, who was attempting to walk, decided crawling was the way to go, and joined her brother in Bella's arms. "And my baby girl. My have he two of you grown!"

"Em!" Masen called.

"What? Did he just try to say Emmett," Bella asked.

"He's been working on it all week," Emmett said. "Sorry,"

"It's okay."

It was nice to see her smile again. Something had changed about her, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Jake and I were desperate to know what her decision was, but I wasn't going to be the one to bring it up. Jake stayed for dinner and after the twins were put to bed, she called us into the living room. The rest of my family went upstairs, but I thought I could hear whispers coming from the top of the stairs.

"So," Bella said. "I've made my decision."