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ALL HUMAN. What if Edward Cullen isn't the good guy all the time? Bella is Pregnant and Edward refuses to accept it.

Just a little story I wrote. Hope you all like it.

27. Chapter 27

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Edward's POV

I sat Bella on the edge of my bed. She was a bit calmer, but still crying. Esme came in with a glass of cold water for Bella. We must have been thinking the same thing, because she lead Bella into my closet to get her changed. Meanwhile, I dimmed the lights and turned the bed down. I could Bella crying again in the closet with Esme, so I went downstairs to make sure the rest of my family was home safe. Carlisle met me at the bottom of the stairs.

"How's she doing?"

"She's not as bad as before. Oh, I need you to look at her wrist."


"When Jake was in a rage, he had it in his hand. She hasn't been able to move it that much since."

"Not a problem. You might want to say something to Emmett and Jasper. They feel pretty bad about everything," Carlisle said.

"I will."

"You alright," Carlisle asked.

"I just feel so bad for her," I said, my voice breaking.

Before I knew it, I had a few tears welling up in my eyes. My heart broke seeing Bella like that. I collapsed onto the stairs and buried my face in my hands. All the stress and hurt I had held inside me for so long broke free. Carlisle sat next to me, his hand on my shoulder. After a few minutes, I composed myself and went back upstairs with Carlisle. In my room, Esme was braiding Bella's hair. I stood by the door while Carlisle examined Bella's hand. She was quiet and calm, but had a blank look about her. The only time her expression changed is when Carlisle touched a sore spot on wrist.

"I think you need an x-ray," he said. "But I can brace it if you want to wait until morning."

"It doesn't matter," Bella said quietly.

Carlisle left and returned a few minutes later with a wrist brace and a syringe. Everyone knew Bella hated needles which is why i was surprised that she didn't flinch when Carlisle poked her. One the brace was fitted, he and Esme left. I turned on my side table lamp and turned off the main light. I noticed the monitor for the twins' room was removed as I crawled into bed next to Bella. Once she was settled next to me, I kissed her forehead lightly and waited for her to drift off to sleep.

"Edward," she said.


"I kissed Jake."

"I know."

"Are you mad?"


"Do you think he was in a lot of pain when he died?"

"I think for that one moment he wasn't."

It wasn't long after that when Bella fell asleep. I prayed she wouldn't have nightmares of what she saw and what had happened in the last 72 hours. Even if it was just this one night, I hoped she'd find peace in knowing that she was there in Jake's final moments; that she got to say her goodbyes; and in knowing that she realized who she truly wanted to be with.

Carlisle's POV

2:57 am. my clock read. An hour before I had to get up to get ready for work, yet I couldn't sleep. I found my robe at the foot of the bed, and decided to get a jump start on my patient files. From the hallway, I saw a light on in the kitchen. Emmett must have forgotten to turn it off after grabbing a late night snack. I swear that boy does nothing but eat. After turning off the light, I walked into the living room. There, sitting in the chair closest to the patio, was Bella. She had the blinds drawn just enough so the moonlight shone on her.

"Are you alright," I asked.

She nodded and wiped tears from her cheeks. Edward must be out cold because I knew for a fact he wouldn't have let her down here by herself. Not like this. Not tonight. I really didn't know what to say to her. In fact, I was surprised. I thought for sure the amount of pain killers I gave her would have kept her asleep all night. I knelt next to her, and removed the brace to see if any of the swelling had gone done, which it hadn't.

"Can we go now," Bella softly asked.

"Sure. Give me a few minutes, okay?

After kissing Esme goodbye and explaining where I was going, I drove Bella to the hospital.

"Good morning, Dr. Cullen," a nurse said.

"Morning. Which ortho is on right now," I asked.

"Sackett, he's actually in exam one, right now if you need him."

Bella and I walked through the double doors. I found Dr. Sackett standing at the nurses station filling out paper work.

"Carlisle," he said. "You're here early."

"I couldn't let you have all the fun, now could I? I do have a question for you though."


"Could you look at her wrist for me?"

"Yeah. Sarah, is there an exam room open?"

"Three is open."

Bella walked as close as she could get next to me. When Dr. Sackett started examining her, she grabbed on to my hand.

"She needs an x-ray. Could be fractured. I'll order one and let you know what I find."

After Bella's x-rays, I called Esme. She would send Alice to pick up Bella, since Edward and the others were still asleep. Dr. Sackett came back in with Bella's x-ray.

"Gonna need surgery, I'm afraid."

"Today," Bella asked.

"No. I'll set it in a cast and give you some anti inflammatories. You come and see me in a week and if the swelling is down by then, we'll schedule it then, okay?"

"Sure," Bella said.

As I was putting Bella's cast on, Alice walked over.

"Morning," Alice said. "So, what's the verdict?"

"Surgery," I said. "I gave you a waterproof cast Bella, so you can still take showers and whatnot. Here are your prescriptions, which I'm sure you can grab on the way home. Has the pain medication started working yet?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Alright then, I'll have Dr. Sackett sign your discharge papers, then."

Bella POV

I just wanted to go home. I was tired and I missed Edward. Why did I let Carlisle talk me into coming without him?

In th car ride from the local pharmacy to the house, Alice had the radio on. As we pulled into the drive way at the house, the news came on.

In local news, a car accident last night left one dead and another injured. Officials say Jacob Black, a La Push resident, was struck by a semi truck driver on the way to his girlfriends house. What's more, it appears the car car Black drove was stolen and officials say they could smell alcohol on his breath. Black died before EMT's could respond. The semi driver had a broken leg.

Alice quickly turned off the radio.

"I'm sorry, Bella."

I looked at Alice, and felt tears rolling down my face.

"I really did love him, Alice."