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ALL HUMAN. What if Edward Cullen isn't the good guy all the time? Bella is Pregnant and Edward refuses to accept it.

Just a little story I wrote. Hope you all like it.

29. Chapter 29

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Edward's POV

It had been two weeks since the accident. Bella had wrist surgery yesterday. She hasn't said much since Jake's memorial. His sister, Rachel, must have said something to her because not five minutes after we arrived, Bella was begging to leave and has refused to talk about it. Ever since the accident, Bella's been having vivid nightmares. There were nights when I'd hear her screaming in her sleep from the guest room and by the time I got to her, she'd be on the floor sobbing uncontrollably. Since her surgery yesterday, however, she's been sleeping with me and hasn't had one. I'm wondering if it's the medicine, or the fact that it's me? I noticed something, though. When i was in bed with her, she was always touching me. Whether it was her foot touching mine, her hand on my chest, some part of her was always on mine. I couldn't figure out why.

I had just put the twins down for their afternoon nap and decided to check on her. I opened the door quietly, and poked my head in.

"Hi," she said.

"Hey, I thought you'd be sleeping," I said as I walked in and closed the door behind me. "Do you need anything? Are you hungry?"

"No, not really. Are Maddy and Masen sleeping?"

"They just went down. Alice and Rose took them to the park this morning before going up to Seattle with everyone else."

"The park usually wears them out."

I sat next to her on my bed, and instinctively, she curled up next to me.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine."

"Can I ask you something?"


"What happened with Jake's sister?"


"Bella, you're having nightmares where you scream out her name. Something happened."

"I don't...I don't want to talk about it."

"Please Bella, I know it's difficult, but maybe it'll help."


Bella POV

I really didn't want to tell him, but I knew he would keep asking about it.


"Edward, I don't want to go," I said standing beside the Volvo.

"Bella, you were engaged to him. You need to go and pay your respects."

"I know that, but I don't want to do it right now."

"We're going. Get in."

I stood there for another moment, arms folded as best as I could get them.

"Isabella get in the car."

I got in, but wasn't happy about it. Edward drove to the town hall on the Reservation. Inside there were pictures of Jacob everywhere. Edward saw a friend and went to talk to him. I stopped dead in my tracks at a picture of Jake and I. It was taken last Fourth of July, and we were holding sparklers and smiling. We looked happy, but I wondered if I really was.

"Well, well, well. If isn't the girl who killed my brother," I heard from behind me.

"Rachel," I said as I turned around.

"I'm surprised to see you here."

"I came to pay my respects."

Well I don't want you here. I will not subject my family to the likes of you. Not today. Don't you think you've caused enough grief? Enough damage?"

I felt the tears coming, but tried to force them back.

"I'm sorry, Rachel. I don't know what to say."

"There's nothing you can say or do to bring him back."

"I know," I said as my tears spilled over.

Rachel was glaring at me. If looks could kill, I'd be dead and buried in the ground twice over.

"Are those tears because you feel guilty for making him drink or are they because you feel guilty, since you were the one that killed him?"

"Rachel, I didn't,-"

"Don't tell me you didn't make him drink. He would call me every other day and tell me how much he loves you; how lucky he is to have you in his life. Then I get a call saying you're kissing some guy and that you left for a week to figure out which one of them you wanted. He calls me after you're back saying that you said you don't love him, so don't tell me that none of this is your fault. And to think I actually liked you."

"I'm sorry, but he was drinking before that night."

"Sure, he may have had an occasional drink. But you..you were the driving force behind it. I will never forgive you for killing my brother! I hope this eats at you every single day for the rest of your life! I hope that each day brings you more misery about taking his life from me and from his family!"


"Bella, why didn't you tell me that night," I asked her.

"I don't know. But she's right."

I pulled her face up so she was looking straight at me.

"She's wrong. You have to stop blaming yourself. Please. It's not healthy for you."

"I don't know how," she said, crying again.

I wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"I'm not too sure how to do it either, but, just know that whatever you're feeling; whatever doubts or insecurities you have, you can tell me."

"I know. But sometimes it's difficult to put it in words."

"Then just tell me you need me. You know I'll do whatever you need me to do, right?"


"Alright then. No more holding it in, right?"



That night was the usual game night. Bella was still a bit groggy from the anesthesia, which is usual for her so I'm told, but did her best anyway to play. After the twins were bathed, fed and sleeping, I joined her in what was now our room. Bella was quiet and I could tell she was thinking about something.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course," I said looking down at her.

"Can I..can I stay here?"

"What do you mean?"

"Charlie and Rebecca need their privacy and now that they're having a baby, they're going to need the space. So I was wondering if the twins and I could stay here."

"You know you're welcomed in this house."

"But what about here? I mean, I feel safer here in this room, when I'm next to you. Would it make you uncomfortable if I slept here?"

"As long as you're comfortable, you can stay wherever you want. I won't push you into anything you don't want to do, you know that."

Bella POV

"I know. Just wanted to make sure you were okay with it," I said.

I looked up into his beautiful green eyes - the same eyes as Maddy and Masen. I knew he meant what he said about doing anything I needed. Right now, I realized, I needed Edward. I needed to not be sad; to actually feel, even if it was for just a short period of time. I reached up with my good hand, and ran a finger along Edward's jaw line, just the way he liked it and watched as he closed his eyes and shivered. I traced his jaw up to his hair line, embedded my fingers around his bronze hair and pulled him down for a kiss. It was soft at first, like he was hesitating, but I wanted more. He tried to pull away, but I wouldn't let him, not at first.

"Are you sure," he asked once I let his lips free from mine.

"I need.. I need to feel like me again. I don't know how else to do have that," I said looking into his burning eyes.

He looked at me for a moment, probably thinking I was crazy, but then he kissed me. Kissed me like he did that night at the park, causing me to forget where I was.

Edward gently laid me down, careful as to not hurt me, but never taking his lips from my skin. His hands made their way down my sides and gently, he removed my night clothes. I flinched a little when my shirt was pulled over my arm, but tried not to let Edward see. He trailed kisses from my ears, down my neck and down to my breasts. He took one in his mouth while me massaged the other one with his hand. I braided my fingers in his hair and every now and then pulled him back up and devour his lips. I needed to feel his skin against mine, so I tore off his shirt. His lips were on my skin again, this time heading further south than usual. His hands were running down my thighs and then parted them. I gasped when I felt a finger at my opening. I moaned out his name as he pushed one, then two fingers into me. Then he slowly slid his fingers out, twisting them as he did so, causing electricity to jolt through me.

It was like my body remembered the feeling of him; like it knew exactly what to do with him. I didn't need to think, I just needed to feel. It was beautiful and erotic at the same time and I didn't want it to stop.

"Edward," I panted, "I..I'm..I'm..."

I couldn't get my words out. My entire body was shaking and I was gripping and pulling the sheets on the bed so tight I thought i was ripping them. But Edward didn't stop. He kept going, deeper and harder than before. I screamed out as I reached my climax, knowing full well the rest of the Cullen's probably heard me, but I didn't care.

Edward's lips started making their way up my stomach and I felt his hips in between my legs. I was still on my high from my orgasm when I felt him enter me. Again, I moaned out his name, something I couldn't control, but felt natural coming out of my mouth. I locked my feet around his hips, and kissed his neck, causing him to gasp in a quick breath of air. I pulled his lips to mine, and together we found our rhythm; quick and deep. Each thrust seemed to go further, and I found myself saying his name each time he entered me.

We were both getting close. I could feel my muscles start to shake again, and Edward was starting to growl with each thrust, something he did before he came.

"Look at me," he breathed.

I opened my eyes and saw that his face was up against mine, with his forehead resting on mine. I pulled his lips to mine as we climaxed together. Once our high was gone, Edward laid next to me and pulled me into his arms. I rested my left arm, which was screaming in pain, on his chest and could feel his heart sill racing.

"Do you need anything? Does your wrist hurt," he asked, still a bit breathless.

"I'm okay," I said hesitantly.

Edward leaned up and went to get a glass of water and a pain pill for me. I popped the pill in my mouth and downed the entire glass of water in three gulps, then curled back up with him.

For the first time since the accident, I didn't think of Jake. I didn't feel my usual sadness and despair. I felt...loved. I felt Edward's need for me. I could tell my how tightly he held me next to him, how much he needed this too. I realized that not only did our bodies fit together, but so did our hearts. I knew Edward was my true soul mate, even though there were bumps along the way.

"Edward," I said as I drifted off.


"Thank you."

"Sure," he said quietly. His breathing was becoming shallow, and I knew he was drifting as well.

"Edward," I said again.


"I love you."

"I love you, too," he quietly said.