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After Bella's truck breaks down after Eclipse, Edward buys her a new car, along with some other gifts. One in particular will mean more than the rest ever could.

Okay, so this is how I picture Bella reacting to the Guardian, the cell phone, and the credit card-all the stuff she had in Breaking Dawn. So, enjoy!

1. Pre-wedding gifts

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The grey, muted light from my window woke me, signaling that it would be yet another overcast day. Shocker.

The day started normal, until…

“Oh, no,” I said, my voice flat and blank as I tried to start my truck to go into town.

I tried again. And again. Ugh. The thing refused to turn over! Charlie was already at the station, so he wouldn’t hear my truck struggling for life.

After a while was when I started to get angry. Why did it have to this now? There was a little over a month until the wedding. I surely wouldn’t need it then. Please, I chanted, just a month…

I was pounding on my steering wheel when I barely heard the knock on my window. The look of fury and frustration had no intention of leaving my face as I turned and saw Edward, staring at me with confusion.

“Did you have anything to do with this?” I practically yelled through the closed window, knowing his history of disabling my truck, and hoping he could fix it… He opened my door.

“Did I have anything to do with what, Bella?” He asked, his beautiful brow still puckered.

“In case you haven’t noticed, I can’t get my truck started.” I couldn’t deny it; I was whining.

“I could take a look…” Edward suggested.

“Please,” I said, begging with my eyes that he save my truck.

“I’ll see what I can do,” He said. This made me want to gape at him, for it looked like to me that he was trying to hold back a smile or a laugh.

While he worked underneath the hood, I say in the cab with the door open. I almost voiced my thoughts. It wouldn’t have hurt, for I was sure that he would’ve laughed: I was willing to bet that he was loving this. I knew he didn’t care for this truck. I also knew how badly he wanted to buy me a car. Any car would’ve done for him, no doubt. I rolled my eyes at the thought.

It was some time later that Edward closed the hood and came over to me. His reaction reminded me of the TV doctors who had to deliver bad news: First there was the feigned look of sadness. Then pity. And then finally the classic regretful shaking of the head. He’d done it exactly right.

“I’m sorry, Bella, but…I think it’s done for.” He said. I knew he wasn’t sad in the slightest. He’d been waiting eagerly for this day.

I sighed. “But…I…it’s-”

“Over fifty years old, Bella.” Edward reminded me, now with a chuckle.

My head lolled back on the seat. “I can’t believe it.”

“Come on, love,” Edward said, putting his arm around me and having to almost pull me-mainly because I was not going willingly because I couldn’t believe that my truck had finally died, never to be run again. “I’ll take you wherever you need to go today.”

He opened the passenger door of the Volvo and closed it when I was inside.

“Bella, it was bound to happen sooner or later.” He said as he backed out of the driveway.

“Sure, and to me it would happen sooner.”

He laughed.

Edward and I spent the day running errands, my surly mood never really diminishing. I could tell he was slightly frustrated at the reason for this. He wished I would just accept it and ask for a new car already. Charlie sure wasn’t surprised when I told him that night. He also told me that it was bound to happen and that the thing was hanging on for dear life as it was…I’d rolled my eyes at them both.

The next morning, I was dressed and eating breakfast when I heard a knock on the door and Edward walked in with a smile on his face.

“Hi…” I said, suspicious.

“Good morning,” He said cheerfully before planting his cool lips on mine for a kiss.

“You’re happy,” I commented, wondering where this going. The conclusion was brewing in my head…

“I have something for you-well, something’s actually.” He corrected himself.

“Right now?” I asked.

“Of course.” He said innocently.

After some coaxing, he carried me out to the driveway-for he’d made me close my eyes. Then he set me down and put his hands on my shoulders. I shiver went through me.

“Alright, Bella, open them.” He said, his velvet voice right at my ear.

I did as he asked, though one eye at a time. There, dangling in front of my face was a set of car keys. I made my eyes focus to beyond the keys, and I saw a black, shiny car before me. I was speechless.

“Well?” Edward asked patiently.

I opened my mouth, but no words came out. Just by looking at the car, I could tell that it should belong to James Bond, not me.

Edward took my hand, pulled it forward, put the keys in it, and curled my fingers around them. Finally, I spoke.

“Edward, I can’t drive this.”

“Why not?” He asked, puzzled.

“Look at it! It’s nothing I’m used to. Is it a stick shift?”

“No, it’s automatic. If you wish, I’ll be with you the first couple times you drive it. You’re a good driver, Bella. I just think that something like this will compliment that in a way your truck never would’ve been able to.” His tone was trying to persuade me. I looked down at the keys.

“But,” He continued, “While I’m giving you this, I have some other things.” He was now standing in front of me. Out of his pocket, he pulled out a sleek, silver cell phone and then a black credit card, handing them both to me. “Now,” He began, “These are both for emergencies, but of course, neither have limits and you can use both as often as you wish, and I don’t want you to hesitate using them. And now for the car,” He put his arm around my waist and pulled me to the car. “This is a Mercedes Guardian-”

“Like Carlisle’s.” I said, relieved to finally have some familiarity to the machine. It made me like it a little more. He laughed a little.

“Yes, but a much newer model. This is your “before” car and I promise to return it after the wedding.”

“Why?” I asked, confused at why he would return such a car.

“Because you have an “after” car.” He explained.

“Oh,” was all I could say.

“So, you only have to drive this for about a month,” Edward assured me. “Do you like it?”

“Well, I think I should take it for a test drive, to get the feel of it.” I cringed as I said the words. “Don’t you?” I asked.

He smiled. “Yes, but before we do love, I have one last thing for you.”

“Edward,” I moaned.

“Relax, Bella, you’ll like this one. And it’s not extravagant in any way.”

“Fine,” I said, holding out my hand, expecting him to hand me something else.

Instead, he just smiled and wrapped an arm around my waist and started pulling me with him into the house.

“What-” I started to question, but his smile turned into a wide grin.

“You’ll see.”

When we got inside the house, he picked me up and we flew up the stairs. The next thing I knew I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror with Edward standing behind me.

I sighed internally. It was one thing to imagine what I looked like standing next to Edward, with all his beauty; Surely such beauty could not be measured in words. I knew I couldn’t. His face, his body, his eyes, all never failed to render me speechless…And then there was me. Petite, average body, certainly nothing significant about my appearance. Edward complimented me often-too often. But, still, to see our reflection in the mirror brought the slight wave of sadness that always came when I compared the two of us.

I looked at him with confusion. His smile didn’t seem to want to fade. He was utterly confident.

He put his hands on my shoulders again, and put the best persuasive tone he could into his voice. “Could you just close your eyes one more time for me?”

I sighed out loud this time. “Uh oh,” I joked as I did as I was asked. He chuckled.

Then I felt something cold on my neck, but it was not Edward: He was fastening a necklace around my throat. And he knew how I felt about jewelry, especially the expensive, over-the-top jewelry that he wanted to buy me. I swear, if this was some huge, whopping diamond then so help me-

“Open your eyes, Bella.”

I did slowly, and I gasped at what I saw. It was beautiful though. And he was right, I did like it. I loved it. Around my neck, hanging from a pretty, twisted silver sparkling chain was a pendent-but not just any pendant. It was his family’s crest. The beloved symbol that they all wore, each member of the family.

I moved my hand up to touch it, speechless. It was made just like the others, it kind of reminded me of Rosalie’s necklace, but it was not nearly as big. Mine was only a little bigger than Alice’s crest, which she wore on a velvet ribbon around her neck that she donned nearly every single day.

“Oh, Edward,” I finally said. “It’s beautiful.”

“Do you like it? I had it made for you, as an early wedding gift you could say.”

“Like it? I love it!” I said with a smile, looking at him in the mirror. He was so happy that I now felt bad for all my previous grumpiness. “I can’t believe though. I’m not a Cullen yet.”

He wrapped his arms around me from behind, and I could see his wristband that had his crest on it. His arm was positioned so that his crest was right next to mine. I ran my fingers over his crest as he spoke.

“Bella, you know just as well as I of how much my family loves you. You are apart of this family, and none of us would have it any other way.”

I just smiled, leaning my head back against his chest as he kissed my cheek.

“I hope Alice lets me wear it for the wedding. It’s just so pretty.”

“I hope she does, too. I think she will.”

Now I turned around in his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked at me with a serious, intense expression.

“You’d really wear it on our wedding day?” Edward asked.

“Of course I will. Then I can really say I’m a Cullen!”

He smiled, and I did too as he bent down to meet his lips with mine. His arms went tighter around me. Thinking of my favorite gift of his that hung from my neck, now more than ever I couldn’t wait until I became a Cullen…and Edward’s wife.