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After Bella's truck breaks down after Eclipse, Edward buys her a new car, along with some other gifts. One in particular will mean more than the rest ever could.

Okay, so this is how I picture Bella reacting to the Guardian, the cell phone, and the credit card-all the stuff she had in Breaking Dawn. So, enjoy!

2. Love Story

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Later that night, about two minutes after Edward had left and I had gone up to my room, my phone rang. I looked to see who it was.

“Hi, Alice.” I said.

“Hi, Bella! How do you like your presents?” She pressed excitedly. Her excitement was such that it was almost as if she was right here in the room with me.

“Um,” I said, looking out the window at my new car. “They’re great.”

“Aren’t they? Which one’s your favorite?”

I couldn’t help but smile as I answered, “The necklace.”

“Isn’t it pretty? Edward showed me what it looked like done and I knew you would love it. I think he knew it, too. Esme and I helped a tinsy bit for what it should look like, but Edward really deserves most of the credit. He knows you better than anyone else,” She said the last part fondly. “Oh, and I know you’re wondering; Yes, you can wear your crest for the wedding. It goes really good with your dress!”

I could practically hear her jumping up and down.

“How do you like your ring tone?” She asked, and I tried to remember what it was. Ah, ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift.

“It’s good,” I said, struggling to keep up with her chatter, as I often did.

“I know, I love that song! I think it describes you and Edward perfectly!”

I closed my eyes, now lying on my bed, the phone to my ear. Talking with Alice always brought back lots of memories with her. They usually included surprises she’d laid on me-which I hated, but then it would always turn out good in the end, Alice working her power over me-the power where I couldn’t stay mad at her.

I remember all the time I spent with her last summer, the summer I claimed that was happiest one there ever was. Though, with the way this summer was going so far it was quickly topping last years.

I remember how she would always want to make me over every time I came over. One of those times was actually for an occasion…


“Ugh, Alice, why are you doing this to me again?” I asked as I sat in front of Alice’s long mirror.

She’d been working on me for some time now, doing my hair and make-up. Suspicion was just starting to build; I didn’t know if she had something planned or if she was just having her fun. Alice always enjoyed torturing me like this.

“You mean, why am I only accentuating your already natural beauty?” She asked with a smile. Alice also enjoyed teasing me.

I closed my eyes and shook my head, figuring it wasn’t even worth it to say anything else. “Sure.”

“Because,” Alice stated matter of factly. “It’s fun. But I really think you’ll thank me this time-or at least I hope you do: I don’t think you appreciate anything I do.”

Now she brought out a pout. I rolled my eyes. What was with her today? Alice must be really enjoying this; torturing me. But, I already knew that. She was always wanting me to go shopping with her (or “girl time,” as she referred to it) and she was always wanting to make me over, her own personal Barbie doll, she being the stylist.

Alice’s lower lip still jutted out. Then I realized: She was trying to get me to do something. Alice was trying to persuade me of something. She only acted like this to guilt me into something. Her and I knew each other so well now, but that wasn’t always a good thing. I cringed as I peeked for half a second at the mirror. I was already letting her make me over, what else was there?

“Alice,” I turned and faced her, but her gaze didn’t meet mine. “I do appreciate you. I just don’t enjoy spending all my free time as your personal styling client. But, you can have your fun this time. So, continue with whatever it was you were doing.”

I turned my back to her. Dang Alice. How did she always manage to do this to me? She really did know me inside and out.

“Fine,” She spat before her hands continued to weave through my hair. But, she couldn’t hold back her smile for too long.

“Where’s Edward?” I suddenly asked.

He, Jasper, and Carlisle had left last night to go hunting. I thought they’d be back by now.

“Oh, don’t worry Bella, he’ll be here,” Alice said, her tone a little too reassuring. That pretty much confirmed for me that something was going on that I didn’t know about.

“He better be,” I said, wanting him to rescue me.

Alice laughed, it being music in my ears.

A little while later, I stood-now fully ready-as Alice walked around me slowly, reviewing her work.

“Well?” I asked, waiting for her to comment.

“Well, I think you look beautiful, but what do you care?”

I looked in the mirror, though reluctantly. Alice had put me in a black, knee length dress-or an LBD as Alice had said it was called. What caught my attention though was the sparkling brooch at the bottom of my neckline, which only brought attention to my chest. Alice had done it again: She’d miraculously given me cleavage.

“Let me guess, a push up bra?” I asked, looking at Alice. She nodded.

I smiled and adjusted the straps and it looked like Alice caught sight of something.

“Hold on! I just though of the most perfect thing!”

Before I could protest, she was gone…and then back at my side.

“What do you think?” Alice asked as she held out a black velvet box that had in it a pair of pearl stud earrings. “Pretty aren’t they? They match your favorite ring.”

“Yes, they’re very pretty.” I said, taking the earrings and putting them in my ears.

I turned and eyed her. “Why aren’t you all dressed up?”

“Because I’m not the one Edward is taking to a candle-lit dinner.”

“He’s what?” I gasped. I had to look down again at my dress, it meaning that Edward was probably taking me to some fancy, expensive restaurant.

“What’s wrong with that?” Alice asked innocently.

“I don’t want Edward spending money on me,” I sighed. “It’s the last thing we need.”

“But he likes to-if you’d let him,” Alice encouraged. “You’ll have a good time, Bella. Stop fretting.”

I did-for now. Before I knew it, Edward pulled up in his favorite car. His “special occasion” car, as he’d once called it. I was surprised that he didn’t drive this car more often, I knew how much he loved it. I supposed it was very beautiful, black and sleek. But one look at it reassured me once again that tonight’s theme was expensive.

He came and opened the door for me, and I was about to climb in before he took my wrist and stopped me. Edward looked at me intensely, his eyes scorching into mine.

I don’t know how I did it, but I tore my gaze away from Edward’s and looked to Alice. She smiled and winked at me before going into the house, leaving just me and Edward, standing by the Vanquish.

Then I felt his finger at my chin, coaxing my eyes back his.

“You look…ravishing,” He said with feeling. “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

I smiled. “I did manage to look in the mirror before coming down-mainly to make Alice feel better.” I rolled my eyes at that last part. “But you…” I struggled for words, as I usually did in these kinds of situations. “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

He laughed, and then opened the car door for me and held my hand as I got in.

We were just pulling out of his drive when I asked the dreaded question.

“So, where are we going?”

“You really want to know?” He glanced over at me. He could tell that I was nervous about this. I could tell that he found this funny.

I took a deep breath. “Not really, but if you want to tell me then go for it.”

He laughed. “We’re just going to Seattle, Bella.” He looked at me like it was no big deal.

I looked at him-and his tux, and then I looked down at me (noting that Alice had not forgotten to complete my look with a pair of black high heels. She had considered them one of the most important parts of the ensemble.) and I spent most of the drive considering the possibilities of the evening.

“Here we are.” Edward said about 40 minutes later.

We were pulling up to an unfamiliar building-I hadn’t been paying attention to where we were until I’d heard him speak. Then I realized we were at a restaurant. As I looked closer, I could see numerous couples walking in-and they were dressed just like Edward and I: Fancy. This was a fancy, expensive restaurant.

I jumped a little when my door was opened, and Edward was standing, his hand out in offering. I took it, and he helped me out, always the gentleman. He put his arm around my waist and the valet came up to us and Edward handed him the keys and tipped him.

“Thank you. Have a good evening, sir.” The valet said.

“Thank you.” Edward smiled.

“Miss,” The valet nodded to me.

Edward and I then walked into the restaurant, and of course there was someone there to greet us.

The maitre d` greeted Edward and I graciously, as I assumed he did with all the guests-them being all wealthy. He then directed his friendly gaze at Edward when he asked if we had a reservation.

“Yes. Under Cullen.” Edward replied smoothly.

The maitre d` looked his list and smiled at Edward.

“Right this way, Mr. Cullen.”

Edward wrapped his arm around my waist as we were led to our table for two. We sat down, and I supposed it was very human: Him taking me out to dinner at a nice restaurant, him and I having conversation with our hands entwined in the middle of the table. And I couldn’t get over how beautiful he looked in the light of the candles. Despite all this though, a small part of me was uncomfortable. This place was certainly fitted for Edward, but it wasn’t me. I wasn’t the type of girl who hit the town on her rich boyfriends arm. That didn’t matter to me in the slightest. I wanted Edward. Not his money. Not what he could buy me or the places he could take me.

“Edward? I’ll be right back, I’m just going to go to the ladies’ room.” I explained as I grabbed Alice’s black, shimmering clutch.

Edward stood when I did, ever the gentlemen. “Hurry back.” He said with a smile.

I blushed, but smiled. “Always.”

Made my way there, completely unable to ignore the tap-tap-tapping of my high heels. How I was walking in these things and not tripping was a mystery to me.

I looked in the mirror and I almost didn’t recognize myself. Admittingly though, Alice had done well. I actually did look kind of… pretty. Maybe, just maybe, tonight was one of the times where I didn’t look so plain next to Edward. After all, a girl could hope.

I unnecessarily tidied my hair, and found some lip-gloss in my borrowed clutch. After briefly examining myself, I made my way back to Edward.

He stood when I approached him, and he held out his hand,

“Would you like to dance, Bella?” He asked, in an irresistible tone.

“Would I like to dance…” I trailed off, looking down at my shoes. Certainly, these would cause me to fall and catastrophe would strike. Couldn’t Edward see that?

“Oh, come on, Bella. It won’t be that bad, I promise.” Edward assured me as he took the clutch from my hand and set it on the table.

Edward led me out to the dance floor where there were other couples dancing. I recognized the song that was playing, and I supposed it was very romantic, but I had yet to find a song that was suitable enough to describe my feelings for Edward. Such feelings were difficult to put into words.

I couldn’t help but relish in the blissful feeling of Edward hold me against him as we swayed. I didn’t even think about the dancing, I didn’t have to. I just loved that he was holding me.

My arms were around his neck and my head was resting on his shoulder when I heard him chuckle quietly.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. A couple who just went past us, the woman caught sight of us dancing and was just thinking of what a beautiful couple we made, a lovely young couple.”

His smile was breathtaking. This pleased him, and he wanted this to please me, too.

“Oh,” I said, blushing, “That’s very flattering.”

We smiled at each other, and my head went back to it’s spot on Edward’s chest. He kissed the top of my head. After a little while, I heard him say,

“This is a very nice place, I could take you here for your birthday, if you’d like that.”

My eyes went wide. Why, oh, why would he ruin a moment like this by bringing up that wretched subject?

My eighteenth birthday was about a month and a half away, and I would do just about anything to prevent that day from coming. The day I would turn eighteen, Edward never being able to catch with me, frozen in his perfect, seventeen year old state. I was suddenly very sad, looking up at Edward.

“What? What is it, Bella?” His forehead creased as he went to touch my face.

“It’s just…my birthday. I wasn’t expecting you to bring it up.” I explained, trying to sound innocent.

He smiled. “Is that what’s bothering you?” I shrugged. He held me tighter, pulling me against him. “I won’t bring it up again.” He said in my ear, I being able to hear the smile in his voice.

When I didn’t say anything, he put a finger under my chin and coaxed my face up to meet his gaze.

“I love you,” He said, looking into my eyes.

“I love you, too, Edward.”

He then bent down to kiss me softly, tenderly.

The ride home was quiet, Edward holding my hand the whole way. He kissed me before I walked into my house. As I went into the bathroom, undoing my hair, taking off my jewelry and preparing to go to bed, knowing Edward would be here soon, I thought of how tonight at the restaurant wasn’t the worst I could imagine and that it was nice to have Edward holding me all night.

After being in the bathroom for only a little while, I went back into my room and there he was, Edward, now dressed in casual clothes, lying on my bed. He opened his arms for me and I gladly went into them.


“Yes, it does.” I said to Alice with a smile. There was silence for a second before she continued.

“Well, Edward is going to be here in a minute, which means he’ll be back to you very shortly. But, enjoy your presents, okay?” She asked, again excited.

I laughed. “Okay, Alice. Thanks for everything.”

“No problem. Have a good night Bella!” She said, and then the line clicked.

I smiled, thinking of all that Alice did for me. And deep down, I knew I wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would my lovable, beautiful sister.