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Just a Paul/Rachel meeting. She was a very cute drunk...

So I've been meaning to write one of these considering Paul imprinting on Rachel was the only imprinting I was happy with in BD. So here it is. Please review!

1. Anytime

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Oh yeah, we're bad ass, I thought dryly as I sorted through the pile of miniature clothes and even more miniature shoes. How, you might be wondering, did too bad ass werewolves end up in the living room playing Barbie with a two year old? It wasn't my idea, that's for sure. Quil was into these things: dolls, My Little Pony, Dora the Explorer to name a few. Me, I was just an almost innocent bystander. That and Sam made me.

It really wasn't my fault that I got mad, phased, and destroyed Quil's car. Apparently, they all thought it was though and I have been making up for it ever since. It sucked. I wasn't into kids and they weren't into me. Except for Claire. Claire loved me. She loved all of us, but thankfully she loved Quil the most. It would have been murder to be in his head if she didn't.

"Pawl I want the wed one," the small voice from my elbow said.

I looked behind me at the dark haired angel (seriously, the kid had the biggest eyes I had ever seen on a human being). "I'm looking," I said as gently as I could. I didn't pull of gentle very well, it was obvious from the way Quil glared at me from his place on the couch. He was trying to get the swim suit top over Barbie's chest. I finally found the pair of shoes and I handed them to Claire, who handed them to Quil, who put them on Barbie's tiny feet.

There was something wrong with the molds they made Barbie with. No girl looked like that and how the hell did they support themselves with that chest and those ankles? Not that I'd complain if I ran into a girl that looked like Barbie, but still. It was kind of setting an unrealistic example for little girls.

Claire squealed happily when Quil handed her the finished doll and he grinned. It was pathetic the way he did this with her. Me, I had no choice, Quil did. Sort of. Did he? I wasn't sure. Imprinting was a foreign and lame thing to me. Who wanted to be stuck with one girl forever when there were tons out there? Quil said he doesn't notice girls anymore because he knows Claire will grow up (to be a legal eighteen year old) and be everything he needs. It's freaky, perverse and just wrong.

"So you heard from Jake?" Quil asked suddenly.

I glared at him. "Why would I hear from Jake?" I snapped.

He shrugged. "Just asking."

"He's not coming back, Quil. He's pathetic and doesn't care how much any of us miss him."

It was Quil's turn to glare at me, but I ignored him. We had talked about this before and had gotten no where. As much as I wanted to fight, I was not about to endanger the baby and get Sam all over my ass again. I was sick of everyone on my ass. I wasn't a little kid who needed to be watched all the time. I was almost eighteen!

We fell silent and the only sound in the room was the sound of Claire making her dolls kiss each other. She had broken her Ken doll so one of Barbie's friends was dressed in his clothes and taking his place as a male. I was not in the mood to enjoy the accidental girl on girl action and got to my feet.

"I'm going for a walk," I muttered.

Quil didn't answer and I pulled my t-shirt off, throwing it over the chair. "See ya," I said and was out the door and sprinting down the path to the woods. I didn't phase because I was sick of hearing Jacob and his mental pity party and pathetic attempt to forget he was human.

I think I might hate him. Nah, the more I thought about it the more I realized that that was not the problem. He was my brother, they all were and because of him they were hurting. No, it was because of Her. That human bitch who weaseled her way into our life and then left us cold for the leech. The leech should die for hurting her so bad that she actually came around. Actually, this was probably the one thing I could not blame him for. No one in their right mind would expect Bella's reaction to his leaving. The bitch was crazy and the leech had all the right in the world to leave. In fact I was glad. We had some vacation for awhile and that had been fun. Then those vamps came with their little vendetta against Bella.

Stupid vampires. It was all their fault that he even had to worry about controlling his temper so much. It was their fault Bella was whack and it was their fault for making boys who had no say in the matter into werewolves. He stopped, letting his body shake a bit and taking deep breathes. He would not randomly phase any more. All the other guys could control themselves.

Once he was sure he would be okay, he set out at a steady pace again.


"And she's coming home, why?" Paul asked as he helped Sam clear out the room that used to belong to Jacob's sisters.

"She wants to make sure he father is okay."

"How'd he explain Jacob's disappearance?"

"Teenaged rebellion."

"Oh." I sneezed when a cloud of dust tickled my sensitive nose.

Emily had taken Billy to the airport, leaving us to clean up the room (another thing I had to do to pay back the whole car thing). There was a lot things in here, most belonging to Billy's dead wife. It was all going to be moved into Jacob's unused room.

"How long is she staying?"

"A week. She hates it here."

I grunted as I lifted another box. We didn't talk any more until we heard the back door open. We had just finished up and Sam was making me dust the bed (asshole).

"Can we go?" I asked. I didn't want to be around an emo bitch that was mad at her little brother for abandoning her father.

Sam nodded as Emily's voice carried down the hall. Sam's face lit up like a stupid persons and I gagged mentally. Imprinting turned you into a pathetic human/werewolf being. It was not cute, no matter what Kim said.

I followed Sam down the hall where he greeted Emily with his usual kiss to her scared cheek (had they not been in front of Billy he would have tongued her, but apparently he respects Billy to much to show him such a display. Doesn't respect any of us, I guess).

"Thank you for your help, Sam. Paul." Billy said from way down on the ground where his wheelchair left him.

"No problem," Sam said.

I snorted and he glared at me.

"Where's Rachel?" Sam asked.

Billy smiled sadly. "We dropped her at the beach. She wanted to clear her head."

Sam nodded and I wrinkled my nose. Emo.


That night I was rudely awoken by my mother handing me the phone angrily.

"Sam's looking for you," she hissed.

I snatched the phone from her and she stomped out, still mad that her sleep had been interrupted by a phone call.

"What?" I snapped.

"Rachel hasn't come back yet," Sam told me.

"And?" I hissed.

"You need to go find her."

"I think I've paid you all back for ruining Quil's car."

"Paul." There was a lot of threat in that one word.


I hung up and threw myself out of bed angry at Bella once again because if Jake had been here he would be the one out looking for his crazy sister and not me.

I decided to start on the beach where Billy had dropped her off. Keeping all senses attuned in case she was lying dead somewhere, I walked towards the cliffs.

Stupid girl, stupid Sam, stupid Jacob, stupid Bella. It was officially. I hated everyone. Not that I didn't hate everyone before, but I felt that it had been solidified now.

It was in this hating state of mind that I was not watching where I was going and I tripped over the very person I was looking for. I caught myself before I fell on her with all my weight and found myself looking into large brown eyes framed with absurdly long lashes. I was left gob smacked.

Actually, gob smacked isn't the right word, Imprinted was. I had imprinted in this short, struggling, creature beneath me and I knew I was in love. Complete, everlasting, love. Damn it! Not me!

"Get off of me," she said in a dangerous tone.

I came back to myself and quickly got off of her. "Sorry," I said quickly. "Are you Rachel Black?"

She blinked in surprise. "Um, yeah."

"They're worried about you."

She raised an eyebrow. "You're the search party, then?"

I grinned. "Yeah, um. I'm Paul Rivers."

"Rivers?" she cocked her head. "Oh, I know your sister. I like the last name," she added randomly.

You better like it, it'll be yours some day. I didn't say that disgustingly alarming thought out loud.

"We should get back," I said. "They might think I've eaten your or something." My staring must be creeping her out, but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was amazing.

She giggled. "I wish." More giggles.

I raised my eyebrow at her and sniffed. Now I smelt it. Where did she get alcohol anyway? "Rachel?"

"What?" she giggled.

"You need to go home."

"Make me!" Still more giggles.

She was such a cute drunk. As long as she didn't hurl.

I watched in fascination as she stumbled to her feet and over to me. She tripped and her hand grasped my biceps to steady herself.

Another grin broke out on her face. "I forgot how cute the boys are here." Her words slurred.

Holy fucking gosh, she's touching me!

Get a hold of yourself!

She squeezed my bicep. "Oh yes, very nice."

"We, um, really need to get you home," I managed to rasp out. My teenaged boy mind was going crazy now. I could just imagine her grasping...other muscles. I cleared my throat when she pouted. "Your dad will be worried. It's two in the morning."

"I'm still thirsty," she slurred again, bending down quite gracefully and picking up a half empty bottle. "See, I need to forget what happened here, before I can be here."

"So you're going to be constantly drunk?" I asked, trying to figure out how to get that bottle out of her grasp without much of a scene.

She seemed to seriously think about this and I took the opportunity to swipe the drink from her hands. She glared at me, before pouting again. Damn I loved those lips.

"That's mine," she told me.

"Is it?" I took a swig, knowing that it wouldn't affect me.

"Paul," she whined. "I need it."

"Do you drink often?" I asked suddenly. Wouldn't it just be my luck to have imprinted to an alcoholic?

"No," she said. "Just when I'm here."

She grabbed the bottle and tugged on it. I fought for a second, before letting her have it. She flopped down on the sand and took another swig. I sat down beside her.

"My mom died up there." She pointed. "The car went flying over the edge and landed in the sand." She took another drink and handed me the bottle. As I drank she said, "She was going to pick me up. I had ditched school that day."

"It's not your fault," I said quickly, knowing where this was going.

She laughed at that, but it wasn't the drunk silly laugh like before. "Try telling yourself that in my shoes."

She had gone from a silly drunk, to a bitter drunk and less than thirty seconds. I wasn't sure what to say to her, but everything was telling me to make her feel better.

"I'm sorry," I said finally.

She shrugged. "I know it's not my fault." Hiccup. "Excuse me. I just forget sometimes." She took the bottle from me and took another drink.

We sat in silence, trading the bottle between us. I just reveled in her company as she spat random confessions. Some deep and some...not see deep.

"I read the whole Kama Sutra for my human sexuality class. That was interesting. I always wanted to try some of those positions."

My eye twitched a bit and I pushed down the pleasant, nasty, thoughts. Best confession ever!

I tried not to look too excited when I nodded. "Huh," I said, wondering when she was going to pass out so I could take her home.

It happened after she told me how many chromosomes a human has and what happens when there is something wrong with them. I sighed in relief and picked her up.

The lights were on in the house and the door was thrown open to reveal a livid looking Jacob. I was surprised to see him, obviously, but my hands were too full to deck him.

"Where the hell have you been?" Jacob snapped.

"I could ask you the same question."

Jacob glared at me as I stepped passed him into the house.

"What took so long?" Sam asked, as Billy worriedly closed in on his wheelchair. He seemed happier, though, now that his son was back safe. Jacob was so going to get it when I wasn't carrying my woman.

Haha. My woman.

"I had to wait until she passed out. She wouldn't come quietly." I pried the bottle from her fingers and showed them.

"Did she drink all that?" Billy asked, sounding slightly awed at his daughter's drinking capacity.

"I helped." Not much. "Now where can I put her?"

"Her room," Billy said.

I nodded and headed down the hallway, Sam and Jacob close behind me. Obviously, they didn't trust me to handle a passed out woman very gently. If only they knew I'd never hurt her.

I set her down on the bed only to find she had a very tight grasp on my hair. Sam coughed a bit as I tried to disentangle her fingers.

"Don't," she slurred. "You're warm."

I stared down at her in shock as she stared back at me as bright eyed a drunk person could. Jacob walked forward, but paused when I said. "Were you even asleep?"

"No. I wanted to come back, but I didn't want to walk." She sat up. "Where did the bottle go?"

Sam had excused himself quickly at this point and it left just Jake and I to deal with his insane, wonderful, sister.

"It ran away," I said seriously, finally freeing my hair.

"Oh," she pouted. I wanted to kiss her cute drunk ass senseless, but I figured that wouldn't go over well with her brother. I grinned at the thought.

She suddenly noticed said brother and I was glad I had saved my hair. She jumped up and stalked over to him. "YOU!' She jabbed him in the chest with her finger. "You. You. You. YOU! How dare you leave dad alone. You son of a bitch!"

Jacob cringed a bit and I laughed at her choice of words.

"I come home and find you missing," she seethed. "And dad said you had been gone for weeks. Weeks, Jake!"

I cringed at the shrillness of her voice and decided that I best leave the two siblings to work this out. However hard it was to part from her. I began to sneak towards the door.

"You wait!" she said, turning. "We're going to have drunk sex so you can't leave."

Jacob choked and I nearly passed out.

"He's under age, Rach," Jacob managed, glaring at me.

I saw the perfect way to get back at him. "I'm not that under aged," I said, wrapping an arm around Rachel's shoulder.

Jacob looked livid and I pushed Rachel onto the bed and ducked in time to avoid being punched. She giggled a bit and suddenly fell back. I knew she had passed out for real this time and said, "Oh and I imprinted on her," before I ran for my life.


It was three days before I got to see a Rachel again. Jacob practically followed her everywhere and didn't let me in the house to see her. Or maybe she didn't want to see me. She had pretty much embarrassed herself the other night.

Sam finally talked (threatened) Jacob into letting me in the house. I found Rachel sitting on the couch. I grabbed a soda out of the fridge and waited for Jacob to come down. We were supposed to be going on patrols tonight.

I had just taken a drink of my soda when Rachel said, "So you imprinted on me, huh?"

I nearly spit my coke out, but I managed to swallow it. "What?" I gasped. "I thought you were asleep!"

She shrugged. "I was faking it again."

"Oh," I said lamely. Now what. Did she even know what it was? "Um, imprinting is-"

"I know what it is," she said, drinking her own soda. "I grew up with the stories, remember?"

I wasn't sure how to react to this, so I asked. "How did you know I was a...werewolf?"

"You and Jacob and Sam and all your other friends just look...different. And I heard the Cullens were in town. The coincidence is just...unreal. So obviously, I jumped to the first unreal conclusion," she added.

"Huh," I said, nodding.

"So...what are we going to do?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"I'm older than you."

"Not that much older."

"Four years," she said. "I'm twenty one. I can legally drink."

"I know," I said with a smirk.

"And I gave alcohol to a minor." She sounded outraged.

"You also wanted to have drunk sex with said minor," I pointed out.

She threw her can at me, but I caught it laughing.

"I'm going to be a high school teacher, Paul!"

"Well that's awkward," I said, after a pause. "Very awkward."

She groaned and buried her face in her hands. "Hey," I said as gently as I could and pulled her hands away. She stared up at me through those absurdly long lashes. "You could always be an elementary school teacher."

She laughed softly and sat back. "Sorry if I said anything...uncouth the other night."

"You are forgiven," I said, standing up as I heard Jacob coming out of his room. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to keep you safe from man eating vampires."

She grinned at me and stood also. Reaching on tip toes she kissed my cheek. "Thanks for listening the other night," she said softly.

"Anytime," I replied. And I meant it.