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The Sunshine Train

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!John F. Kennedy said once that the courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. A man does what he must, in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures, and that is the basis of all morality.
I couldn't agree more.
Courage was the reason I was here. Courage and love. We know Edward and Bellas story during Twilight, but what if it was different? What if Alice was the new girl, and Bella was already a vampire? Would Jaspers self-control hold out when he meets a girl whos blood smells so intoxicating to him? Mostly AxJ, all canon pairings. Thank you so much to MoonSpinner for the amazing banner!!

Read on and enjoy. Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, and i never ever ever will :(

10. Interrogations

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"For stony limits cannot hold love out,
And what love can do that dares love attempt"


I couldn't fully comprehend it. My mind – one which had survived wars, deaths, rebirths and countless murders, one which had managed to store and understand so much knowledge over the past century – couldn't get around the enigma that was Alice Brandon. She was unlike anything I'd ever met before.

She was beautiful, and clever, and kind, and understanding. She was so different everyone else at Forks High, she was completely unique. She intrigued me. She confused me. I spent countless of my sleepless nights pondering over her every little movement, every word that left her mouth. But I still couldn't understand her. She was a puzzle of the most complicated kind.

And that wasn't all. She was like me – she had a secret. Maybe not one as terrifying and ridiculous as mine was, but to her it was. She was scared and confused – and who could blame her really? Seeing her in that alleyway, lying face down on the floor, if my heart was still beating, it would have stopped.

She had no idea how close I had come to killing her just now. As she'd closed her eyes, and I'd felt her gentle pulse beneath my fingers, the venom pooling on my tongue as her scent burned the back of my throat. She had no idea how breakable she was to me, just one wrong twitch of my fingers, and I could kill her so easily.

She was like a delicate ornament of the most fragile glass, so easily crushed between my fingers – and she doesn't even know it.

I sicken myself.

I was prepared for the bombard of emotions as I pulled up in our driveway – mostly Edward and Bellas confusion, Rosalie didn't really care, and Emmett – well he was too busy watching baseball. Carlisle was mainly intrigued – I guess that Edward must have mentioned something about Alices visions, as soon as he heard about it in my thoughts – and rolled my eyes. Great, more interrogation.

But it was Carlisle I really wanted to talk to, now that I knew what was happening to Alice. I was scared for her – what if something dangerous happened in one of her visions and she got really hurt? What if I was near her and she started bleeding and I lost control?

I shook my head, trying to clear the 'what ifs' as I walked to the door, stepping inside the silent house. They could wait.

“Carlisle” I said quietly, despite the fact that he was upstairs, knowing that he heard me, “Can I talk to you?”


I stood in front of my mirror, on Tuesday morning, mulling over last night, replaying every tiny detail in my head. At first I'd been convinced it was a dream, not that I really suspected my subconscious was capable of coming up with that, but seeing the bruises round my throat, fading slightly to a deep blue with a greenish tinge, and chased all thoughts of doubt from my mind.

I was not looking forward to today. How would I hide the bruise from people? Hand shaped bruises around your throat is hardly a good look. What was I going to tell Jess and Angela today? Their curious questions would be inevitable and never-ending, and I was dreading every moment of it.

I sighed, turning into my room, and trying to distract myself with clothes – it usually worked.

I wondered downstairs, intent on finding myself some breakfast, and was surprised to see Isaac sitting at the table, reading the paper.

“Mornin' uncle”

He looked up, smiling, “Good Morning Alice. It's nice to see you happier recently”

I paused slightly, turning away from the fridge, a carton of apple juice in my hand, “What do you mean?”

“Well recently – or as much as I've seen of you recently – you've not seemed like yourself. But today...it's like you've got your old spark back”

I gave him a bright smile, and took a long gulp of juice, “I'm just happy, that's all”

“What's with the scarf?”

I felt my face twitch slightly, having forgotten about the dark red silk scarf I'd wound around my throat, hiding my bruises, “Isaac, it's nearly minus degrees out, and we live in the rainiest town in the continental US. What do you think the scarf is for?”

He chuckled, turning back to his paper, “Touché”

“Why aren't you at work?” I asked him, sitting down opposite him, with a bowl of cornflakes.

“They canceled my shift – apparently I've been overworking, and plus there were so many people working in the ER, if anything I was more a hindrance than a help – I was dead on my feet last night”

Oh, yeah I thought, He's a doctor. That must be how he knows the Cullens

I nodded, and looked out the window, smiling again when I saw the white cloudy sky – not a hint of sunshine in sight. I turned back round, and noticed Isaac raising his eyebrows at me, “What?”

“Nothing” he laughed, “Just never thought I'd see you smile at a cloudy sky”

“Things change Uncle. Nothing can get me down today!”

I took my empty bowl to the dishwasher, kissed Isaac on the cheek – leaving him looking very surprised, and danced to the front door, picking up my bag as I went, “Later Isaac” I sang behind me as I closed the door, the sound of his laughter following my down the path.

I had my hand on the door of my car, when I looked up, and saw another car parked a few feet away. A beautiful bright yellow car, with a beautiful boy leaning against it, grinning at me. I caught my breath slightly, as my heart thudded loudly in my ears.

“Do you want to ride with me today?” Jasper said, gesturing to his car. It was a question, leaving me the choice to say yes – like he wanted me to refuse him, and I nearly hated him for it. Well there was no chance of that, and I nodded, skipping towards the car, and swinging myself into the passenger seat ; he was already sitting next to me, the car growling into life as he turned the key.

We were turning the corner away from my house before he spoke, “What – no twenty questions today?”

I would have hit his arm – but it probably would have hurt me more, “You told me to ask you stuff!” I objected, as he chuckled,

“Anyway – I've asked everything I want to. I don't care about anything else.”

“You're strange – did you know that?”

“Says the vampire” I muttered, turning to look about the window.

“No...seriously. You take everything so...easily. It's strange – I'm waiting for the running and screaming”

“Sorry to disappoint”

The car was silent for a few more minutes, my heart sinking lower and lower as we neared the school; I didn't want to leave him. “Where's the rest of your family?”

“They drove with Rosalie today. They...understand. Or at least Edward and Bella do. Rosalie likes you, and Emmett likes whatever she likes. They won't be a problem”

To me, this sentence seemed a little cryptic, but I sensed that there was more to his families supposed 'acceptance' of whatever was going on between us, than he let up.

We pulled into school, parking next to a red car that I immediately recognized – not from previous experience, but from Jaspers description months ago.

“Wow” I breathed, gazing at the M3 next to us, an overwhelming sense of longing filling me.

We walked towards the school building, and I bit my lip to hide my smile - everyone was staring at us. Both Angela and Jessicas eyes looked as though they were about to bug out of their sockets. Mike, next to them, did not look happy.

We stopped next to them, “Hi Jess, Angela, Mike” I said, unable to keep the happiness out of my voice, causing Mikes scowl the darken, and he stalked away, muttering.

“Hello Jessica, Angela” Jaspers voice said politely next to me. Their eyes widened even more, and they blushed, stuttered and stammered. I smiled – Jasper did have that effect on people.

“Alice...we'll um...talk to you in Trig and Spanish yeah?”

I nodded, turning to look at Jasper, unable to tear my eyes away from his, barely registering as they left, whispering loudly, leaving us alone at the front of the school. Well, alone with most of the student population gawking on their way in.

“They're curious” he said finally, taking a step closer to me, “What are you going to tell them?”

“What do you think I should tell them?” I said, my voice a dry whisper, my heart stuttering frantically.

“Tell them...tell them that we're dating.”

“Are we dating?”

“Do you want us to be dating?” he said with a smirk.

I pressed my fingers against my head, “Do you always answer questions with more questions?”

“Only when it comes to you” His voice was even quieter, his breath blowing against my cheek. I swallowed, my mind racing, unaware of any coherent thought. I turned to my most effective – and only – back up plan – I would ramble thoughtlessly.

“Ok, I'll tell them we're dating. I mean only if you want me to – but you did suggest it first, so it's not like you can judge me for saying it. Although come on they probably won't believe that you; Jasper Hale, are wasting your time with me; new-girl Alice Brandon.”

He shook his head, stopping me mid sentence in confusion – what had I said that he was disagreeing with?

“You've obviously never seen yourself clearly, if you think you are only the new girl” He took my arm by the elbow, and led me forwards, into the warmth of the building, leading me to what I noticed was the door of my first class. My heart sank even lower than I thought was possible, and I pressed my lips together.

“I like the scarf by the way – red's a good color on you,” and with a wink, he was gone. Turning and walking down the corridor so fast, he had disappeared as soon as I blinked, like the remnants of an amazing dream.

My lessons seemed to speed by in a blur of color and incredulous stares, leading me towards the one lesson I really didn't want to be – Trigonometry. And sure enough, as soon as I set foot into the room, someone latched onto my arm.

“Tell me everything Alice! Did you meet him there on purpose, was it like a date?”

“No Jess” I sighed, rolling my eyes as I walked to our seats.

“So like - how did you and home get home so fast, I mean me and Ange had only been home for 5 minutes when I rang you – and we stayed to eat!”

“He drives faster than I do. It took us about 20 minutes to get home”

“So why was he there?”

“I don't know. I didn't know he was going to be there – seriously”

“Are you and him, like, dating now?”

I paused, arranging my books neatly on my desk to waste time. Jasper had said I should tell Jessica we were secretly dating – but knowing Jessicas knack for gossip, it would probably be all over the school by the end of the day. I didn't know how I felt about that...but, it had been Jaspers idea...

“Yes” I said simply, leaving it at that as she gawked next to me. I smiled.

She continued with her questions all through the lesson, while I packed my books bag into my bag, as we walked to the door, and as we made our way down the corridor towards the cafeteria – but I wasn't listening to her. With every step towards the crowded lunch-hall my smile was growing wider. Jessica got the hint, “You're not sitting with us today are you?”

“No...I don't think so” after all I could never be sure, he might have mysteriously disappeared again. But then, leaning against the wall – looking more like a Greek God than anyone had right to – Jasper was waiting for me. I couldn't help myself, I left Jess and bounded to his side, my smile making my cheeks hurt.



“Bye Alice, I'll talk to you later yeah?” Jessicas voice was thick with implications, and I rolled my eyes again. He laughed, and placed his hand In the crook of my elbow, swiftly negotiating a way through the crowds. It wasn't exactly hard – people were turning to stare at us left, right and center; I tried not to catch anyones eyes.

He stopped by the counter, and filled a tray with food. “You're not getting all that for me!” I objected.

He smiled, “No. Half's for me. Of course”

I raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything, and followed him through the hall to an empty table, one over from the rest of the Cullens.

I looked up at them, catching all their eyes one by one. None of them smiled at me, their expressions were more...curious, than anything. I flinched slightly, “They know that I know, don't they?” I asked as we sat down opposite each other.

“It's...hard to keep things from my family”

“Oh. Do Bella and Rose still want to...be my friends?”

He chuckled slightly, his fingers tracing invisible patterns on the surface of the table, “I think they, like me, are waiting for you to freak out, and run away screaming”

“Don't hold your breath” I muttered, reaching for an apple off the tray, and nibbling at it.

“Do you remember that I asked you to come to Seattle with me, this weekend?” I nodded, “Well...are you set on that. Or do you mind if we...change out plans slightly?”

“I'm always open to alternatives” I said, gazing round the hall, not trusting myself enough to look into his eyes, “But only if I can drive”

He raised an eyebrow slightly, but I continued before he could speak, “Where will we be going?”

“Out of the public eye. I...have a promise to live up to don't I?”

I looked at him, smiling again, “You mean the thing about the sun?”

He nodded, leaning back from me very slightly. I noticed his fingers clenching into fists, and his teeth were gritted together. My heart sank slightly, and I leaned back from the table like, him, pushing my chair a few centimeters away from him. He smiled gratefully, “I'm sorry Alice, I...thought I could handle being so close to you...a lot”

I shook my head, “It's Ok. I...understand. I –”

I was lying on a huge gray rock, next to a clear blue lake. The water was sparkling in the sun, flecks of sunlight dancing around me. I smiled, raising my hand to touch the stream of dust motes next to me, watching them spin as I stirred up the air. Everything was so much clearer – like I was seeing clearly for the first time. I caught sight of my arm in the sunlight – my skin was sparkling, like it was sprinkled with diamonds. I wriggled slightly on the rock, feeling the top layers of granite crumble into dust beneath me, barely noticing that the rock should be scraping at my skin. I closed my eyes and smiled.

I opened my eyes, my breath catching in my throat, struggling to get air into my lungs. My fingers and toes were tingling unpleasantly, my throat was dry and scratchy, my ears were ringing with an empty silence. I could feel a tear on my cheek.

“Alice? Are you Ok?”

I became gradually aware of Jasper, his hand placed on top of mine, leaning over the table towards me, concern etched over his face. The noise of the hall hit me in full force, and my ears ached from the intrusion.

I shook my head, pulling my hand from his and pressing it to my face, “I...I'm fine” I vaguely realized that that was the first time he'd seen me have proper vision. "I'm sorry you had to see that.”

“It's not your fault Alice” his voice was gentle. I looked up past him, catching Edwards eyes over his shoulder, he was staring at me in confusion, his lips moving as a blur as he spoke to the others.

“Why...why does Edward always look at me like he knows exactly what I'm thinking?” I said, to distract myself, looking down at my apple.

Jasper made a strange noise, like a cross between a snort and a laugh, “I'd hoped to...not freak you out for a while. But you seem to be taking everything so well...”

I raised my eyebrows and let him continue, “Edward can...read minds”

I choked on the bite of apple I'd just taken, not caring how un-ladylike I looked at that moment, my heart stuttering with this new addition to the information that had been piling up in my mind.

I swallowed, searching for words, “He can...read minds?”

“Well it's more, he can hear what people are thinking. He can hear what everyone is thinking at this very moment.”

“That's so...annoying!”

I was distracted by a snort of laughter, and looked up to see Emmett laughing at the Cullens table, and Edward looking slightly put out. I half smiled.

“That's not all” he continued, and I prepared myself for the worst – not sure how much more I could take, “Bella can...shield people. Edwards never been able to read her mind. And I...I can feel and manipulate emotions...”

I could see the wariness in his eyes, like he was afraid I would run away screaming. But I didn't want to, now I was pleased. I understood, “Ohh, so that's why you always seem to know what I'm feeling. Because you actually do know!”

He looked faintly shocked, but I thought the chances of me running for the hills was very slim. He seemed to agree with me, “I guess I shouldn't be surprised at any of your reactions now. You don't take things the way a normal person does”

I grinned, before a thought came to mind, “Hey...i think I had a vision of you the other day. Well I know I had a vision of you, but they're subjective...and I don't really understand what you were doing. You were in a tree, and running, and...hunting?”

His face twitched slightly, and he swallowed, “I was hoping that was something you would never have to see me do”

“Why ?”

“I...can I tell you later? I just...it's a long story”

“Fine. Later”