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The Sunshine Train

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!John F. Kennedy said once that the courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. A man does what he must, in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures, and that is the basis of all morality.
I couldn't agree more.
Courage was the reason I was here. Courage and love. We know Edward and Bellas story during Twilight, but what if it was different? What if Alice was the new girl, and Bella was already a vampire? Would Jaspers self-control hold out when he meets a girl whos blood smells so intoxicating to him? Mostly AxJ, all canon pairings. Thank you so much to MoonSpinner for the amazing banner!!

Read on and enjoy. Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, and i never ever ever will :(

21. Phone Call

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"See what a scourge is laid upon your hate,
That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love"


James was running, his eyes flickering with anger, like his prey had escaped him. His surroundings were changing with each step, one minute he was in the church, the next he was at my old school, the hall spinning around him. He took another step, and the background blended into a house I knew so well, however much I tried to pretend I didn't. He was at my fathers house. His teeth were bared in a grimacing snarl.

“NO!” I screamed, wrenching myself out of the dream, rolling over off the bed, and landing in a violent heap on the floor. I ignored the stabbing pains that were attacking me from all sides of my body, although from the vision or the fall, I couldn't tell, and listened to the silence from the other room, waiting.

I didn't have to wait long, a moment later Edward and Bella burst through the door, looks of worry on their faces, their eternal eyes staring at me in shock.

“He's...changing his mind” I gasped, clutching my hand against my ribs, my heart which seemed ready to burst from my body, “He...my fathers house...my old school...I don't know!”

They froze, chancing a look between them, silent conversation flowing between their eyes, before they turned, darting back into the other room.

I untangled myself from the blankets, and crawled after them, throwing myself up from the floor, and stumbling behind them.

I barely noticed the glowing figures of the clock, that told me it was just after 2 am. I wasn't tired anyway, I was too worried. I could feel bubbles of panic growing in my throat, and gritted my teeth together, trying to keep myself from shouting.

What did it mean, was he considering going to my fathers house? I had barely spoken to my father for months, but I didn't want to put him in any unnecessary danger. And my school, what would he find out there? Did he want information on me, maybe? Had he changed his initial plans, whatever took him to the church? Did he know the church's significance, or was it coincidence?

My head was spinning, and I collapsed into the sofa, pressing my head against my knees, closing my eyes, trying to drown out the tears.

I heard the frantic dialling of a phone, and Bellas voice as she spoke hurriedly into it.

Her words were a blur, melding together in a stream that I couldn't understand, but words stood out, hanging in the otherwise silence of the room.

“Alice...father...no! Yes, protect...Esme...meet you...drive...Ok”

She hung up, but didn't speak to me for a few long moments, whispering to Edward.

“Alice, Jasper is coming to get you.”

My head snapped up, “Jaspers coming” I breathed, unable to keep the however inappropriate joy out of my voice.

“Him, Emmett and Carlisle will take you somewhere – to protect you, hide you for a while. Rosalie is going to meet me and Edward, and we'll go to protect your father. Esme is still covering Victoria, she'll meet up with you in a few days”

I was panicking still at her words, unanswered questions still forming in my mind, but held back by one thought, which consumed my whole being.

Jasper was coming.


Was It selfish for me to be almost happy, despite everything that was happening, the terror that James was planning to hurt someone I loved, to get to me. Did it make me a bad person?

“Bella, what if someone gets hurt? You can't protect everyone forever, what's going to happen if he hurts one of you! Do you think it's only my human family that he can hurt me with?”

Without knowing what I was doing, I threw myself at her, burying my face in her shirt, tears flowing freely from my eyes. She smoothed my hair, hugging me as tightly as she dared.

Her cold arms were the closest I could get to Jasper right now, and I needed some form of comfort.

“We'll catch him Alice, we promise. For your sake, for Jaspers sake. We promise”

I nodded. I hardly believed her. How could she promise that no one would get hurt, when she had no control over what was going to happen?

I turned away from her, and turned back to my room, “I need some time.” I muttered, and she didn't answer, but neither of them followed me as I closed the door.

I curled into a ball on the bed, watching the time tick by, seconds glowing in the garish bright red of digital alarm clocks.






I calculated mentally the amount of time it had been since I'd seen Jasper, as I watched the light grow brighter through the window.

Three days, fourteen hours, thirty six minutes and twenty seven seconds.

I sighed. It seemed unbearable. Even though it was such a small amount of time, it was the longest that me and him had ever spent apart, since we'd met.

Seeing him again was the only bright spot on my horizon, all though with every passing moment the spot grew bigger, bleeding into the darkness around it, like Jasper being here would make everything else insignificant.

I didn't sleep, just lay there, rocking silently, listening to the just audible whisperings from the other side of the door, as Bella and Edward conversed.

I was just sitting up, when I heard the phone ring again, and jumped from the bed, running into the room. Bella was repacking everything that had round its way out of the bags over the past days, and Edward was standing by the window, the light just showing through the curtains, speaking rapidly on the phone.

“They're just boarding the plane” he told me, as he hung up, and joined Bella in tidying the rooms, “They'll land at midday.”

I breathed out slowly. Just a few more hours I had to go without seeing him.

“I'll go and pack...and change” I said, turning back to my room, realising that I was still dressed in Rosalies clothes from a few days ago, and my hair hadn't been washed for ages. I probably smelt disgusting.

“Ok, no rush Alice” Bella said calmly, although I could tell that it was just a false front, and she was panicking as much as I was on the inside. I definitely needed to teach her something about lying.

I jumped in the shower, not caring that the facilities here were borderline disgusting, just pleased that I was in hot water for the first time in a long time. It felt like heaven, as I massaged hotel-room shampoo into my short hair.

I was just stepping from the bathroom, into the room I'd been sleeping in, wrapped in a thick towel, and pondering as quickly as I could, what clothes I should wear, when the phone rang in the other room again, and my ears pricked up.

Bella appeared at the door, holding it out to me, “It's Esme” she said, confusion showing in her face, “She wants to talk to you.”

I took the phone from her, as she left the room, closing the door to give me some privacy, “Hello? Esme?” I said, wondering what on earth she wanted.

“Alice” Esme's voice was cracked slightly, as though she was tired. As though she was being forced to do something she really didn't want to.

“Esme, are you Ok? What's wrong?” I asked, desperately. Did she have bad news? Why was she speaking to me?

“Alice dear, don't worry yourself. I'm fine, I just – ”

She broke off, as her voice twisted into a horrific scream, echoing into my ear. I let out a gasp, and dropped to my knees on the floor.

The next voice that filled my ear was as unfamiliar as it was unexpected. It was a man's tenor voice, a very pleasant generic voice – the kind of voice you heard speaking in the background of luxury car commercials.

It was a very beautiful voice, silky and slippery. The voice of a hunter, speaking kind words to his prey, before he killed her.


“Now I really didn't want to hurt anyone other than you, but really you forced my hand Alice.”

I couldn't reply, I let out a gasp, trying to find my voice. He chuckled in my ear.

“Now, please to exactly as I say, and she will be fine.” I didn't answer, my words stuck in my throat.

“Now repeat after me, because no doubt, the others can still hear you. Say, 'thank you Esme, for thinking of me. You are like the mother I never had'”

I had a mother! I screamed in my head, but the words didn't want to leave my mouth.

“Say it!” he snarled in my ear, and I heard another scream shatter the silence. A joyous laughter rang afterwards, someone taking pleasure in hurting another creature. Victoria.

“Thank you Esme, you're like the mother I never had!” I forced out, trying to make it believable, wishing I could do something, anything to stop it.

“See, now that wasn't so hard was it?” his voice continued to be pleasant, casual, “I can see this is going to be quite easy. Easier than I thought it would be. Splendid. Now, would you laugh for me please? Just a nice little chuckle, to take the edge off your friends in the other room, wondering what is going on”

I gritted my teeth. He was going to make me laugh, laugh while he was torturing Esme. Killing her. Killing her because of me, because of what I'd done.

“Now, Alice” his voice was coaxing, almost hypnotic, “No need to wallow in guilt is there? Co-operate with me, and no one needs get hurt. Least of all the mother of your...friends”

I laughed. It sounded more like a choke, like the last cry of a dying animal. But I managed it. Just.

“Thank you Alice, you're just as smart at you look. Now, do you think you could get away from your little friends for me?”


“Oh Alice, please? You wouldn't want anyone to suffer because of your refusals would you?”

“No” I forced out.

“Good. Now i'm going to ask again. Do you think you could get away from your little friends?”

I had to do it. Before we left. There was a cab ranch outside, I'd seen it when we arrived. I just needed a few seconds of time, a moment when they were looking the other way, and I could run. Jump in a cab, and they wouldn't know where I was, I would be away before they would follow. They wouldn't follow me in the sunlight would they?

No. They wouldn't.

It would work.

“Yes” I whispered.

“That's better, thank you. You must be alone though – if I get the slightest hint that you have any company – that anyone has followed you. Well then dear Esme here will have to pay the price. Now, once you've got away from them I would like for you to meet me in a special place, could you do that for me?”


“I'd like you to meet me in a church, you know which church I mean don't you? The church that your mother used to take you too?”

“Yes” my voice was barely more than a whisper, grating against my throat.

“Excellent. Now, please say goodbye for me. Say thank you as well, lay it on thick.”

“Thank you Esme, Goodbye”

“Goodbye Alice, I'll be seeing you soon!” His voice sang into my ear, ringing with unmistakable glee, and before he hung up, I heard Victoria's voice joining his, laughing together. The dialling tone purred loudly in my ear, but I couldn't unbend my fingers. I couldn't unclench the stone grip they had around the plastic.

I knew Bella and Edward were in the other room, wondering, and I mentally thanked anyone who was listening, that Jasper had told Bella to shield my mind. If Edward could hear my thoughts right now, everything would be ruined.

Slowly, slowly my thoughts were pushing past that brick wall of pain. To plan. For I had no other choices now, no last resorts. Nothing. I had to go to the church, and I had to die. There were no guarantees, nothing to give that would keep Esme alive. I just had to wish, had to hope that for James and Victoria, winning the game, beating Jasper would be enough.

There was nothing I could do, no way to bargain, nothing I could withhold that would influence them. I might have no choice, but I knew what to do. I had to try. For Jasper.

I pushed my emotions back as well as I could, trying to accept the death that was creeping up on me, the fate that they had all tried so hard to prevent.

I crossed to the door, sticking my head out. They were piling the bags, talking quietly by the door, waiting for me.

“I'm just getting dressed” I said, not paying attention to what I was saying, my thoughts drifting from my words, “I won't be long.”

“Ok, Alice” They were suspicious, but didn't ask what Esme had wanted, for which I was thankful, and I backed away before they could question me further.

I threw on some clothes, taking more care than I should have done in choosing an outfit, but to me it mattered. If there was going to be a showdown, I would be well dressed. You wouldn't catch me being killed in a mismatching outfit.

I chose jeans, dark blue ones, and a red shirt. With matching red heels. The same outfit I'd worn that day, long ago, that Jasper had spent questioning me. I smiled slightly, remembering that day, pulling myself back into the memory as I brushed my nearly dry hair.

I knelt down, ignoring the voices from outside, and pulled a piece of hotel stationary towards me, pulling the cap off a pen with my mouth.


I'm sorry, I really am. But him and Victoria have Esme, and I had to do something. I couldn't just sit back and watch you lose your mother, no one deserves to go through that. Trust me.

I love you Jasper, I really do, and I don't want you to hold it against Edward and Bella if I manage to get away from then. It'll be a miracle if I do. It's not their fault, and it's not yours either. I don't want you to feel guilty. I chose to do this.

Please don't go after them, whatever happens. I couldn't deal with that – knowing that one of you got hurt because of me.

I'm so sorry for all this, for everything that's happened to your family because of me, and I hope you don't hate me for it. I truly am sorry.

I love you Jasper, and I will whatever happens.


I sealed it inside an envelope, kissing the seal gently as I did so, and signing his name quickly on the front. I opened the door, hiding the envelope behind my back as I stepped into the room.

“Alice, I'm going to check out, and Bella will be putting bags in the car. We'll be about 5 minutes, stay here Ok?” I nodded, smiling, reverting back to my memories of that day with Jasper.

They left and I barely noticed. I seized my bag, and a handful of money from my room, dropped the letter on the table, where they would see it, and I ran.


I met Edward at the check in desk, having just finished putting the bags back in the car, as he gave our room keys back to the woman behind the counter, dazzling her to helplessness with a simple smile.

I smiled slightly at him, most of the worry that had been hanging over my head for the past few days disappearing, as I slipped my hand in his, and we made our way back up to the room, walking fast for human standards.

It had gone almost smoothly; Alice would be out of here in a few hours, away with Jasper. Safe. And then we could take care of James.

We were almost by the corridor our room was on, when two things happened.

One; I caught the faintest snatch of Alice's scent, disappearing around the corner away from the room, away from the entrance to the hotel. The only thing round there was a fire escape, what was she doing?

Two; Edward's phone rang, buzzing in his pocket. He answered it before the end of the first ring, “Carlisle” he said, and I could hear Carlisle's voice buzzing in response, as I let go of Edward's hand, and followed Alice's scent around the corner.

He spoke for less than a minute, but when I turned back to face him, his expression was that of despair and anger.

“Edward? What happened?”

“Esme” he said tersely, “She's disappeared. They think... they think that Victoria kidnapped her, that she's taken her to James.”

“When?” I asked, my voice barely audible.

“This morning. Before she rang Alice.”