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The Sunshine Train

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!John F. Kennedy said once that the courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. A man does what he must, in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures, and that is the basis of all morality.
I couldn't agree more.
Courage was the reason I was here. Courage and love. We know Edward and Bellas story during Twilight, but what if it was different? What if Alice was the new girl, and Bella was already a vampire? Would Jaspers self-control hold out when he meets a girl whos blood smells so intoxicating to him? Mostly AxJ, all canon pairings. Thank you so much to MoonSpinner for the amazing banner!!

Read on and enjoy. Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, and i never ever ever will :(

3. Phenomenon

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"Tempt not a desperate man"


I drifted through my last lessons of the day, playing my lunchtime conversation with the Cullens over and over again in my head; stressing over every tiny word I'd said, embarrassment growing as I realized how ridiculous I must have sounded, trying to make conversation with 5 beautiful people, so way out of my league.


“Alice” she smiled at me, her beautiful face lighting up brightly, “Would you like to join us?” I was lost for words. I'm never lost for words. Words are all I have to fall back on. My mind buzzed with questions – should I sit with them, would it be rude to refuse? Should I just smile and leave? Would Jasper speak to me? - I grimaced internally, and gave up, blocking the questions out, and sitting down next to Jasper, in the only available seat on their table. I saw Emmetts smirk grew as he looked at Jaspers face next to me. He was the epitome of pissed off. “So Alice” Bella continued, seemingly determined to make me feel more comfortable, despite the attitude of her siblings“Why did you move to Forks?”

I opened my mouth, not sure of what to say. Should I answer her truthfully? They all – Edward especially – had that look, like they'd know if I was lying. I threw caution to the wind, and decided to tell the complete truth. After all, what could really go wrong, how could this situation get any worse?

“Well...my mother...she died last August. And I knew that looking at me everyday was hard for my dad...I look just like her” I broke off, “Why am I telling them this?”I thought frantically, but my mouth seemed unwilling to stop talking, “ And...it grew harder for him to look after me as he...crawled inside a Vodka bottle. So...I moved out here, to live with my uncle...to make it easier for everyone”

“But now you're unhappy.” Bella said, her clear eyes piercing my face. I didn't have an answer for that. Could she read me so easily? “I didn't say that” I said, sounding snippier than I meant to, “I like Isaac, he's the only one in my family I got on with apart from my mother. I've never had a big family, you're lucky that way.”

“How are you liking Forks High so far?” she said, and I was grateful for the change of subject – I still didn't like going into detail about my mother. “It's...different” I began cautiously, wondering how I could phrase this without them thinking I was some stuck up girl from a big city, “I'm used to crowds – my old school had more people than this whole town! I miss the crowds. And the shops -” I stopped, pressing my lips together. Dammit. Now they were going to think I was superficial and only cared about appearances. I'd been so determined to let these people see me for who I really was.

But my outburst had seemed to attract Rosalies attention, and she lent forwards, meeting my gaze for the first time. Bella was smiling knowingly. “I couldn't help but notice your shoes” Rosalie began, appreciation evident in her voice, “Manolos?”

“The very same” I said with a smile, glancing at my precious Manolo Blahniks, “The new spring range. I raided the shops before I moved here. Forks has no mall!”

She smiled for the first time, and the faintest glimmer of hope sparked in my brain; maybe me and this beautiful girl could bond over something. “You can say that again!” she said, “Tell you what, me and Bella have to hit Port Angeles tomorrow, how about you join us?”

I could tell from the looks of her siblings faces, that this was unusual, even unheard of, for Rosalie to reach out to a new girl. Even Jaspers expressionless mask broke for a second, and he let a flicker of surprise show.

“Erm...sure. I'd love to...”

[end flashback.]

“Miss? MISS?” a desperate voice was ringing in my ears, but I barely noticed it until - “MISS BRANDON!”

“Yes!” I said sharply, turning round and facing the secretary, who was looking exasperated. The bell had rung 7 minutes ago, and I was desperate to go home. “Your Uncle left you a message, He had an emergency, and needed to borrow your car. He said you'd be able to get a lift home with a friend?”

“I opened my mouth, shocked, registering faintly in the back of my mind that I had told Isaac I had made plenty of friends at Forks High – failing to mention that none of them were close enough to give me a lift home. I nodded faintly to the secretary, still slightly dazed with the fact that I was left at school alone. Of course I could walk home, but I was wearing 3 ½ inch heels, and it would take me over half an hour.

I stumbled out the front doors, standing on the grass at the front of the school, sinking slowly onto a damp bench, watching car after car drive away, the drivers sitting on comfortable seats, with warm air con, and loud music. I don't know how long I sat there, watching the cars diminish until the lot was empty. Empty apart from one car. I squinted at it, but it wasn't one I recognized, I would definitely have remembered it otherwise. It was a beautiful bright yellow Porsche 911, shining slightly in the dull light. I realized my mouth was open, and quickly shut it, hoping no one in the empty lot saw me gaping.

I became suddenly aware of someone behind me, and started, jerking away from the seat and springing up. It was Jasper, looking just as strained, but – if it was possible – even more delicious than usual. He had forsaken his blazer, his top two buttons were undone and his tie was loosened, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of smooth white chest. His hair was in even more disarray, like he'd run his fingers through it. I wondered what he was still doing here, the Cullens Jeep had long since left.

“I had detention” he said, as though he knew what I was thinking, “Rosalie dropped my car off for me,” and he gestured to the Porsche. My mouth dropped open again. “That's YOURS?!” I didn't wait for a response, but dropped my bag and ran to it, not daring to touch the sparkling surface, not wanting to even blink in case it disappeared. I heard a faint chuckle, and looked up. Jasper was standing on the other side, holding my bag in one hand, a crooked smile on his face. I'd never seen him look so...relaxed.

i didn't think it was possible. But here he was, smiling away and...climbing in the car, placing my bag on the passenger seat, before opening the passenger door from the inside. I lent down, and stuck my head in the door, “What are you doing?” I said incredulously, thrown off by his sudden pleasant behavior.

“Need a lift?” he said, the corners of his mouth quirking upwards, “I figured you were still here 'caus you couldn't get home, especially when I noticed the height of your heels and the disappearance of your car.”

“Erm...yes please.” I said, jumping the seat, and slamming my door before he changed his mind.

The car started to beautifully I nearly died, my trembling fingers caressing the leather seats gently. “You're almost as bad as Rosalie” he said, watching me, despite the fact that he was turning a corner into a busy road, “She's obsessed with cars. I swear if she didn't already have her M3, she'd be all over this”

“Rosalie has an M3?” I asked, the longing evident in my voice.

“Yep. A red one. She doesn't bring it to school though. Emmett usually drives us. Anyway, I figured after the look on your face this morning that your pink Beetle was good enough for you”

“Oh it is. Just. Wow”

I'd noticed that his hands were gripping the steering wheel just a fraction to tightly, and his jaw was locked in a familiar way. His eyes were suddenly focused on nothing but the road, all hint of a smile gone from his face. I searched quickly for another subject, something meaningless to talk about, but he suddenly cut in, in a sharp voice, “What did you mean, what you said at lunch today? Something about having a big family, and us being lucky?”

“Well you are!” I said vehemently, “I've never had brothers or sisters. I barely even had a father. And then there's you with your huge family...”

“You have no idea what you're talking about” he said, the words filled with venom, but it didn't scare me. If anything it made me slightly angry.

“Don't talk to me like I'm a child, I know what I'm talking about! You've always had people around you, you're never been alone! You don't know what it's like to sit in your room, knowing you're completely alone in the world. That if you disappeared no one would miss you. You've never had to question your families love for you, always knowing that they'll be there for you. You've never had to feel the disappointment of being let down again, because your father 'couldn't face the world outside'!”

He didn't reply, and we spent the rest of the journey in a stony, stubborn silence.

I awoke early on Saturday, jerking awake with a gasp, wrenching myself from a vivid dream. I held my head in my hands, trying to recapture it, to remember what it was about. But it slipped through my grasp like water, falling away until all I could recall was one word. Quileute. I had no idea what it meant, but it rang a bell from somewhere.

And then I remembered what I was doing today, and let out a big smile. Today was shopping.

On a good day, a day I actually wanted to look half way presentable, it would take me a good 45 minutes to do hair and make up, and another 30 to chose an outfit. I hadn't bothered recently with school, but today I would be out, in the real world, with two people that were so beautiful it made me want to cry. I had a good three hours until they would be picking me up, but I was still wrestling with what top to wear when the bell rang.

I ran down the stairs in a black high-waisted skirt and a black bra, desperate for any advice on what to wear, and threw open the door, bending to pick up the mail as I did so, not looking at who it was, “Thank GOD you guys are here, I have absolutely nothing to wear. My room looks like a place clothes go to die, and I'm desperate!

I heard a faint choking noise, and looked up from the envelope I was examining, wondering why Bella or Rose was making that noise. The face in front of me was not Bella, or Rose.

It was Jasper. His eyes wide as he took in my half dressed appearance, his mouth open, his hands balled into fists, a strange noise coming from the back of his throat. I let out a gasp, and dropped the mail on the floor, at a complete loss of what to do.

“Jasper! I'm sorry I thought you were Bella and Rose. What...what are you DOING here?!” I half shouted, trying to distract myself, if not him, from my topless appearance.

“I'm so sorry!” He choked, his eyes snapping shut, taking a few steps backwards away from me, “You left your jacket in my car, and I wanted to return it, so you didn't...get cold...” he faltered off, gritting his teeth, a vein throbbing in his neck. He held out his hand, holding my jacket, and as soon as I snatched it, he ran. Turning and fleeing for his car, speeding down the road before I'd managed to let out the breath I was unaware I was holding. I slammed the front door closed, and sunk to the floor, burning with embarrassment, my head in my hands.

I didn't move until I heard a jaunty knock behind me. I raised myself up onto my knees, my face still flushed, and pulled the door open a fraction, peering through the crack.

“Alice? Why are you on the floor? Half naked?” Bella said, looking amused. I let out a moan of despair, and dropped to the floor again, pulling the door open and laying on my back in the hall, my face covered by my hands. “Alice?” that was Rose,”Alice are you Ok? What's wrong?”

I mumbled something into my hands, so quietly I couldn't even hear it. “Beg pardon?” said Bella.

“Your brother saw me naked!” I half screamed at the ceiling, “Yes. Jasper saw me half naked. Happy?!”

I was met by a cacophony of angelic laughter, and looked up to see them rolling on the floor in laughter. “It's not funny! Freakin' Jasper saw me naked! As If he didn't hate me enough, he looked freakin' disgusted by the sight of me!”

“Alice honey he wasn't disgusted. It's just funny” said Bella soothingly, taking my arm and pulling me up, “Come on, lets find you a top”

Three hours later, I had very nearly forgotten that Jasper Hale had seen me without a top, and had lot myself in the world of Christian Louboutins, and Versace handbags. My mother had left me a huge amount of money, and Isaac had given me a huge amount of spending money, as a sorry for leaving me alone for nearly a whole week. Shopping with Rose and Bella was a completely new experience for me. Not only was Rosalie just like me, but Bella was completely different, and in dire need of some fashion help. We spent most of the morning in and out of dressing rooms, Rose and Bella sweet-talking the male shop assistants into helping us find new sizes, to save us the effort of having to leave and find them.

Not once did either of them mention lunch, but I didn't mind; the clothes had filled my appetite enough, and I doubted any food could make me feel quite as full as I did now.

It was only when we were heading to the nearest shoe store, when Rose mentioned that 'the boys' – as she called them – would be picking us up soon, did the morning come flashing back to me.

“No Rose!” I moaned, my face flushing, “I can't face Jasper! Not today! It's bad enough we fought yesterday, and I don't think he ever liked me to begin with, but I made such a fool of myself this morning! Maybe if I had an amazing body like either of you, I wouldn't have felt so foolish, but I look like such a child without a top on, he literally backed away from me!”

“Alice, Jasper has no reason to hate you. Believe me, he's my brother. I know him”

I rolled my eyes. There was no reasoning with either of them. We stepped back into the warmth of the shops, me rubbing my arms from the biting wind outside as I peered out the windows. Something white was falling from the sky, and I groaned loudly, “Snow” Freakin' snow! As if this day couldn't get any worse!”

My ranting was met by silence, and I turned to see Bella being half restrained by Rose, as the poor shop assistant attempted to get some gorgeous Manolos on her feet. “Rose...Rose NO! I don't want shoes!” she was crying desperately, “Let me go!”

“You're getting the shoes Bella Cullen!”

I rolled my eyes, and walked to the back of the store, towards a very promising display of cowboy boots. An overly friendly assistant bounced towards me, his eyes shining, “Can I help you with anything Miss?” He said, his happiness already getting on my nerves. He had the certain air of a devoted puppy – the sort that would follow you around for days, and constantly pee on the carpet. I turned my back on him, and picked up some black boots, assaulted by a sudden mental image of Jasper wearing them.

A high pitched noise broke through me revere, and I looked up to see the shop room slightly hazy. I frowned, what was going on, and what was that god awful noise? I saw Rose and Bella across the store, they had both frozen and turned to look at me, their eyes boring into mine. I opened my mouth to saw something, but was cut off, as something cannonballed into me. Hard.

I was thrown to the floor, a whole shelf of shoes raining down on my head, each hit making my head spin even more. I looked down blearily, and saw the overly friendly assistant on top of me. He was unconscious, and blood was seeping from his head, dripping onto the floor. I tried to push his body off of me, but it was a dead weight, and with every movement I made, my muscles screamed in agony.

I caught a glimpse of a flickering light, and started slightly. Fire. The store was on fire, and I was trapped here. I looked wildly around for Bella and Rose, my movements sluggish and lethargic, my eyes going bleary and the smoke burned them. There was no one there. I was alone and forgotten.

A movement in my peripheral vision caught my eye, and as my head rolled back, darkness creeping in at the edges of my vision, I caught sight of a flash of blond, and something icy cold caught my head before it hit the ground.

I was confused. More than confused. I was confused and bewildered, and dazed, perturbed, addled, flummoxed, flustered, muddled and very very taken aback. I couldn't make any sense of the world around me. Even when I opened my eyes, I was met with bright blindingly white lights, and blurry shapes and silhouettes, which I eventually gathered were people. My ears were being assaulted with a mixture of noises, none of which I could easily discern.

I became gradually aware of someone holding my hand. Someone with icy cold fingers, and smooth skin. A smooth voice was whispering in my ear, and I recognized the Southern accent, but was having a hard time placing it, before the darkness crept through my vision again.


Seeing Alice Brandon half dressed was not how I'd intended to start off my day. Thats not saying it wasn't a very pleasant surprise for about thirty seconds as she opened the door, the teenage boy inside of me silently rejoicing, before he was barreled down by the bloodthirsty monster, focusing on the blue veins, filled with sweet, intoxicating blood, that ran the length of her pale neck. On the smooth white skin, that begged for someone to bite at it.

For I moment I couldn't move, even vampire reflexes failed me as I watched her; slowly bending down to pick up the mail, examining the top envelope, mistaking me for Rose and Bella as she spoke. I opened my mouth to speak, trying to control the venom in my throat, trying desperately not to launch myself at her; although whether to drain her or kiss her senseless, I couldn't quite decide. I might be a vampire, but I'm still a man.

I nearly threw her jacket at her, and ran for the car, not trusting myself enough to look behind me. If I had to look into her violet eyes one more time, I wasn't sure what I would do. It didn't help that her smell still lingered in my car from yesterday, each breath I took burning its way down my throat. What had this girl done to me? If it had been anyone else I would have killed them, and not felt bad about it. Or I would have stayed away, when I left. Gone to live in Denali with Tanya, and her family. But something about Alice Brandon drew me back to her. She was completely different to me, she was nothing I looked for in a girl, and everything that I avoided, but something about her drew me like, like opposite ends of a magnet.

I gritted my teeth as I drove away from her, still feeling her shock as she'd registered who it was at the door. I hoped to God that Rosalie wouldn't need me, Emmett or Edward to ferry them around today. But as usual, God had forsaken the lives of the undead, rendering my day filled with what was likely to be hell

“Jasper!” Rosalies voice screeched at me, as soon as I opened my car door, and I braced myself for her attack, “Where HAVE you been! We were supposed to leave 10 minutes ago to get Alice! Now be late, and won't have time to go to -” I phased out, looking over her head at Emmett, who was rolling his eyes at me. I resisted the urge to grin, but couldn't quite stop my lips from twitching slightly.

“Oh you did NOT just laugh at me Jasper Whitlock! Emmett I can see you! Stop It! That's it, you're all picking us up, and dropping us In Port Angeles today. And we're going to make you carry the bags! Emmett, get in the car and start driving before I kick you so hard that you -”

“Ok! Rose I get it! No laughing, dropping you off now, carrying bags! Jasper your car smells like New Girl.” he directed at me, as he swung himself into the front seat, followed by Rosalie, flipping her hair angrily over her shoulder, and barging past me. I growled slightly at Emmett, who raised an eyebrow and turned to the house, “If those two don't get their asses down her right now, I'm leaving without them!”

As if on cue, Bella and Edward sauntered from the house, smiling innocently. It would have been effective if Bellas hair wasn't very rumpled and her shirt creased. They were also excelling great feelings of lust. I shuddered, and Edward pulled a face at me. Bella jumped into the car, blowing Edward a kiss, and rolling her eyes at Emmett and Rosalie, who were still bickering in the front seat. I watched them drive away, wondering why on earth they were taking my car, before Edward pulled on my shirt, tugging me towards the trees. “Come on mate. Hunting yeah?” I nodded the affirmative, and threw myself into the trees, following the incredibly appetizing scent of elk.

My phone rang shrilly next to my ear, and I seized it, perhaps an eighth of a second later, holding up to my ear. “What do you want Rosalie?”

“Such love, brother.” her voice sounded tinny in my ear, through the speaker, but it hadn't lost it's annoying edge, “We want you to pick us up soon. 6 straight hours of shopping is wearing the poor girl out” I pictured Alice, her tiny form weighed down by heavy bags, struggling to keep up with Bella and Rosalie, and I smiled slightly. But what Rosalie said next wiped the smile right off my face, “So I heard you had a run in with our girl this morning” I could practically hear the smugness in her voice. Our girl? I thought, since when has Alice been Rosalies girl?

“Yes.” I said shortly, glaring at the wall opposite me, “I'd rather not talk about it”

“Oh get off your high horse and give the poor girl a break Whitlock. She likes you right, and so far you've refrained from killing her. So far so good if you ask me.”

“Well no one is asking you, Hale” I snarled, “Since when have you been all up form Vampire/Human relationships? As I recall it, the last time we had one of them, you weren't nearly so forthcoming!” I heard her shrug, “I'm resigned to the fact that after the Edward and Bella fiasco, anything could happen to our family.”

I was shocked at this revelation from Rosalie, it was as far as she could go to accept anything that might happen between me and Alice. She was almost...”Rosalie Hale, are you giving me your blessing?” I said, the humor evident in my voice as I felt just how uncomfortable this was making her.

“Yes Jasper. I suppose I am”

My conversation with Rosalie had left me with an oddly buoyant feeling, something I'd never felt before. Of course I still couldn't be near Alice for too long without wanting to kill her. But I suddenly felt a lot happier about the whole situation. I was nearly whistling as I drove to Port Angeles, trying to make the most of my good mood, before I saw Alice. I hoped it would last, hoping that my recent revelation would overcome any lust I had for her blood, hopefully long enough for me to have a halfway decent conversation with her. One that didn't end in angry silences, or awkward situations. Edward, next to me in the passenger seat, rolled his eyes, “Enough!” he half shouted. “Stop with the overly happy thoughts! Its nearly sickening!”

“Yeah, and the overwhelming waves of lust you and Bella send each other, EVERY FREAKIN' MINUTE are just sunshine and daisies to me!” That got him, and I grinned to myself. Nothing could spoil my mood today.

Or so I thought. Edward grabbed my arm suddenly, his face turning stony, anger and worry pouring off him in waves, “Edward, what is it?!” I asked desperately.

“There's a fire at the Mall. In the shop Bella, Rose and Alice are in. I can't -” he broke off, his brow furrowing as he searched for the voices of our siblings, “Someone bled, and Rosalie lost control. Bella had to pull her out of there before she attacked...”

“What about Alice?” I asked, my voice shaking. His silence was enough of an answer.

I leaped from the car, racing the last few feet as fast as I could, running towards the smell of fire and smoke, that was filling my nose. People were running everywhere, no one payed any attention to me as I sped past them. Hysteria was piling on me from all directions, causing my fear and desperation to grow. Nothing could happen to Alice. Not now. I wouldn't let it.

I caught the faintest hint of her scent in the air, and turned my head, sniffing desperately. “Jasper!” Bella appeared, seizing my arm, and pointing in the direction of a smoke filled store, the starting point of the fire I was guessing.

I ran towards it, the thick smoke not effecting me as I ran through the broken glass doors, the heat of the fire growing with every step I took. I could smell her strongly now, her scent nearly over powered by that of smoke, but it was there. I could hear her heart beating, hear her ragged uneven breathing, and I followed it to the back of the shop., the fire dancing near to my heels, but I didn't feel it.

I smelled her long before I saw her, she was half buried under a pile of shoes, and a shop assistant. His hands on her made me angry, but I held it down, keeping myself in as much control as I could. I praised every God I could think of that she wasn't bleeding. I didn't think my self-control was quite that strong enough yet. I could smell blood that wasn't hers, salty and heavenly. But with Alice next to it, everything else smelt unappetizing to me, and I ignored it. Her head rolled back, and she lost consciousness, I cradled her head quickly, kneeling at her side, and wrenched the assistant off her, seriously considering leaving him to die, but Alice let out a faint moan, distracting me from my sudden urge to kill.

I put my arms under her, lifting her as carefully as I could. It was easier than I expected to be this close to her. Her smell was overwhelming, but I didn't lose control, I didn't even have the urge to kill her. I was solely focused on saving her.

She weighed barely anything, even by human standards, and I carried her easily through the doors to the shop, listening as the sound of glass breaking echoed behind me. The shop wouldn't be standing long. Edward, theres a guy inside, save him I thought frantically, not wanting to break my concentration. I barely noticed a man running to me, attempting to take her from my arms. I didn't notice the flashing lights of an ambulance, the shouting of paramedics. And then I heard Carlisle. His voice reached me over all the others, it cut to my soul, as though he knew exactly what to say to make me stop. And he did.

“Son. Let her go, she needs to go to hospital.”

“No” I whispered, unwilling to let go of her tiny body, focusing instead of her faint heartbeat, “I don't want to”

“You can go with her son. She needs attention, I need to save her”

Save her the words echoed in my head, and I nodded slightly, letting my father take her from my arms, keeping hold of her fingers, feeling her pulse.

She was laid onto a stretcher, and levered carefully into the back of an ambulance. I sat next to her, ignoring the moans of the other wounded, the frantic emotions of the people around me, not even noticing the paramedics and the doctors. I focused on her breathing, her tiny body moving up and down with every breath she took, stroking her fingers between mine. I leaned down to her ear and whispered, “Hold on darlin'”


It was the clinical smell I noticed first. The clean, plastic feeling of the air. Disinfectant and IV fluids. That's what I could smell, and I wondered why on earth the mall smelt like a hospital. I opened my eyes, and found myself on my back, staring at a white tiled ceiling. I sat up, a rush of dizziness hitting me, but I didn't care, didn't want to sit down until I had answers. I felt suddenly very angry at the cold hands I felt, pushing me back to the bed, but felt powerless to resist them. I stared angrily at the person pushing me, and my eyes met two very amused golden brown ones. “Jasper” I breathed, “Jasper, why are you here?”

He quirked an eyebrow, “I think the question you're lookin' for darlin' is why are YOU here.”

I tried again, “Why am I here?”

“You were shopping with Bella and Rosalie remember? There was a fire...” he trailed off, and it all came back to me. I groaned, and laid back on the bed.”Are they Ok? Are they hurt? Why aren't they in the hospital too?”

“You were unconscious. They ran tests but your fine, I think a doctor will be coming to check up on you soon. You can probably go home soon”

As if he'd heard him, a man strode through the door. I didn't need to look at the name tag reading Dr Carlisle Cullen to see the slight resemblance between them; the golden eyes, blond hair and beautiful face. He could only be a Cullen.

“Nice to see you're awake Miss Brandon” he smiled at me, taking a light from his pocket, and shining it into my eyes, “Alice” I muttered, my eyes falling on Jasper, who had retreated to the corner. “Ok.. Alice” he said pleasantly, and I could tell he was easy to like, “You suffered trauma to the head, but we've done X-Rays, and there doesn't appear to be any lasting damage. I would like to take some blood from you, to run tests. But after that you are free to go”

“Thank you” I muttered, my eyes still on Jaspers. He was staring at me intently, his eyes boring holes in my face. As his father mentioned the word blood, Jasper flinched slightly, and made his way to the door. I opened my mouth to ask him where he was going, but with one last look at me, he had disappeared.

I must have looked upset, because Dr Cullen chuckled at me, “Don't feel bad Alice. Jasper is very...sensitive to blood. I'm sure you can think him later”

“Thank you Dr Cullen” I muttered, flinching slightly as he pressed the point of a needle into my arm, “Carlisle, please” He said, as my blood slowly filled the syringe, “I've heard you're friends with my daughters, and you've clearly made an effect on Jasper, so lets not bother with formalities”

I smiled and thanked him again, when he was done taking blood. He told me that I was free to go, and I left the room, wondering slightly how to get out of the hospital. I rarely hurt myself, so hospitals were an unknown territory for me, but I stopped when I heard two familiar voices arguing,

“Jasper, that was a big risk! You could have exposed us all!”

“Maybe if you hadn't lost control, Rosalie I wouldn't have had to save her anyway. Maybe if you had been stronger

“Don't talk to me about strength Jasper Whitlock!” Rosalie spat back, but I stopped listening. Whitlock? I thought, Jaspers name was Hale. Not Whitlock...

I stuck my head round the corridor, and saw them, Rosalie, Jasper and Bella standing there, Bella attempting to keep the peace between both, with an hand on either ones shoulders. Jasper turned to me, his face angry, and marched from his sisters without a backward glance. He seized my arm in his icy hands, “Come on” he hissed, “I told my father I'd drive you home”

Our drive home was silent, and we'd turned into my drive before I dared speak. “I...thank you. For...saving me”

“You're welcome” he said stiffly, turning to look at me. I pressed my lips together, unsure of what to say, and saw his eyes flicker to them, and back. His eyes softened slightly, “I'll see you on Monday Alice Brandon” he said, turning back to glaring at the steering wheel.

That was the first night I dreamed of Jasper Hale.