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The Sunshine Train

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!John F. Kennedy said once that the courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. A man does what he must, in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures, and that is the basis of all morality.
I couldn't agree more.
Courage was the reason I was here. Courage and love. We know Edward and Bellas story during Twilight, but what if it was different? What if Alice was the new girl, and Bella was already a vampire? Would Jaspers self-control hold out when he meets a girl whos blood smells so intoxicating to him? Mostly AxJ, all canon pairings. Thank you so much to MoonSpinner for the amazing banner!!

Read on and enjoy. Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, and i never ever ever will :(

8. Port Angeles

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"Alack, there lies more peril in thine eye
Than twenty of their swords"


I missed her. That was unexpected to say the least. I missed her while I was hunting, I missed as I stared from my window into the dark empty night, watching the moonlight bounce off the tops of trees. I missed her as I sat at home, strumming my guitar, cursing the sun and every beam of light it created. And I missed her now, sitting in my car, watching dusk gather on Port Angeles, listening to the rough voice of Amanda Palmer as it issued from my speakers.

Runs in the family

we tend to bruise easily

mad in the blood, I'm telling you

'cause I just want you to know me -

know me and my family

we're wonderful folks, but don't get to close to me

I snorted. I'd never agreed with these lyrics before, but they suddenly seemed fitting. No matter how loud I turned it up, I couldn't rid my mind of its swirling, insatiable thoughts.

I knew it was only a matter of time until Alice found out something about my family – something which would inevitably lead to two conclusions, one which I couldn't even face. I hated myself for that.

I hated myself for the fact that I would rather let Alice know...everything about us, effectively betraying everything my family worked so hard for, just because I couldn't stay away from her. I was putting her in danger by even knowing her, every tiny second she spent with me was one second closer to the moment I would lose control. Didn't I care for her enough to keep her safe?

I couldn't even go there.

The sky had darkened quickly, the sky turning an elegant purple, the last remnants of sun dipping behind the horizon. I got out of the car, swallowing nervously as the scent of human washed over me. Even after hunting, even after smelling the banquet that was Alices blood, I hated myself for being even slightly tempted by the smell that was filling my nostrils now. The smell of blood that paled in comparison to how hers smelled. I gritted my teeth, and put my head down, walking swiftly towards the guitar shop, cursing myself for not being stronger. Cursing my guitar strings for daring to break, resulting in my taking this completely pointless trip.

I'd just stopped by the door, my hand on the glass. Glass which would have felt freezing to a human hand, which felt warm to me; but I didn't even notice. I'd caught a scent in the breeze as I took a rare breathe of fresh air. It was hers; and it was fresh, only a few minutes old. What was she doing in Port Angeles I wondered faintly, closing my eyes, trying to drive the smell from my mind. It didn't burn as much as it had done – I'd grown used to it recently. But after 3 days without smelling it...it was like that first day all over again.

I clenched my hands into fists, and turned down the road, away from the shop, following the scent. I barely trusted myself to breath it in, but I was curious. I trailed her scent down the road, lingering outside a bookshop, where it strengthened. I turned away, swallowing a mouthful of venom, and made to go back to my car, when I caught sight of her spiky black head of hair. It was bobbing down the road, ahead of a group of people, so I barely noticed her at first. But there she was – just as lovely as always. I watched her, dancing down the road, a bag swinging on her back, watched her as she paused between two tall buildings, before slipping inbetween them. I frowned, confused, what was she doing? that was a dead end. I wondered if she knew.

I followed in her footsteps, taking a quick breath as her scent strengthened, turning silently down the alleyway after her. What I saw nearly stopped my heart all over again.


Jessica picked me up, 30 minutes after I got home, which left me plenty of time to write Isaac a note – should he come home – and change. By the time she arrived, I was nearly buzzing. I hadn’t been shopping since the fire, and I was desperate to feel like myself again. I bounced up and down on my seat as she sped out of Forks, Angela in the seat next to me, rolling her eyes.

Jessica drove fast – not as fast as me, but still fast – and we made it to Port Angeles by 2. It was nearly empty, just a handful of cars in the parking lot as we got out, and made our way towards the shops. I averted my eyes from the empty, burnt out shell that had once been a huge shoe shop, and focused my attention on the dresses,

I never thought I would find shopping boring – it was something that was new to me, - but when I was just giving advice, for dresses I would never see again, for an event I was blissfully avoiding, it was mind-numbingly tedious. I sat outside the dressing rooms for nearly an hour, making generic comments about colors and hemlines – neither of them noticed the sarcasm that was threatening to leak into my voice as I commented on a – lets face it - disgusting, tiny lavender silk ensemble that Jessica had squeezed into.

I lent against the window, looking down the high street, and caught sight of a bookshop. I hadn’t read anything for a while, but I remembered a book Jacob had mentioned yesterday, while I was still reeling from his stories. Something about Quileute legends, and cold-ones.

“Guys…I’m going to head to the bookshop down the road, can I meet up with you when you’re done? Ring me okay, and we’ll meet at the coffee place”

I barely heard their comments, as I swung my bag over my shoulder, and left the shop, glad to be out of the stifling warmth and into the cool breeze. The walk to the book shop was short, but I was glad to be out, to let my mind wander around something that didn't involve Jasper Hale.

The door jingled as I opened it, stepping inside. It was warm and comforting, nearly empty, but filled with that quiet peace that you only find in funeral homes and libraries. I smiled, and made my way to the counter. The woman behind it looked up, smiling and nodding as I asked her if she could help me.

I left a few minutes later, the book I had wanted in my bag, but I could feel it resting against my back, burning through my clothes as a constant reminder of what it contained. I checked my phone, reading a text from Jessica; Gone 2 coffee place. Meet us ther k?

I frowned, remembering how much I hated text speak, and typed a quick answer. The sky was darkening slightly, the last remnants of sunshine fading behind the oncoming clouds. I crossed the road, and turned down an alleyway, hoping this was the right way to the coffee shop they'd pointed out earlier. The tall buildings either side of me cast dark shadows on the ground, and I shuddered slightly. I took one more step, and was thrown to the ground, by an invisible force, gasping for breath.

I was walking down the alleyway I was in, the shadows darkening with every step I took, soft drops of rain landing on my face, as I hurried into the darkness. I could hear voices, but wasn't sure what direction they came from, and sped up even more, my head down, not daring to look around me from fear of what I would see.

I was grabbed by the throat, and held against a wall. There was something cool pressing into my stomach, they sharp point cutting through my clothes, pushing into my skin. I couldn't see anything in front of me, just feel the putrid breath of the man holding me on my cheek. “Don't move.” The voice was rough, and filled with evil and anger. Overwhelming me to the point of near hyperventilation. I choked as I tried desperately to keep silent.

The sounds of whimpering filled my ears, but they weren't coming from me. I could see a woman over the mans shoulder, her dress up around her thighs, her cheeks damp with tears. She was being held down by two more men, a third advancing towards her, something glinting in his hand

His face twisted into an evil leer, as he pulled back his arm, the knife in his fist shiningin the light. His arm rammed forwards, the point of the knife heading for the womans stomach, as she shrieked in fear and -

“Alice! Answer answer me!”

My face was pressed hard into the cold ground, my mouth open, tasting the granite under me.

Hands were shaking me gently, desperately. Someone was hovering over me, I could feel them; turning me over, holding me in their arms. They were very cold.

My eyes snapped open, immediately meeting a pair of golden ones, hovering above me.

“Alice! What are you doing!”

“Taking a nice comfortable nap on the pavement Jasper Hale. Why, never tried it?”

I couldn't help the sarcasm, I was still shaken, barely noticing what I was saying. My voice was cracked and rough, and it was painful to even swallow. The pain from my throat and stomach hadn't faded, and I could still feel his hands on my throat, his knife against my stomach. I coughed, trying to get air into my screaming lungs, tears running down my face.

Jasper pulled me up, holding me in his arms, supporting my body as my legs gave way beneath me. I became vaguely aware of my phone buzzing in my pocket, but ignored it. I lifted my face to the sky, feeling hot, needing some sort of release. A tiny drop of rain landed next to my mouth, followed quickly by another, and another.

I started, darting from Jaspers arms, turning to face him, my movements frantic and jittery. “Jas-Jasper, you have to...to save her. Please!”I stuttered, trying to convey my thoughts to him without breathing, my lungs screaming in agony. He frowned in confusion, and I pointed down the alley, into the growing darkness.

His eyebrows knitted together, and he darted away from me, not asking any questions, somehow sensing my desperation. He disappeared into the darkness, and I collapsed against the wall, my legs unable to hold myself up anymore. I sank to the floor, shaking uncontrollably, not attempting to stem the flow of tears anymore, and rested my head on my arms. What was happening to me?

It was silent for a long time, I couldn't hear anything beyond my ragged breathing. I strained my ears, unable to bear the silence pressing in on me, longing for any noise to break it. I don't know how long I sat there, counting my breaths to pass the time, shivering as the cold night air bit at my bare arms. I didn't even realize that Jasper was in front of me, until I felt his hands fasten round the tops of my arms, and pull me up gently.

I looked up into his golden eyes, biting my lip to stop it quivering. I could feel my cheeks flushing slightly, the haziness passing to be replaced with embarrassment. I couldn't believe I'd done that – I'd sent him down the alley, chasing a nightmare. He'd seen my at my weakest, the part of me I never showed to anyone, the one thing about myself I actually hated. What was he still doing here, gazing into my eyes like he knew exactly how I felt.

“Alice” I didn't want to look at him anymore, but I couldn't bring myself to look away.

“Alice, are you okay?”

I couldn't think what to say. How did I answer that? I was lots of things – shaken, confused, embarrassed, angry, upset and absolutely terrified. But I definitely wasn't Ok. I opened my mouth to tell him so, but even I was shocked by what I said next.

“I know what you are”

My voice was a harsh whisper, scratching my throat. His eyes tightened slightly, for a moment, confirming my worst fears. But then they widened in shock, as his gaze fell upon my throat. “Alice, what happened?”

He spun me round, so I was facing the shop window behind me, my reflection almost clear in the bleary glass, wondering for a moment if vampires were supposed to have reflections, and smoothed my hair back from my neck so I could see them.

Bruises, around my throat, in the shape of two huge hands. Like someone had grabbed me by the neck, and pinned me against the wall. I swallowed, not trusting my mouth enough to open in. I shook his arms off me, and pulled up my top slightly, revealing ym stomach, my arms shaking. Just above my belly button was another bruise, this one a dark purple, with a deep red 'V' shape in the middle. Like someone had pressed a knife into me.

I turned to face him, afraid of what I would see in his eyes, willing him to speak first.

“I think we need to talk”