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New Dawn

It is about 50 years after Breaking Dawn. Everything remains the same with the Cullen family, except I’ve added one new character to it. His name is Damien. Brief back story: He was made into a vampire in 1824 when he was 18. He joined the Cullen family after Esme did. The story explores the relationship between a 17-year-old girl named Mabel and Damien. We realize, almost from the start, that Damien isn't the only one with a secret. The pace progresses rather happily at first, but gets a bit dicey in later chapters. Reviews and criticism are very welcome and appreciated, thank you!

I’d like to apologize in advance for any mistakes in this story. If I get anything wrong, do let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it. Cheers. (And obviously, I do not own copyright to the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer does. I just decided to write this fan fiction for the fun of it. I have the core of the story in my head – everything else, I’m just making up as I go along.)

10. Chapter 10 - Winter Concert

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The Winter Concert when I would make my debut as solo violinist was less than two weeks away. And I was as nervous as hell. As a musician, I had to do the occasional performance or exam. It was just my luck that I had a bad case of performance anxiety.

It didn’t help that Kitty was still mad that Mr. Miller had given the solo part to me. Her snide comments and poisonous glares were getting worse every day.

One day, Mr. Miller had had enough of her cattiness and demoted her from her position as principal violinist and gave it to Beth, who was a second desk first violinist. I was glad with his decision. Not only was Beth an excellent player, she was a sweet girl and tried to encourage me as well as shield me from Kitty. She would make a good leader for the orchestra.

Alice tried to make me feel better by telling me that I would perform brilliantly at the concert. But I was too worked up to listen to her. My nerves were making me more and more paranoid.

Damien was driving me to his place from orchestra rehearsal when he told me that he had a surprise for me. I was curious to know what it was, but he wouldn’t tell me until we reached our destination.

Once there, he brought me up to one of the grand pianos and handed me a score. I looked at it and then back at him in disbelief.

“You learnt the orchestral part of Mendelssohn’s E minor Violin Concerto for me?” I whispered, deeply touched.

“Yes,” he smiled, accepting my kiss. “Would you like to give it a try?”

“Let’s do it.” I snapped open my violin case.

I played better than I had ever played before. Faced with so much proof of Damien’s love and support, I couldn’t help but believe that maybe I was as good as people said I was.

Not long after we started, I realized that I had gained an audience. The rest of the Cullen family had come in silently to watch our performance. I almost faltered but knew that they wanted me to succeed just as much, and got back my momentum.

As I bowed the last note of the piece, I felt like I was crossing the finish line of a race. Everyone erupted into cheers and clapping. My heart felt like it was beating right out of my chest. I shrieked with laughter as I hugged Damien fiercely.

“I love you,” I told him, not caring that everyone in the room could hear me.

“I love you back,” he stared into my eyes intensely. And I thought that maybe his love for me could rival mine for him.

As Alice had predicted, the concert was a big success. I was thrilled at that fact, but was so grateful to the people who had helped me. And I knew that I would not have done as well without Damien.

I was glad when the concert was over and things went back to normal. Uncle Garrett and Aunt Brandy had almost stopped telling me everyday how proud they were of me.

One evening, I was doing my homework in my room and went down to get a glass of water when I heard voices in the living room. My godparents were having a quiet but intense conversation on the phone with their son in Seattle. I stopped to listen.

“Mark, we would love to accept your gift, but we can’t leave Mabel alone,” Aunt Brandy pleaded to her eldest child.

“Mom, we’ve already purchased the tickets for your and Dad’s anniversary. Think about it – six months travelling around Europe! Mabel can come live with us,” Mark said in a convincing tone on speakerphone.

“She has school, son. We can’t disrupt her studies,” Uncle Garrett countered.

Mark’s only response was a disappointed sigh.

“We’ll talk about this again later,” Aunt Brandy said soothingly. “It’s almost time for dinner.”

I bit my lip as I listened them saying goodbye. I walked into the room. “Uncle Garrett, Aunt Brady – you should go on that trip.”

My godparents were surprised to see me.

“Oh Mabel,” Aunt Brandy shook her head in mild disapproval. “You shouldn’t eavesdrop on conversations. It isn’t polite.”

“I’m sorry, Aunt Brandy,” I apologized. “But it isn’t fair for you to sacrifice your anniversary gift your children bought for you and Uncle Garrett because of me.”

“But we can’t just leave you behind. What sort of legal guardians would we be?” Aunt Brandy worried.

“I could go stay with the Cullen family,” I suggested tentatively.

“That certainly is an idea, Bran,” Uncle Garrett said hopefully.

“I don’t know... Especially with Mabel...”

“Dr. Cullen and his wife Esme will be take care of me,” I said in a rush. “I’ll be in good hands.”

Aunt Brandy looked at me consideringly. I knew that she really wanted to go, but fretted about my well-being.

“Very well,” she said at last. “Let’s give Dr. Cullen a call.” She picked up the phone.

I couldn’t believe my good luck. It was a win-win situation all round.

Carlisle was obviously more than happy to take me in. He allayed Aunt Brandy’s fears and assured her and Uncle Garrett that he would treat me like I was one of his own children.

Six months in a house full of vampires and one shapeshifter. I grinned slowly. This was going to be interesting...