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New Dawn

It is about 50 years after Breaking Dawn. Everything remains the same with the Cullen family, except I’ve added one new character to it. His name is Damien. Brief back story: He was made into a vampire in 1824 when he was 18. He joined the Cullen family after Esme did. The story explores the relationship between a 17-year-old girl named Mabel and Damien. We realize, almost from the start, that Damien isn't the only one with a secret. The pace progresses rather happily at first, but gets a bit dicey in later chapters. Reviews and criticism are very welcome and appreciated, thank you!

I’d like to apologize in advance for any mistakes in this story. If I get anything wrong, do let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it. Cheers. (And obviously, I do not own copyright to the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer does. I just decided to write this fan fiction for the fun of it. I have the core of the story in my head – everything else, I’m just making up as I go along.)

13. Chapter 13 - Othello

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Things at the Cullen residence went back to normal. Well, not quite. Now that everyone knew that I knew their secret, they didn’t have to continue their pretense at being humans any longer in front of me.

I felt so relieved now that Damien knew about me. I didn’t have to hide any part of myself from him anymore. At the same time, I felt a strange sense of disquietment. What was the reason for it? Everything was finally perfect. Or almost perfect.

The word ‘cancer’ was never mentioned again. It was like the metaphoric pink elephant in a tutu pirouetting around the room under an ominous dark cloud.

Nothing else had changed. Life went on. School remained the same. Kids were still worried about zits and the opposite sex.

The day had come when my English Literature class had to present our respective Othello scenes.

The other three groups had come up with some interesting interpretations of the play. One made a mockery of high school, depicting Othello as the popular jock and Desdemona as a bashful but sweet nerd.

There was even a Dungeons and Dragons representation. The third group, to my amusement, turned the characters of Shakespeare’s into vampires and werewolves.

My group had really come up to scratch. Wendy, who was in fact painfully shy, really blossomed. I figured that she had found her calling in life; she turned out to be a great actress.

Ken, a football player, eventually got into the spirit of things and actually made a pretty convincing Cassio. Landon was having the time of his life as Iago. He managed to bring depth to the complexity of the character.

Damien was an outstanding Othello. Man, could that guy act! He was so convincing, he made it easy for me to become Desdemona.

Doing the last act, my group decided to portray it as how it was meant to be originally. Damien and I exploited Alice’s willingness and talent to come up with our period costumes. Although, it wasn’t really exploitation when she demanded to be given that responsibility.

We were in the middle of the scene where Othello was about to accuse Desdemona of the crime of adultery with his lieutenant, Cassio.

Have you pray’d tonight, Desdemona?” Damien paced across the floor.

Ay, my lord,” I said from my position on the teacher’s desk.

If you bethink yourself of any crime. Unreconciled as yet to heaven and grace, Solicit for it straight.” He stalked towards me with a thunderous expression.

Alas, my lord, what do you mean by that?” I asked with confusion and the beginnings of fear.

The class watched, rapt, as Othello smothered Desdemona with a pillow. They were captivated as Emilia revealed the truth and crimes of her husband, Iago. They gasped as Othello stabbed himself in grief and remorse. And they applauded and cheered when Iago was escorted away after he was sentenced to be executed.

“Well,” Miss Dana said, clasping her hands together. “I must say that I’m very pleased with all of your work. Well done!”

The class cheered together. It really had been a fun experience.

“Don’t celebrate too much yet. Remember, your essays are due next week,” she reminded us as the bell pealed.

“Good job, guys!” I grinned at Wendy, Ken and Landon as I shouldered my backpack.

“Yeah, we didn’t do so badly, did we?” Landon punched Ken lightly in the shoulder.

“And Wendy, you were fantastic! Just make sure you don’t forget us when you win an Emmy one day, okay?” I squeezed Wendy’s arm.

She blushed and beamed. “Thanks, May. I had so much fun with you guys.” She looked at Damien and turned redder. “And how about that English accent? You had all the girls practically swooning at your feet!”

“Yeah, I think even Miss Dana wet her pants, if you know what I mean,” Ken elbowed Landon with a snicker, but subsided when he caught Damien’s eye.

“Okay!” I said brightly, before there could be an awkward silence. “Let’s go have lunch.” I led the way out of the classroom.

I sat alone with Damien at lunch today. Something was bothering him, and I didn’t know what. What I did notice, though, was that he always seemed like this after a rehearsal for the play.

“Damien, talk to me,” I implored, trying to capture his gaze. “What’s wrong? And don’t tell me it’s nothing again. I know you’re upset about something and I think I deserve a right to know what it is.”

A full minute passed before he said anything.

“Acting as Othello pretending to strangle you was hard for me,” he said in a voice so low, I had to strain to hear him even though I sat just across from him.

“Why?” I whispered back.

He finally looked at me and I was struck by the sorrow in his eyes. “Mabel, I could never hurt you. No matter what. And I would kill anyone who tried,” he growled. “Watching you struggle and then act dead was hell for me, even though I knew it wasn’t real. I could never lose you.”

I gripped both his hands in mine, staring fiercely into his eyes.

“You never will,” I vowed. “I will always belong to you. No matter what,” I echoed his earlier words.