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New Dawn

It is about 50 years after Breaking Dawn. Everything remains the same with the Cullen family, except I’ve added one new character to it. His name is Damien. Brief back story: He was made into a vampire in 1824 when he was 18. He joined the Cullen family after Esme did. The story explores the relationship between a 17-year-old girl named Mabel and Damien. We realize, almost from the start, that Damien isn't the only one with a secret. The pace progresses rather happily at first, but gets a bit dicey in later chapters. Reviews and criticism are very welcome and appreciated, thank you!

I’d like to apologize in advance for any mistakes in this story. If I get anything wrong, do let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it. Cheers. (And obviously, I do not own copyright to the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer does. I just decided to write this fan fiction for the fun of it. I have the core of the story in my head – everything else, I’m just making up as I go along.)

7. Chapter 7 - The Cullen Residence

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I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Damien?!” I gasped as he picked me up and cradled me in his arms.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt?” he asked urgently as he ran his fingers across my body.

“Yes. No.” I babbled, almost sobbing with relief now. I grabbed onto him as tightly as I could and buried my face in his shoulder.

Once he was satisfied that I wasn’t fatally harmed, he tried to soothe me. “It’s okay, I’m here now. You’re safe.” He rocked me back and forth.

I nodded, forcing my tears back where they belonged. There was no reason to cry. I was with Damien now.

Then I noticed that we weren’t alone. Edward and Emmett approached us from where Damien came from.

“I told you she wasn’t in any danger,” Edward said to Damien.

Emmett folded his arms and grinned at me.

“What about that thing that was charging towards me?” I suddenly remembered. “It scared the bear away.”

“BEAR?” Damien and Emmett roared simultaneously.

“Was it a grizzly? Which way did it go?” Emmett sniffed the air eagerly and made as if to follow the bear’s trail.

“No! You leave Balloo alone, Emmett Cullen,” I glowered at him. I didn’t know why I was shouting so adamantly. It wasn’t like the bear had anything to be afraid of Emmett. There was just a glitter in his eyes that made me uneasy for my new friend.

“Balloo?” Emmett cocked an eyebrow.

I blushed. “Yeah, I sort of named him,” I mumbled.

“The bear didn’t attack you?” Damien asked warily.

“No,” I answered. A frowned as I tried to make sense of what had happened. “It was actually very friendly. It even wanted to play.”

Edward gave a short laugh. “Even animals can’t resist your charm,” he teased.

I turned even redder, if that was possible.

“You know what?” Edward said. “It was probably the bear that had escaped from the circus earlier today.”

“A bear escaped from the circus?” I said incredulously. “Just my luck. And I was afraid all for nothing!” I groaned.

Damien helped me up. I noticed that it was now almost fully dark.

“How are we going to find our way out of here?” I bit my lip with anxiety.

“Not to worry.” Damien shifted next to me. “You’re talking to the nature freaks, remember?”

I was rather doubtful of their ability to even get out of this one. But I kept quiet.

Damien wanted to carry me, but I stubbornly refused even though my whole body was aching and my knee hurt like crazy.

It was so dark now that I couldn’t see where I was walking, and was constantly stumbling. Damien had to keep holding me up and I could tell that I was slowing the boys down a lot.

Finally, we decided that Edward and Emmett should go on ahead and let everyone know that I was alright.

After tripping over for what seemed to be the hundredth time, Damien managed to convince me to let him piggyback me the rest of the way home.

Twenty minutes later, Damien showed no sign of tiring. I, on the other hand, was exhausted, and I just enjoyed the feeling of wrapping my arms and legs around him.

Then, I saw a light up ahead.

“Your place?” I nuzzled his neck.

“It’s closer.” He grinned and planted a kiss on my lips.

Five minutes later, after Dr. Cullen had cleaned and bandaged my scratches – he told me to call him Carlisle – I was sitting at the dining table with all the Cullens looking curiously at me.

I was introduced to Carlisle’s wife, Esme and two more of their foster children, Nessie and Jacob. Nessie told me that they got homeschooled by Esme.

“You poor dear!” Esme exclaimed, placing a cup of hot chocolate in front of me. “Getting lost in the forest for almost two hours. Were you scared?”

“A bit, yeah,” I said with a nervous smile. I took a gulp of the cocoa to have something to do, and promptly choked.

“Oh, are you alright?” Esme flitted to my side.

“I’m fine,” I waved as I coughed. The drink tasted as though she had emptied an entire jar of sugar into it. Where was a discreet potted plant when you needed one?

Somebody save me! I thought desperately.

I could see Edward’s lips twitching as he leaned towards Jacob.

I was puckering up my lips to take another sip when Jacob abruptly emitted a sudden bray of laughter. I looked around in confusion as laughter and giggles erupted around me. Even Rosalie cracked a smile.

Damien gently took the mug from my hands. “Maybe it’s time for me to take you home.”

I looked from Esme’s chagrined expression to him with suspicion.

“Aw, but I was hoping to see the rest of your house,” I said without thinking and winced inwardly. A few of my brain cells must have died when I fell down that hill.

“I’ll give you a tour myself the next time you come over,” Alice smiled.

I looked at Damien pointedly.

“I’ll bring you back here after school tomorrow,” he promised.

I got up grudgingly. “Thank you, Carlisle and Esme, so much for your hospitality. I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome,” Esme smiled warmly. “I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.”

Me too, I smiled to myself.

I now spent most of my days over at the Cullens’, much to Rosalie’s disgruntlement. Esme was especially welcoming. She loved mothering.

I discovered a kindred spirit in Nessie and we grew close. I was both glad and grateful for our friendship.

School was going as well as could be expected. At the moment, Damien and I were having our English Literature class. Othello was really growing on me. Then again, that might be attributed to Miss Dana. She was one of those rare teachers that actually liked what she taught.

“Some of you may have heard about the project I like to give to my junior and senior classes,” she said, leaning back against her desk.

“I am going to divide you into four groups. Each group will be given certain scenes in a certain act, which will have to be acted out in front of the class.”

She was replied with a chorus of groans from most of the class. I had to admit, I wasn’t too crazy about this project either.

“Moan all you want,” she smiled. “This assignment counts for sixty percent of your grade. Okay, here’s the fun part. You may interpret the scenes in any way you choose. A team of lawyers, underwater creatures, wood nymphs and fairies in a magical forest – whatever. Go crazy.

“You will be marked on the quality of your play, so this is a team effort, people. For your individual assessment, each of you will need to write a thousand-word essay about the character you portray in your act.

“The play is due the second last week of school before the Christmas break, and the essay the week after that. Any submissions after the holidays will not be accepted unless you have proof of extenuating circumstances.

“You probably won’t have enough people in your group for all the characters. I’ll fill in for any that are unable to be covered. Now let’s find out who your team members will be.” She walked up to Sean, the troublemaker of the class and held out her hand. “Mr. Manser, may I borrow your cap, please.”

He smirked and gave it to her. “Anything for you, Miss Dana.”

“Thank you.” She dropped a number of slips of paper into it and walked around the class, letting each student pick one.

“The team members you get are the ones you will be stuck with for the duration of this project. No swapping or switching groups, so make it work.” She came to stand before me.

I reached into the cap and pulled out a piece of paper. I unfolded and read it. Scenes one and two of act five.

“What did you get?” I asked Damien curiously.

“Act five,” he grinned and showed me his slip of paper.

“Excellent!” I crowed, giving him a high-five.

“Find your group members and start collaborating. You have fifteen minutes,” Miss Dana said when she had finished circling the classroom.

There were three other people in our group: Wendy, Ken and Landon.

“So, who wants to be which character?” I asked, looking around the group. Wendy and Ken were avoiding eye contact. In contrast, Landon was leaning forward in his seat.

“I always wanted to play the bad guy,” he said enthusiastically.

“Awesome. Iago it is.” I jotted in my notebook. “Anyone else?”

No one said anything.

“Wendy. Would you like to be Desdemona?” I asked, hoping to draw a response from her.

She looked at me abruptly. “No!” she cried in horror. “I guess I could be… Emilia,” she said uncertainly.

“That’s good,” I said encouragingly. “Emilia’s good.”

“What about you, Ken?” Landon nudged him.

“I dunno,” he replied, uninterested. “Who’s a good one to be?”

“Cassio’s interesting,” I volunteered.

Ken shrugged. “Fine. I’ll be him.”

“I guess that leaves you and Damien as Desdemona and Othello,” Landon said to me, laughing.

Oh, crud. “I guess so,” I muttered.

Just then, the bell rang, signaling the end of class. Everyone got up immediately to gather their things and head out of class.

“Just remember to do your best,” Miss Dana called over the noise. “Who knows, you may actually enjoy it!”