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New Dawn

It is about 50 years after Breaking Dawn. Everything remains the same with the Cullen family, except I’ve added one new character to it. His name is Damien. Brief back story: He was made into a vampire in 1824 when he was 18. He joined the Cullen family after Esme did. The story explores the relationship between a 17-year-old girl named Mabel and Damien. We realize, almost from the start, that Damien isn't the only one with a secret. The pace progresses rather happily at first, but gets a bit dicey in later chapters. Reviews and criticism are very welcome and appreciated, thank you!

I’d like to apologize in advance for any mistakes in this story. If I get anything wrong, do let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it. Cheers. (And obviously, I do not own copyright to the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer does. I just decided to write this fan fiction for the fun of it. I have the core of the story in my head – everything else, I’m just making up as I go along.)

8. Chapter 8 - Edward

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It was the middle of October now. I was walking through the forest again. This time, I kept close to the house; I had learnt my lesson.

Damien thought that I was having a violin lesson. Otherwise, he would have been with me right now.

I just needed some time alone to think. I had tried to ignore reality for so long, I didn’t want to face it now.

I kicked at the leaves on the ground as I pondered on my life.

“Hey, May. What’s going on?”

I gave a start. It was Edward. Strange. I didn’t hear him walk up.

“Nothing much.” I smiled at him. “What are you doing here?” I suddenly realized that I was parched.

“Just hiking,” he said, gesturing to his backpack. He took out a water bottle. “Want a drink?”

“Yeah.” I accepted the bottle with surprise. “Thanks.”

I swear, I thought as I took a swig of water. Sometimes I think this boy can read my mind.

I narrowed my eyes at him jokingly. Now do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around.

“I’d rather not, thanks, if it’s all the same to you,” Edward said politely.

My jaw dropped. My grip slackened, and the water bottle dropped to the ground, unheeded.

You can hear what I’m thinking?

He nodded, unsmiling. He watched me carefully.

How? Wait. Why was I thinking when I could speak? “How?” I demanded.

“It’s an extra ability that I have,” he said, moving his shoulders gracefully.

“An extra ability,” I repeated slowly. “Does that mean… You have others?”

Again, he nodded.

There was silence as I processed the information. I suddenly noticed that it was unnaturally quiet. There was no sound of birds calling to each other or the cricket’s song. Even the trees were silent as though a secret was being revealed.

“I always knew there was something otherworldly about your family,” I whispered. Details, moments spent with the Cullens raced through my mind.

Edward still stared at me, unmoving.

“Are you…” I swallowed. If I was wrong, this could be beyond humiliating. But if I was right…

“Are you… vampires?” I held my breath.

“Yes,” he answered gravely.

I exhaled with a whoosh. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I was almost giddy with excitement at the knowledge.

“HA!” I pointed my finger at him triumphantly. “I knew it!”

And then something occurred to me. “You’re not going to eat me, are you?” I took a step back doubtfully.

“No,” Edward’s lips twitched with laughter. “You’re not my type.”

“Okay. Good,” I said, relieved. “I have so many questions. How did you become a vampire? Do you drink human blood? What…?”

Edward held up his hand. “Hold on there, May. I would answer your questions now, but there isn’t time. Damien will be arriving at your house soon.”

I glanced at my watch. Shoot.

“Tonight,” I decided. “I’ll meet you back here tonight and we’ll talk. But don’t tell anyone. I don’t want them to know that I know.” I looked at him hopefully.

“Alright,” he answered. “You better head back now. It’s getting dark.”

I looked up at the sky. He was right. I hated shorter days.

“What ti–,” I turned back to ask him what time we should meet. But no one was there.

That evening, I pretended that I was absolutely exhausted. I told Damien that there was no use for him to be there. I was just going to turn in early. But could he come back early the next day?

I could tell that he was confused at my behavior. But he agreed.

After dinner, I snuck out waited impatiently for Edward. What was taking him so long? I paced across the ground.


I squeaked with fright and fell onto my butt. “Don’t ever do that to me again, you idiot!”

Edward grinned at me, unrepentant.

I rolled my eyes and patted the patch of earth next to me. “Sit. Tell me everything!”

He complied.

Edward explained to me how they all came to be vampires. He told me how they called themselves vegetarians, that they survived on the blood of animals and not humans.

He revealed how Nessie was actually his and Bella’s daughter and that Jacob was a shapeshifter that changed into a wolf. I discovered Alice’s ability of seeing the future and Jasper’s empath powers and Bella’s talent as a ‘shield.’ Edward told me so many things that I never thought could be possible.

“Does Damien have a power?” I asked, intrigued.

“Yes. He can move objects with his mind.”

Cool.” I was impressed.

We sat in companionable silence as we watched the stars winking down at us.

“That’s how I found you today,” Edward said. “Alice told me where you were.”

I plucked at a blade of grass. “Why tell me now? You could have let me go on believing that you were humans. I probably would have remained oblivious.”

Edward chuckled. “You were already on your way to guessing. I just decided to speed up the process a little.”

A sudden thought occurred to me and my breath hitched. “Why?”

“Mabel,” he said seriously. “I know.”

My heart pounded in my chest. My trembling hands pulled up clumps of dirt. “How? Did Dr. Cullen tell you?”

Edward was shaking his head even before I said anything. “I can read minds, remember? And Alice can see the future.”

“What did she see?” I whispered fearfully.

He looked at me tenderly. “Do you really want to know?”

For some reason, that calmed me. “I guess not.”

The wind whistled through the trees. And it seemed like I could feel the bite of cold inside my bones.

“Could you, Carlisle and Alice keep my secret a little longer?” I asked tremulously. “I just want things to remain as they are.”

“If you wish,” he said. I felt like he really understood my silly request and didn’t think it was unreasonably absurd.

“When were you born, anyway?” I tried to figure out his origins. “Sometimes you sound positively archaic.”

He laughed. “I was born in 1901. Carlisle turned me in 1918 when I was seventeen and dying of the Spanish influenza.”

“Wow.” I didn’t know what to think. “Did it hurt?”

His mouth quirked. “Like you wouldn’t believe.”

I grimaced. I wasn’t too crazy about pain.

“What about Damien? When did he become a vampire?” I asked eagerly.

“That’s his story to tell.” He smiled at my pout. “You should head back now. It will be dawn soon.” He stood and held his hand out to me

I realized with surprise that we had been talking for hours. I took his hand and he pulled me up.

“Thanks for the talk,” I said as I brushed myself off. “It felt really good to talk to someone who knows… about me.”

“You’re welcome,” he answered. “But you should tell him. Secrets can only hurt.”

I nodded at his advice and turned to walk back home. Tomorrow was a brand new day.