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Life for the Cullens has never been more complicated. With a strange kill reported the day of Jacob and Nessie's wedding, something strange is definetly happening in Forks. The question is, what? And what is it to do with Alice?


11. Drawings

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The trees were a blur as I ran. There was one thought running through my brain. Not them! They will not die defending me! Well, I wouldn’t mind Rosalie. And possibly Edward. But no one else! I was going to run in away from the house, around the main areas of forks. My scent was mainly human, a bit perfume like, with a hint of animal thrown in. I wanted them to find it and to take me away, without hurting them. I ran for five minutes and realized I was in a different forest, one that surrounded a small house. I sniffed, it smelt like decay, and emptiness, and dust. I sneezed. Nobody had been in this foreboding place for years. I padded up the stairs. There was one bedroom. It was painted a faded pink and the walls were decorated with little kid’s drawings. There was a bed with a faded pink duvet and a moth-eaten teddy sitting on the pillow. A flash as a vision of the past came into my head.

“This is where you are going to stay. You can go into the garden but don’t go any further. Will you do that for me?” the tall man. He was talking to a little girl, curled up under the duvet.

“Yes, Felix”

“Good girl. Now you stay here, I’ll be back soon” his eyes were black as coal. Thirsty. He patted the girl’s head and left. She got a piece of paper and began drawing.

I was back in the house. I sniffed around the room. Under her pillow was a diary but I didn’t read it. There was a locket on the cabinet. A picture of the little girl. I looked at the pictures; they were all the same. Her dad, her and her mum. No, they weren’t all the same. There was the occasional change. The mum had red eyes. The dad had fangs. The ones closest to the bed (I presumed were the ones she had done last) were completely different. The dad was a wolf, sprawled on the ground. The mum looked vicious and there was the man, Felix. She had recreated her last human moments. But where was she? Had she joined the Volturi? Or been killed? There was no clue. Maybe Felix had got sick of her and had ripped her apart. Whatever, she wasn’t here. I decided to stay here, out of harms way. I climbed onto the bed and lay there until I fell asleep. But as I was drifting off, I knew I wouldn’t sleep peacefully.

“I told you not to leave the house!”

“But Felix, it’s boring in here, and you’re always gone for ages. I want to come with you,” the little girl protested.

“You can’t”

“I want to see you hunt! Why can’t I do it?” she started to cry. He still looked angry but he started to laugh and picked her up.

“I’m surprised you don’t need to hunt. You are a very weird little girl. Now stop being silly and go and tidy up your room. Marcus is coming later”

“Is Alec?” she asked eagerly.

“I don’t know”

“Jane’s not coming is she? She scares me” she looked so little and pitiful.

“No my little wolf cub. She’s not. Now, stop avoiding the subject and go and tidy. Put on that dress that Marcus likes” she stomped off upstairs, muttering about itchy lace. Then she screamed.

“What is it?” he said running up to her. She was rolling on the floor, clutching her head.

“Cady? What is it?” she opened her eyes and started to cry.

“I saw something. I saw blood”

“A vision” he whispered.