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Life for the Cullens has never been more complicated. With a strange kill reported the day of Jacob and Nessie's wedding, something strange is definetly happening in Forks. The question is, what? And what is it to do with Alice?


12. Capture

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I bolted upright. There was a noise nearby. I tried not to think of the things I had seen. I could hear voices in the trees. I got up and jumped out the window. I ran around the house a couple of times before going back to the bed. I placed my head on my paws.

“Do you smell that?” whispered a voice. I didn’t recognize it.

“Yes” hissed another. This one was familiar. Jane. I could hear them coming closer to the house. I prepared to defend myself. I would surrender eventually but I needed to make it look good or they might attack the Cullen’s. I heard light footsteps on the stairs. I lay still, waiting. They came in. they wore dark cloaks but the two at the front had the darkest. They were both small and very beautiful. I stood up, hackles raised, growling.

“It’s just a wolf!” said one of the guards.

“Let’s take it to the Cullen’s as a gift!” another laughed. Jane rolled her eyes. That did it. I leapt, quicker then any wolf, and seized her arm. Someone hit me and I landed on the floor. I turned to see a hulking figure, hood raised. Rage consumed me. This was my territory. I growled. The figure stepped forward. I scratched the floor in frustration and looked away. Then I twisted. I ripped his cloak off. My mouth fell open. Felix!

I felt a strange feeling of numbness spreading over me. I tried to fight it off. I didn’t paralyze me as the Cullen’s had quickly explained. I felt calm and my body instinctively shifted back to human.

“It’s one of those stupid guard dogs. The ones the Cullen’s have!” said someone. A snarl tore from my throat. I had crouched slightly, ready to attack if I had to. That was when a beam of rare sunlight came through the window and hit me. My skin was as if it was made of diamonds. Vampire skin. There was a gasp. I stood up, looking around warily. The loudest gasp came from Felix.

“She’s the one that the blonde told us about. We’ve got to take her back to Aro”

“Why wasn’t she with the Cullen’s?”

“She does have a name, you know” I said sarcastically, annoyed by the way they spoke of me. The girl, Jane, raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not She. It’s not It. It’s not even Dog, or Mutt. I’m Cadyna,” I said. Some looked slightly annoyed by my attitude.

“Well, Cadyna” they emphasized my name “you’re coming with us”

“To hell I am. I’m staying here” one made a lunged for me but I predicted their move and flipped out of the window. I looked up and saw them staring down at me. I saluted and ran. Ha, teach those stupid, stuck-up vampires. I heard them running full-speed after me. But I could run faster then them. I ran, transforming quicker then I ever had before. My original plan had been to take a fall, and let them catch me. However, now I was angry. I didn’t want to be caught. A flash in my head. NO! I would not be caught this way again. I might not be in one piece when I wake up. A scent hit me. The La Push wolves! They must have caught the scent. I wondered if I could contact them mentally, as the Alpha’s could. No. I shifted quickly and stood still. They came into view. Two men, three wolves.

“Don’t move” one hissed. Jacob hadn’t told them about me. About what I was, and the fact that I knew.

“Shhh!” I hissed. I smiled. Then shifted and bounded playfully away. Then I came back.

“I know about the vampires. They’re here for me and I intend to let them catch me. No one is going to get hurt. Go!” I said. The largest, black wolf changed.

“It’s our duty to protect people,” he said.

“I’m not a person”

“You’re one of us?”

“No. I’m nothing” my eyes flashed red. I needed to hunt soon. I hadn’t eaten recently. When I had been with the Cullen’s, we had found that I needed to hunt once a week. However, I preferred my meat rare to raw. So that pushed my date back to a month. If I stuck to eating a piece of raw meat every three days. But I hadn’t had any in days. I needed to hunt urgently. The shape shifters ran, as I had told them to. I assumed that my eyes had flashed red as they did when I was thirsty or angry. I heard the vampires approaching and changed my plan. The wolves were nearby and if I led the vampires on, they would be hurt, or even killed. I stood very still. I closed my eyes and heard the whistle as something flew threw the air. It hit my head and I passed out.