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Life for the Cullens has never been more complicated. With a strange kill reported the day of Jacob and Nessie's wedding, something strange is definetly happening in Forks. The question is, what? And what is it to do with Alice?


13. Memories

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When I awoke, I was literally covered in chains. I couldn’t move. I growled. I could hear someone arguing outside.

“Sorry Felix. I’m under orders. You can’t see her until Aro returns,” I felt something hot on my face. A tear. I felt upset for this man’s plight. I didn’t even know him! I shut my eyes as a vision came forward. But it wasn’t like the normal ones. Flashes. Me and Felix in a different house.

“What’s my surprise?”

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise” he led in a small girl, about seven.

“Her name is Hailey,” he said. She smiled.

A new memory.

“You said you would teach her the rules. She’s been taught. Now you have to let her go” Felix’s face is sad.

“If you tell her you will leave her then she will never be able to live again. You’ll have to abandon her. Knock her out and run. She won’t remember you”


“Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you hunting”

“Is Hailey coming?”

“Yes! She’ll meet us there”

Skipping again.

Creeping through the undergrowth. A whistle through the air. Bang. Blackness.

I saw no more but I assumed, now accepting that I was the girl, that the next thing would be when I woke up with Hailey by my side. Now my memories had all returned.

“What is this?” said a musical voice.

“Aro. We have captured the girl”

“Excellent!” the door opened and a pale man whose skin seemed fragile and transparent came in.

“What’s this? Untie her at once!” he said. A guard came in and unchained me. I sat up and rubbed my wrist.

“Greeting’s my child!”


“I know this must be very frightening for you but it’s ok” he reached out to touch my hand but I pulled it back. For some reason, since my sudden return of memory, I could do my gift without touching. Aro could see every memory I had, every skill, every minute. And I didn’t want him to find out. I had noticed in my memories that I hadn’t used my gift. So, that meant Felix didn’t know about it. Good. It was my last resort of escape. I would hide somewhere when I got out. They would never see me again.

“I’m not as young as I appear”

“Okay. But that is not why I came here. You are unusual”

“You don’t know the half of it,” I said.

“If I may be so bold, what exactly are you?”

“She’s half werewolf, half vampire,” said a bored voice. I looked over to see Jane standing in the doorway. Oh. I could see why I had been afraid of her. She had a very sinister gift. Pain.

“How do you know this, dear one?” Aro asked.

“Felix found her when we were sorting out that wild vampire. She’d been bitten so he volunteered to teach her. Marcus found out. They’ve been looking after her for years. A while back they put her in a different house, and then about a month back they abandoned her in the woods”

“But I’ve been reading Marcus’s mind for ages”

“Yes, but you never noticed her. She was small and insignificant. Anyone would think she was a snack,” said Alec. Part of me, my old self, was happy to see him.

“You all knew?” Aro said. He didn’t sound angry, just irritated.

“Yes. We are sorry master. Felix asked us to keep it a secret. And, she didn’t seem to be a problem” he smiled at me. I gave a small smile.

“Felix?” said Aro. Felix shuffled in, looking like for all the world like a boy who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“I found her, and I taught her the rules but I didn’t want to let her go” he looked over at me.

“I’m sorry I lied,” he said. I assumed he was talking to Aro.

“Will you forgive me Cadyna?”

“Oh, what? Yeah, sure”

“You weren’t paying attention?” said Alec.

“I wonder,” said Aro. We all looked at him.

“Cadyna, would you come here a moment” I felt nervous as I walked over and he looked at me with his milky eyes. Then he jammed his teeth into my neck.