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Life for the Cullens has never been more complicated. With a strange kill reported the day of Jacob and Nessie's wedding, something strange is definetly happening in Forks. The question is, what? And what is it to do with Alice?


17. Home

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I stood on the hill. It was raining as I watched the congregation. Bella had her head bowed. I felt tears coming from my eyes. All things pass. But it wasn’t his time. Edward was right. I was dangerous.


I approached the house slowly. Edward stormed out.

“What are you doing here?” he hissed. He pulled me out of hearing range.

“I came back”

“You’re dangerous! We don’t want you here”

“I just want to belong” I replied. My heart hurt with the pain of a thousand years.

“It’s all your fault! Our life was fine before you showed up!”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Go! NOW!” he ordered. I went but I didn’t leave.


I had been hiding in the old house. As I had run away from Edward that night, my head had filled with images. The bargain I had made with Aro when I had returned to Volterra.


“Is it done?”


“Excellent. So I assumed you’ll want to leave, back to the Cullen’s?”


“And if they don’t want you?”

“Then I’ll return here”


“On one condition. I don’t want to be here, but I know you do want me here. I’ll return if you leave the Cullen’s alone! They are pure and good and killing them would be pure murder. I’ll return if they can live, forever in peace”


I watched as the lowered the coffin into the grave. Eventually they all left. I walked down. I had a gift that had caused me much pain to retrieve. I had ripped out three of my teeth as an apology. I placed them on a leather strap and tied it to the gravestone.

“Cadyna” said a voice behind me. I turned. It was Edward.

“I heard what you did to save us. I know it can’t have been easy for you” I dipped my head.

“It was nothing. I didn’t want you to die for me. This is all my fault. So I’m going back the Volturi and nobody will bother you again” he saw the last person of the deal.


“I have one extra condition” I stared when he said it. But I wanted to protect the Cullen’s.

“I’ll do it”


I tried not to think of what I’d been forced to do for them. I didn’t want them to feel guilty for my crimes. So I ran. Edward didn’t follow me. But a figure appeared in front of me.

“Cadyna” she said it in a strange way.


“My daughter” she said, running to embrace me. I hugged her.

“I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault!” she said.

“No it’s not. It was mine. I ruin everything”

“No. you’ve just made me very happy. Now you’re home”


“I will possibly see you soon,” Aro said.

“For now, I’m going home,” I said. He looked at me in a peculiar way.

“What is it?”

“So many of us have a home. But you have no one. You will never be home until you find the people you belong with”

I had found the people I belonged with. I was home.