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Life for the Cullens has never been more complicated. With a strange kill reported the day of Jacob and Nessie's wedding, something strange is definetly happening in Forks. The question is, what? And what is it to do with Alice?


2. Deaths and Pink suitcases

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I lay beneath the bright evening stars. This was the most peaceful place ever. No wedding to sort out, nothing. The only thing that could have improved it was if Edward was with me. But he wasn’t. I sighed; I would just have to bear it. This was one of the best things about being a vampire. And one of the worst. I loved the starry night but I missed sleep. I missed the feeling of escape. I missed my mysterious dreams of my family.

Part of me sighed internally. What did I have to complain about? I saw my family whenever I felt like it. They didn’t sleep. Neither did I. We could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Except for Charlie. And Renée. I missed her the most. I hadn’t seen her since I had been changed, and there was no chance of me going to Jacksonville. Way to sunny. At least I had Nessie. She had grown into the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Her bronze hair was curly, flowing down her back. She had rich chocolate eyes, the way mine had been. And…there was something else. It was like an enchantment the moment you saw her. So beautiful. Was it any wonder Jacob had fallen in love with her? Well, yes, actually. He had hated her the moment she was born and now this. Well, as long as they were happy.

I lay in the circular meadow. This was where Edward had taken me after I had found out what he was. This was where I had finally accepted his proposal after he had given up on it. And this was where I lay thinking, often. My baby girl was grown up. That was hard to except. I would just have to get used to it.

“Bella!” called Alice’s soprano voice, through the trees. I sprang up and flitted to where she stood.

“Bella, your needed” she said it so seriously, my mind went wild with possibilities.

“What is it Alice, tell me” I said urgently.

“Emmett broke your hat!” she said, appalled. Her distraught expression was so amusing as she held up the flattened hat I had to laugh. She was not impressed. In fact, she glared at me.

“Sorry Alice. What can we do?”

“Nothing!” she wailed, “the shop is closed by now! I don’t know how to make a hat!”

“Oh, I’ll just have to go hatless” I sighed I mock distress. Her eyes narrowed.

“Seriously Alice” I told her. She smiled and took my hand. We ran forward, into the night. We reached the house in less then a minute.

“Where is she?” I asked. Alice knew who I meant immediately.

“She’s sleeping. I don’t want her looking like you did the morning before your wedding!” I rolled my eyes; she would never forgive me for that.

“Have you packed for her honeymoon?” I asked slyly, remembering something that I had sworn I would never forgive her for.

“Of course” she said nonchalantly. I raised an eyebrow.

“No matter what you are thinking about doing Bella, you will not find the suitcase,” she said, confidently.

“I won’t find it? Are you sure about that?” I said. She nodded but I saw her eyes flicker towards the forest. My human eyes wouldn’t have noticed but I missed nothing now. I charged towards the direction she had looked. I heard her gasp and give chase. I ran faster, actually pushing my legs. I burst into the clearing that contained my cottage. I sniffed. Knowing Alice, the suitcase would be packed with silk and other such horrors. Ah, there on the breeze, a faint whiff of silk. I ran towards it. I reached what I thought was the source of the smell. A river. How curious. My eyes examined it as Alice arrived.

“well since you obviously have no sense of smell or direction, maybe you would like to continue searching after you’ve put the decorations up” she gestured the way we had come. Then I spotted something gleaming in the water. I dived in. it was quite deep and the current felt strong, which was new to me as I was normally the strongest thing around here. I seized the silver object and pulled it from the mud. I only examined it when I was back on shore. It was a waterproof case. A large pink waterproof case. Alice was bust scrutinizing my now ruined outfit. Then she darted forward and grabbed the case.

“Alice, just show me what’s in the damn case,” I growled.

“But you’ll get huffy with me” she complained.

“Well, if there is something indecent then I will have every right to be huffy. Now hurry up, it’s almost sunrise and your precious decorations are still down!” she was torn between defending the suitcase and sorting out the decorations.

“Fine, you win this round,” she warned, dropping the suitcase. She ran off while I scooped up the pink case. I opened it. And groaned. Piles and piles of silk. Alice knew this was coming and had placed a decoy case. Typical.


The sun was high in the sky by the time Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Quil and Embry turned up. Jacob was still absent. If this went on for much longer, we would have to send out a search party. Alice had done the decorations and was busy working on Renesmee. I was busy trying on my dress when Edward came in. he was dressed in his white shirt and black trousers. I smiled when I saw him. My dress was a simple midnight blue color. It clung to my figure though and when Edward saw it, he smiled appreciatively. He hadn’t seen it before.

“You like?” I asked, twirling.

“Very much. But I think it would be better” he paused as he ran to me “if this bit wasn’t here” he removed my sequined blue shawl. He ran his hands down my shoulders, towards my waist. Alice burst into the room.

“Edward! Out!” she ordered. She was dressed in her bridesmaids dress. It was short, black and silky. Shoulder straps revealed Alice’s white arms and made a beautiful complimentary color. Rosalie, Alice and Leah were Renesmee’s bridesmaids. Quil and Embry were Jacob’s best men. I wasn’t that fussed about not being a bridesmaid. I was the mother of the bride!

“Do you have everything?” Alice asked. I had begged to be allowed to do something and eventually Alice had agreed. The dress was new so I had to sort out something old, borrowed and blue. I had bought a beautiful blue necklace. A single silver thread with a blue heart on it. I lent her the old silver hair combs that I had worn for my wedding.

“Of course Alice. Stop fussing!” I said, smiling. My mobile rang and I snatched it up.

“Hey bells, it’s me” Charlie.

“Oh hey dad, what’s up?”

“Bad news. I am really sorry but I can’t make the wedding. There’s been an attack in the woods and I’ve got to sort it out”

“Oh, that’s too bad! What happened?”

“A group of hikers were out last night and something killed them all. We’re not sure what yet. Looks like something big.”

“Well be careful,” I told him. He hung up.

“Bad news. Charlie can’t make the wedding,” I told Alice.

“Well, as fantastic as Charlie is, that is actually good news. It’s going to be sunny today, I can tell. So we can carry on with the wedding, outside where we were going to have it originally”

“Is there time to sort everything out?” I asked, worried.

“If we hurry!” we ran off, laughing. The gruesome death in the woods seemed separate from our lives. But some part of me was fearful for Charlie. Whatever was killing through the woods was not something to be happy about.