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Life for the Cullens has never been more complicated. With a strange kill reported the day of Jacob and Nessie's wedding, something strange is definetly happening in Forks. The question is, what? And what is it to do with Alice?


6. Visions

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The wolf growled at Alice and me. She put her hands out as a gesture of friendship. The wolf snarled, and then shuddered again. I sent a wave of serenity. I could see that she was calming down, that she would change back. She shuddered again and the fur rescinded. The girl stood up and glanced around. Her eyes made her look like a rabbit caught in the headlights. She ran. We chased her through the forest until she tripped and fell into the creek. She lay there, crying. I could see that she had other scars. It was easy to tell the difference between the curved vampire scars, the animal scars and the long scars that I assumed she had inflicted on herself.

“I was running. I shifted for the first time. I had killed. Then I heard him following me. My friend and I tried to hide. She managed to hide but I didn’t. Something just snapped. I attacked him without thinking. Then my friend grabbed my hand. I turned and scratched her. The blood pouring from her, it was as if I couldn’t resist. I sucked her dry” the tears were coming thick and fast now. She carried on talking but it was incoherent. I lifted her up. Her skin felt warm, not hot like a humans or burning like a werewolf. My temperature. What was this girl? She could phase but she had vampire bites. Vampire venom killed the wolves. I scowled, this world was changing fast, and I could feel it. Alice followed behind as we headed back to the house. When we arrived, she rang Carlisle and I sat with the girl.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered repeatedly.

“Why?” I asked, “You couldn’t help it. I know that better then most people”

“I understand how you feel Jasper,” she said. I was stunned; nobody had said my name since I had met her. Alice came back.

“Carlisle will be back shortly. We need to run some tests”

“Why, is there something wrong with me?” she asked. I smiled. This girl only seemed about ten but if you penetrated the surface, you could see she was different.


Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Rosalie eventually returned. Jacob had turned up, after dropping Nessie off, to pick up their suitcases before they went on their honeymoon to the Caribbean. Cadyna had fallen asleep on the sofa again, leaving me to ponder the questions she had raised.

“What happened?” Carlisle asked.

“She asked who Charlie was, so we told her and described him. She started to get upset and then she ran outside. She kept saying it is my fault. Alice told her it wasn’t to calm her down. It didn’t work” I let my sentence hang in the air.

“Then what happened?” urged Emmett.

“She phased” Alice said simply. Three pairs of horror struck eyes stared at us.

“Well there you go. She’s a mutt, your big theories are stupid and we can move on with our lives,” said Rosalie.

“No, there’s more. She has vampire bites on her neck. Now tell me she’s a wolf,” said Carlisle.

“Her skin is the same temperature as ours. Her eyes went red for a moment,” I added. There was a grumble from the sofa. Cadyna rolled over and groaned. She tossed and turned. Then she screamed. I could feel all kinds of emotions coming from her. She waved her arms wildly, trying to fend off an attacker. Rosalie growled, got up and shoved her off the sofa. The fall woke her up but before she hit the ground, she seemed to twist and hit the ceiling. She hung there, clinging to it. Her eyes were blank. I recognized that look.

“She’s having a vision,” I said.

“How?” Esme said.

“I don’t know,” I said, honestly. She released her grip on the ceiling and fell. She twisted so that she landed on the sofa. Her eyes focused. Then she shoved Rosalie off the sofa and onto the floor. Even with the seriousness of what had just happened, you had to laugh. She hissed and ran off.

“What just happened?” asked Emmett, confused.

“Oh, that. It happens occasionally. I see things. Before they happen” she blushed “and sometimes I see things that have happened to other people. It happens when I touch certain things, or randomly”

“What was that?” Alice asked.

“A man and a woman. There was a dead woman on the ground. They were arguing. Then the woman killed him” she said.

“Where are your parents?” Carlisle asked.

“I don’t know. My first memory is of waking up with my friend next to me. That was about a week ago. We only attacked animals but then there were those hikers…” her voice trailed off and I tried not to imagine it. The scent of human, the flow of hot sweet blood. NO! I would not think about that. Cadyna wasn’t human, that much was certain, but she smelt human enough. If I lost it, I would destroy the innocent girl. She was staring at me. My own emotions were to confusing to feel anybody else’s. But it cut through. It was painful! Torment, anger, sadness. Edward had come home. Bella was cradled in his arms.

“Oh Bella. Is he…” Esme let the question hang in the air.

“He’s in a very bad condition. The doctors says he’s stable and he has a very good chance though” that was when she broke down. She howled and Cadyna jumped. Her brow creased and I remembered that she was responsible. I worked on calming down the atmosphere. Edward was glaring at Cadyna and I assumed she was remembering.

“That’s it! I want her gone,” he yelled. Her eyes widened and she looked like she was going to cry. Then she shook her head and got up.

“Fine, bye then” she said before leaving. We glared at Edward.

“What? She’s dangerous, and I don’t want her anywhere near Bella. Especially not when I have to listen to her thoughts”

“Edward?” Alice asked sweetly, “How old do you think that girl is?”


“You just threw a ten year old out into the cold, and she behaved more maturely then you ever have! Give her a break!” she complained.

“We shouldn’t have let her go, we still don’t know what she is” Carlisle updated Edward on the situation mentally.

“Fine! I’ll go out and look for her”

“If she’s you she’ll probably run a mile. And might I say, she is very fast” I commented.

“Esme, look after Bella. Emmett, Jasper, Alice, you come with me”

“Why is Alice going? She can’t see the girl!” I felt a twinge of impatience and annoyance growing inside me.

“Because” I said slowly, as though I was speaking to a toddler “me and Alice are the ones she’s familiar with. You scare her” We headed out into the woods, following the peculiar scent trail she left behind.