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Life for the Cullens has never been more complicated. With a strange kill reported the day of Jacob and Nessie's wedding, something strange is definetly happening in Forks. The question is, what? And what is it to do with Alice?


7. Hiding

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I crouched in the shrubbery. They were calling me. No, I wasn’t coming back. There was something about that house that scared me. I knew what they were but it was something different. Especially about that dark haired girl. I didn’t know what her name was; I hadn’t had a chance to find out. That was the annoying thing about my gift. When I touched someone, it was like seeing a profile about him or her. I saw name, age, romance. But I never saw the names of their romantic partners. That was how I had known Jasper’s name. But I wasn’t going to tell him that. It was pretty strange but it could be helpful. When I had met Hailey, I had been suspicious. She had grabbed my wrist, to pull me to safety and I had known that she would help me. My friend for a week, then she was dead. I racked my head for the reason why I didn’t want to go back. They had promised to help me. They wanted to know what I was almost as much as I did. That was the big thing. I had woken up with my name in my head and Hailey by my side. She had told me that she just knew that she was meant to help me. I had no idea about anything. I mean I could remember trivial things like how to read, write etc. But I couldn’t remember who I was, who my parents where, even where I was. My entire life, gone. I sighed, and then stiffened as they turned towards my hiding place. This was childish, I told myself. I tried to calm down my emotions; I knew that Jasper would find me easily if I wasn’t in control. I should have run, I could run very fast for ages. But I didn’t, I hid. How dumb am I? I decided to shift. The first time I had done, it was when I was hunting. I could hunt either way but I felt better like this. Maybe it was the fact that wolves had to eat and that my animal instincts killed my prey, not me. I felt the fur explode out of me. It was almost painful. I knew my skin was colder and harder then a humans. It was like there’s. Which is why it hurt to force my fur through it as I phased. I could smell them getting further and further away. The smell was quite strong, sweet but not unbearably so. Was I turning into a masochist? Was pain enjoyable? No, so why hadn’t I run?

“Cadyna!” called the voices. I paced towards them. They were still unaware of me. I padded into the ring of light. The black haired girl spotted me and put her out. I huffed; I wasn’t quite ready to change back. They led me back to the house. I brushed up against the girl, gently. No information. Looks like it had to be hand contact. We walked to the house. I kept quiet. The boy who had ordered me away looked slightly startled when he saw me. I tried to stay composed but inside my head, the insults went crazy.

“The same to you” he said.

Mind reader! I thought. He smiled, acknowledging me. I couldn’t stop a snarl slipping from my muzzle. I was going to have to try not to think about my other gift. If he knew, he would definitely get rid of me. He tried not to look interested but I knew he was. I snarled again. Jasper tried to calm us down. I knew that he could do that, I saw that. A bright flash and I was sprawled on the ground. I briefly wondered if they were doing this, then the images swirled sickeningly in front of my eyes. A vision.

I was in a house. There was a man and a woman, seated on the sofa, chatting. A bang, a shout. They got up, the man pulling the woman behind him. Someone burst through. Eyes bright red, teeth exposed. Black hair waving wildly. I couldn’t see her properly though, it was fuzzy.

“No! Mary, don’t!”

“I’m sorry Sam. I have to” the girl crouched and sprang at the woman. She twisted around to avoid the man. She pushed the woman through the windows at the back of the house.

“KATHERINE!” the man shuddered and transformed. The brown haired man had turned into a wolf. He snarled.

“It was the only way Sam. They wouldn’t have let us be together” he growled and sprang at her. She hit him and he flew away.

“We won’t feel a thing” Sam changed back.

“Please Mary. You don’t have to do this”

“I was locked in that hell hole for fifteen years! While you were here. Now I’m free, they won’t let us be together. Otherwise you would have been able to visit me” there was a sound on the stairs. A little girl, about ten years old. She had black hair, like the woman.

“Daddy? What is going on?” she asked. The woman turned. And smiled. Then she tensed.

“No, Mary. No!” Sam had realized her intentions. He shifted again and leaped at her. She bit him once and knocked him away.

“Don’t worry dear. You can come with me,” she said to the girl.

“Who are you?”

“I’m your mother”