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Life for the Cullens has never been more complicated. With a strange kill reported the day of Jacob and Nessie's wedding, something strange is definetly happening in Forks. The question is, what? And what is it to do with Alice?


8. Pain

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I watched the vision running through her head. As that last line finished, she stopped twitching and her eyes opened. She looked stunned.

“What was it?” Jasper asked.

“The same as the last one, but more detailed. The man and the woman were happy. I think their names were Sam and Katherine. Then this dark haired woman came in. Sam started saying ‘don’t do this Mary’. Then she knocked the wife through the window. He turned into a wolf and she pushed him away. She said something like, ‘we won’t feel a thing’. I think she was going to burn the house down or something. Then this little girl came down the stairs. She looked like she was going to do something but the wolf attacked again and she bit him”

“There’s something you’re not telling us Cadyna,” Carlisle guessed. She was shaking, sitting on the floor.

“The woman told the girl that she was her mother”

“What did this woman look like?”

“I couldn’t see her very clearly, but she had bright red eyes, short, white teeth and short black hair” Carlisle’s eyes widened but he concealed his thoughts. The girl was looking at me, strangely. It was getting on my nerves.

“What?!” I yelled. Very slowly and deliberately, she reached out and touched my arm. He skin was as hard and cold as mine was. She closed her eyes. I saw what was going through her head.

Edward Cullen. 109 years old. Special abilities: mind reading. Born 1901. My life, spread out for her to see. I pulled away and her eyes opened. The others had no idea of her power. She smiled, timidly. I understood why she found out about everybody else. She was at least part werewolf and werewolves could see the minds of their pack. Therefore, when she touched someone, she saw who they were. But she had something else. Another gift she was trying to keep hidden.

“So, what are we going to do?” I asked.

“Well, first I think we should run some biological tests,” replied Carlisle.

“Needles?” she winced. She was like Bella, ready to take on sadistic vampires but afraid of needles.

“Yes, will that be a problem?” I asked. She glared at me.

“No, I’m just worried if they’ll actually be able to break through my skin. I don’t want to break your needles Carlisle” Carlisle was stunned. We hadn’t said his name.

How did she know that? He thought at me. I shook my head minutely. She glared at me again and thought if you tell any of them what I can do, I will rip you to shreds!

“Violent kid, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know who I am. And since you’re being horrible to me, about me, etc. I figure I can do that I return” fair point. I had been very nice to her. But she was dangerous, I could sense it.

“Can I go to sleep? I’m tired. Visions always make me tired, especially ones from the past”

“Sure” Carlisle agreed. She lay down on the sofa and went instantly to sleep. Must be a wolf thing, Jacob always did that. So did Seth. She twitched slightly and I delved into her dreams.

There was a man and a woman, seated on the sofa, chatting. A bang, a shout. They got up, the man pulling the woman behind him. The face still to fuzzy to see, but getting clearer. “No! Mary, don’t!”

“I’m sorry Sam. I have to” the girl crouched and sprang at the woman. She twisted around to avoid the man. She pushed the woman through the windows at the back of the house.

“KATHERINE!” the man shuddered and transformed. The brown haired man had turned into a wolf. He snarled.

“It was the only way Sam. They wouldn’t have let us be together” he growled and sprang at her. She hit him and he flew away.

“We won’t feel a thing” Sam changed back.

“Please Mary. You don’t have to do this”

“I was locked in that hell hole for fifteen years! While you were here. Now I’m free, they won’t let us be together. Otherwise you would have been able to visit me” there was a sound on the stairs. A little girl, about ten years old. She had black hair, like the woman.

“Daddy? What is going on?” she asked. The woman turned. And smiled. Then she tensed.

“No, Mary. No!” Sam had realized her intentions. He shifted again and leaped at her. She bit him once and knocked him away.

“Don’t worry dear. You can come with me,” she said to the girl.

“Who are you?”

“I’m your mother. I’m going to make sure that we stay together forever. I won’t let anything hurt you” she embraced the tiny girl and kissed her forehead. Then she bit her throat. The girl screamed and fell to the floor. Pain, so much pain.

While she slept, we ran her biological tests. She had 25 chromosomal pairs, which showed she was closely related to our species. Eventually, we deduced that she was half vampire, half werewolf.