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Life for the Cullens has never been more complicated. With a strange kill reported the day of Jacob and Nessie's wedding, something strange is definetly happening in Forks. The question is, what? And what is it to do with Alice?


9. Tests

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Over the next few months, they tested me. Edward still didn’t like me. He still didn’t know my other ability. When he found that out, he would throw me from the house, to Canada. I bonded quickly with his daughter, Nessie. She was rare; I was one of a kind. I hadn’t had another vision since the painful one. Charlie was mending in the hospital but I still felt guilty. I hadn’t told Bella, she didn’t come home that much except to hunt. Maybe that was why Edward hated me. But, anyway, the others did. Nessie especially. Emmett and I wrestled, and I found that I could actually beat him. I was stronger then him, which we thought, was due to my combined werewolf/human strength. I could run faster then them all. That combined with my superpower, I was lethal. Rosalie didn’t like me. Alice spent hours staring at me while I slept. They thought that I didn’t know but I had worked it out. I was confused as well. When I wasn’t being tested, or sleeping, I was trying to work out the vision. Who did it belong to? It must be one of the family (I had assumed it was the past) as I only got visions from people nearby, but they all had no knowledge of it. It was a mystery. But I had a more important mystery. Who was I? I hoped today would be the day that I found out.


Carlisle had my latest test results, DNA tests. I was hoping up and down. If I could find out who my real parents were, I could track them down. Find out why they gave me up, why I was in the forest. Carlisle opened the envelope slowly and it was so frustrating. I nearly snatched it from his hand. Edward saw my intentions and growled. I could have stopped him, but that might inform him of my gift.

“Inconclusive!” Edward said before Carlisle could read them out.

“What?” I yelled.

“Loner” muttered Rosalie. I turned and growled. She stood up.

“What did you say?” I hissed.

“You. You are a loner,” I growled again.

“Nobody wants you here” she said it calmly, as if she were discussing the weather. I crouched slightly.

“I mean, even your own parents didn’t want you” I sprung. I moved to fast for her to move. She was on the ground before the others had time to blink. I scratched her face. The mix of vampire and werewolf blood meant that I could change different parts of my body; I had practiced it with Carlisle. I changed my arms and scratched her over and over. She tried to push me off her but I had her trapped. I wondered why the others didn’t stop me. Emmett did try but I transformed my jaw and savaged his arm. As he tried to pull away, I ripped it off. I leapt away, transforming in mid air. I ran into the woods. I heard them helping Rosalie up. My hearing, sense of smell and sight were better then them. I ran quickly through the woods. I wouldn’t come back. Not for Emmett, or Esme. Definitely not for Edward, or Rosalie. If I ever saw Rosalie again, I would rip her into shreds. A beam of light hit the bush I was hiding in. They had torches? Why did they even need them? Maybe I was using my gift without realizing it. Nope. The torch light reflected off my wolf eyes. Alice’s petit figure was standing nearby. She crouched down and crawled into the bush with me. I growled quietly. Then I phased the top half of my body.

“If you’re going to tell me to go back, then you’re wasting your breath”

“I know. I saw that if I asked you to go back then you’d run to the arctic. And I refuse to chase you out there. I’m allergic to penguin blood” I blinked. She laughed at my expression.

“Shhh! If they find me and drag me back, then I will personally rip you into little pieces. And if jasper tried to stop me, then I’d rip both his arms off”

There was a sudden pain in my head.

Bright lights. Shadowy figures. Piles of rubble and smoke everywhere.

“This one is dieing. He’s a werewolf anyway” a man’s voice, low, uncaring.

“What about that woman” A boy by the sound.

“Dead. How about that black-haired one. The one who started it?” a girl this time

“She’s out. But she’ll be back in, in about an hour. Maybe we should put her somewhere else” the boy again.

“Why don’t we just kill her? She’s a menace. Come on Alec”

“Sorry Jane. She’s newborn. She’s obviously a bit deranged” the boy, Alec.

“Caius would,” she muttered.

“Well, Caius isn’t here. I’m in charge and if you question that again, I will have you burnt” the man.

“Sorry Felix”

“Who are you? What’s going on?” a disoriented voice. A little child by the sound.

“We’ve got a live one!” called Jane. She climbed over the rubble and pulled some off the girl. I can see now that the exterior walls are intact. The light is coming from the broken front door, and the smashed window. Jane pulled the little girl out.

“She’s not a werewolf. You don’t get female werewolves,” said Alec.

“Does that mean we can eat her?” asked Jane with relish.

“No! The venom is changing her. She’ll be fine”

“But she won’t be taught. She’ll be a menace and we’ll have to clear up. Again”

“I’ll teach her!”

“You Felix? You’ve never taken responsibility for anything before. Why her?”

“I just will. I’ll teach her the rules, and when she’s older she’ll be fine”

“Right. Well we had better get her out of here before the humans turn up. And place the black-haired one somewhere out of the way. Does she have any ID?”

“Yeah. It says. Oh, I can’t read it, it’s been burnt off. No, here’s a bit. Alice. Her name is Alice”