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Night Run

Sandra Clemons has been running all her life. Running from her past, her family, her life... running in the hope of somehow running into something better. Then one day she accidently runs into a whole new world... a world ran by vampires. Will this give her the chance to catch her breath? or will she have to sprint faster than ever? (Based off of a dream I had after I read Twilight.)


1. Chapter 1: Liquid Fire

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Running… how I hate it. I run from everything. I’m sick of it. But this was different. My choices: run or die, and of course, I ran. I’m not too sure why I chose the option I did, because I knew that I would very well die any way. I guess it’s because I still hoped for that thin glimmer of a chance that I could survive this, though I wasn’t scared of death. Stupid, I know. I was only fifteen, yet, my life would be over, and I wasn’t worried too much about it. Not like I had much to live up to anyway.

I was a freshman with years of grueling and merciless public high school lying ahead, waiting to make my life even more unbearable. I was already a freak in school, with a father in prison and a mother, well, how could I know if I hadn’t seen her for seven months? Seven… long… months.

By now I’d gotten use to it, living alone, I mean. After the bills started coming in, I abandoned the house and started staying in a run down farmhouse complete with boarded up windows. It was shabby, but, hey, it was free when no one knew about it and the land it was on had plenty of space to just escape from the rest of the world. I lived there instead of with other family because my grandparents had been long deceased and any other relatives have been out of contact ever since I could remember. And still, I ran.

I ran simply to defy death for the few seconds that ticked by before it caught up. To prove that I really could do something. I ran to fulfill what I had said so many times, “Running for no real reason would be the last thing I ever do.” Funny how your words always seem to come back and bite you in the rear. I ran to buy me what short time there was to prepare myself for death, to be ready when it came, though I wasn’t scared. For whatever reasons, I kept running.

Trees phased by in a smudged blur as I dashed through the woods. I could hear the leaves and twigs snap under my feet, and the feet of the monster behind me. The sound of my own labored breathing mixed with the panting of the animal. Each common noise seemed like a cannon shot in my ears as I tried to absorb my surroundings for the last time. I followed a trail that cut through the timber, a plain dirt path. It was like a long tunnel, and I was headed for the light at the end of it.

Then shortly, up ahead, was a sign that I hardly got a chance to read as I flew by it. Warning! Dead End! Ironic how true that was. I was probably going to be the first in history to take that sign literally. And soon, the dead end was upon me.

Abruptly, there was no more trail to follow, only a seven-story drop to the bottom of a cliff. I closed my eyes trying to catch my breath before I lost it forever. The wind blew softly carrying with it… silence. Silence? I strained my ears only to hear… nothing. No snapping twigs, no raspy breathing, absolutely nothing. Just me, with my heavy panting. I turned to take a look down the trail. Nothing. I scanned all of the trees, the whole forest edge. Nothing. Had I really managed to out run my own grave? It seemed as though I had.

‘After this, I’m going to join the track team,’ I thought and turned back to face the cliff. And in spite of myself, I laughed. I laughed at the sick humor of it all, chuckling at the defeated face of death that had just so recently tried to claim me. I smiled as I challenged all of the over achievers at school to top this feat of mine. The impossible was opened to possibility. Then, came the low rumble of a growl.

I swung around in startled horror. The beast, I thought had disappeared, sat crouched in pounce position. It’s ears were pinned backward, eyes shadowed with fierce tension and glinting with the sparkle of a killer. It’s muscles rippled under a golden coat of slick fur. The picture worthy sight of a mountain lion. No, I hadn’t defied death, it was just toying with me! It was getting my hopes up simply to bring them crashing back down to the point of utter loss.

I watched the mountain lion growl with fangs sparkling. I stared at a hungry hunter, as it seemed to plan out exactly how to kill its victim… me. I shifted slightly, backing away from the predator. Next I found myself falling through the air. I had miscalculated how much space there was between me and the cliff.

I plummeted into the empty expanse below, free falling with nothing but the wind whistling in my ears as I dropped. This was it… my dead end was coming fast. I closed my eyes, I didn’t think that I could bear watching my own impending death. I wasn’t going to let myself get scared now. I wanted to be fearless when I died. I wanted to die peacefully. That is if splattering on the ground is considered peaceful.

Then… impact hit. It felt like running into wall strapped to the front of a car going eighty. I was washed away in a surge of pain instantaneously. The wave of agony drowned out my scream, making it unable to get past my vocal chords. Tears leaked out of the corners of my eyes, and that was all my strength would allow.

My limbs were crumpled under my crushed torso. Pain filled every broken bone, every bleeding gash, and every beat of my yet pulsing heart. Why hadn’t I died with the impact? Could the world be any crueler then to allow torture fill my death? I was ready to die so why couldn’t I? Questions filtered into my thoughts through the agony that surrounded my brain and I could sense the fear I had tried to suppress, starting to twang from within.

“Oh my gawd! There she is!” I heard a voice call out.

An angel to take me away? Or had someone known I was here? I was alone so how could that have been possible? More questions. I opened my eyes as far as I could. My vision was blotched with a sick red and yellow as I gazed into the perfect pale face of a seventeen year old boy. He was kneeling beside my contorted body, hovering over me with, as far as I could tell, topaz eyes. A girl stood staring over his shoulder, seeming quite pale herself, only she looked nauseous.

I closed my eyes. The pain was overwhelming. At first I had tried to run away from death, but now, I begged for it. I just wanted something to take the pain away. Anything to bring this torture to an end. The boy’s voice was muffled, as if my ears were plugged with wads of cotton, but I could still hear him command, “Bella, you can’t faint now! Go call Carlisle! Go!”

I struggled to breath. Short gasps were all I could handle, and each one stabbed my chest like razor blades. My lungs couldn’t get enough oxygen; my blood circulated airlessly. Oh, why had I decided to run?!? I would have died faster if I didn’t. I wouldn’t have fallen off the cliff and plunged myself into a prolonged, agony of a death. Why did I run? Because I, Sandra Clemons, swore to never quite, never give in. I’d sworn be a better person than my parents. My parents abondonded me. They quit. I’d sworn to never quit… never give in… even to death… not even now.

I tried to open my eyes, but the lids seemed glued together. I struggled desperately, just to see the boy leaning over me. Then there he was, face angel perfect, gazing at me with eyes deeply worried, concerned, and almost regretful. I opened my mouth and could feel and taste the blood as it trickled out. “Help… please…” I pleaded, the words scraped my throat with claws as they were spoken. The whisper was barely audible to myself, much less to this person beside me. But to my surprise, he seemed to understand.

“Shhhhh…Don’t try to speak, everything will be fine. I promise, Sandra.” He spoke sincerely, and started stroking my blood drenched hair to comfort me. His hand was unnaturally cold, dead cold, like I would soon be. But how had he known my name? I’ve never seen him before this moment. It was as if he read my mind. Is that possible? Maybe I was just going insane from the pain.

I could feel death creeping over me, pulling me into the dark and cold. Even with my eyes open I could see nothing. Even with all of the tormenting pain, I fought to cling on to what little life I had left, just because I’d always fought against pain before. I wouldn’t give up now. But I knew I was loosing fast. It would soon be over, and there was nothing I could do, so I cried, tears flowing from my blind eyes. I cried for the agony in my body, for my broken promise to myself, and for the sake of weeping, something I hadn’t done for years.

The voice was muffled, distant and fading quickly, but I could hear, scarcely, a female voice, “Carlisle can’t get here for about three hours.”

“We can’t wait that long!” The male voice protested.

“Well we’re a long way from Forks, even the way you guys drive.”

“But she’ll be gone by then! It’s all my fault…”

“Edward, don’t…”

“But I could have saved her! I could have caught her before she fell, but… I… wasn’t fast enough…”


“Bella, no! Don’t you see? I heard her! But I just wasn’t fast enough! I failed to save her… and she deserves to stay…”

“You can still save her…”

That was the last thing I heard before all sound vanished from me. There was nothing now but pain, endless pain. It was dark, silent, on the verge of death, and I welcomed that fact. I regrettably, reluctantly… gave up. And in spite of it all I allowed my self to slip into the last depth. I let myself go with nothing left but my torment… looking forward to relief from the agony… I was heading into the bottomless, inevitable pit…

Suddenly a sharp pain struck my right shoulder like two shards of glass being lodged into the muscle. I was jolted out of the dark quiet and everything was once again back in my conciseness. A new pain hit my nerves like a bolt of lightning, electrifying the whole system. I screamed, my voice hoarse and mortified. Starting at the shoulder my blood was replaced with liquid fire. It moved slowly, inching at a tedious rate down my arm along with excruciating torment.

The shards of glass were removed from my shoulder, but the new pain was so intense all to the old torture was replaced with the burning lava blood. I screamed again. Now, I truly was terrified. Everything I saw was dotted with abnormal colors, it seemed to spin in an insane mess. Everything I heard was distorted and seemed to be blaring within my eardrums. The torment picked at my head like a thousand needles stuck into my brain. My body cringed and twisted involuntarily against the burn, even though each move I made the pain grew stronger. I was hardly aware of the boy restraining my struggling body by holding me in a secure lock against his chest, trying to keep me still. His arms were unnaturally frigid against my fevered skin.

And so it continued for three days. My mind was so preoccupied with the raving pain I could scarcely keep myself from believing that I wasn’t in the fires of hell. The boy, Edward, kept his strong, safe, yet cold hold, locking me still. The girl, Bella I guessed, sat with her arms hugging around his neck.

Then, it was over….

I woke with a start. It was strange because I’d been awake the whole time. It’s just that my thoughts, my feelings, my entire brain and body had been consumed with the agony; I had been completely unaware of everything going on around me. But now I was fully snapped out of it. The earth was once again spinning in the right direction. But things seemed to be… different.