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Night Run

Sandra Clemons has been running all her life. Running from her past, her family, her life... running in the hope of somehow running into something better. Then one day she accidently runs into a whole new world... a world ran by vampires. Will this give her the chance to catch her breath? or will she have to sprint faster than ever? (Based off of a dream I had after I read Twilight.)


2. Chapter 2: Dead, But Not Quite

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I slowly opened my eyes, slowly waking up. Thing is, I’d been awake the whole time. It’s just that my thoughts, my feelings, my entire brain and body had been consumed with the agony; I had been completely unaware of everything going on around me. But now I was fully snapped out of it. The earth was once again spinning in the right direction. But things seemed to be… different.

It was difficult to put a finger exactly on what it was, but it was as though either the world had gotten severely intense, or it was just me. Everything I saw looked as though somebody had taken a digital picture and clicked enhance on the computer. Every color and shadow there was popped out; I saw every little detail of every little thing. I was sure I had to be dead to be seeing this. It wasn’t just my sight either, it was all of my senses.

My listening was as powerful as though somebody had put hearing aids on me and they cranked up the volume all the way. I actually felt my ears to be sure there was nothing there. Even my touch had advanced a notch. I was feeling the extreme of every texture my fingers grazed, and, oddly, it was all unnaturally warm to my skin. But smell was a close second to hearing for the strongest. Anything within a thirty-foot radius struck my nose. I had to hold my breath keep the scents from overwhelming my nostrils. Then it struck me… I wasn’t breathing!

I watched the clock. For over thirteen minutes I had been holding my breath. I started panicking as I realized that my heart wasn’t pumping either. The familiar thumping in my chest was no longer there. No breathing, no heartbeat… that finalized it… I was dead. But there was no way this could have been heaven. If it was, I had no idea that angels were so musical.

Nearly an entire wall of the room was lined with CDs. A second wall was nothing but pure glass windows. I sat up in the black couch I had been laying in. It was like an odd bed less bedroom. I had no idea where I was.

I stood up and strolled over to the wall of glass. The window was several centimeters thick. I placed a hand on the smooth, cold, hard surface and forced myself to inhale a useless breath of air. I exhaled through my mouth onto the window. Though I knew nothing would happen I could still feel dismay fill my motionless heart. The glass hadn’t fogged up.

I banged my head against the window in disapoint. To my frustration it didn’t hurt like I was hoping it would, the thick glass just cracked. I stood there with my forehead pressed against the windowpane. Why did the afterlife have to be so weird? This wasn’t what I had anticipated.

I sighed and turned around to lean my back against the window. Closing my eyes I collapsed to the floor. And, for the second time in the week, I let myself cry. I wiped my face with the back of my sleeve… but it wasn’t wet. Why weren’t there any tears? Then I noticed that it wasn’t my sleeve. I looked down at what I was wearing.

A blue long sleeve shirt clung too my slim torso. The faded pair of jeans wasn’t mine either. They were a size too long and they just hung around my waist. The ends were rolled up and revealed black ankle high socks on my feet. I combed my fingers through my hair, a habit of mine when I get confused or frustrated. The long waves of amber hair were clean and dry without any trace of blood.

I knocked the back of my head against the window again, only not as hard. I rubbed my face with my hands. This made no sense! I thought that death was supposed to relieve you of confusion, not make it worse. It felt like a bad dream that you knew you would never be able to wake out of.

I turned my head to look over my shoulder out the window. Rain suddenly started to dribble out of the gray clouds that lined the sky. I squeezed my eyes shut and clasped my hands over my ears. Each patter on the glass sounded like a gunshot behind me even as I tried to ignore it. Then I could smell somebody else in the room with me.

Keeping my hands securely around my ears I looked up. Standing in the doorway was the boy with the white angel face, Edward. He leaned against the wooden frame in a relaxed and carefree stance. He smiled at me with a crooked grin and watched me with topaz colored eyes.

“Come on,” he chuckled and motioned for me to follow him as he turned to head out the door. I stood up and lightly jogged after him with my ears still shut. He led me into another room with a desk against one wall. Shelves upon shelves of books lined another wall. Dozens of pictures and paintings were hanging in the remaining space around the doorway. It looked like some sort of den or study.

“It’s okay, you can uncover your ears now.” He laughed again. Cautiously I lifted my hands from their vise hold on the side of my face. The room was peacefully quiet. I took another glance around the room. The boy stood across from me

“Edward… right?” I asked double-checking that I got his name right. A dim memory of my past life was all that I had left of when I heard that name. He nodded still smiling. “Are you here to tell me what exactly is going on?” I asked.

His face grew suddenly solemn, “Yes.”


“You’re not dead just so you know…. in one way at least.” That was the answer to the question I was just about to ask.

“Then what am I?” I inquired as option number one was now ruled out.

Edward hesitated before he answered. His reply was a single word, but it hit hard and was totally unexpected. “Vampire.”

I staggered backward. It would have had the same effect as if he punched me in the stomach. “What?!?” I screeched, regretting my volume level instantly as it pounded into my eardrums.

“Vampire,” Edward stated flatly.

I took a step away from him and fell onto the desk chair. The chair scooted with the motion and bumped into the desk. I cringed as the noise thundered in my head. I groaned and put my hands over my ears again. Everything was so darn loud. What was up with the amplifier ears?

“It’s one of the perks to being a vampire… super nova hearing,” he answered my question before I even asked it.

I stared up at Edward, my jaw gapped open in disbelief. “Ok! How in the world do you do that?!?” I demanded, “It’s kind of freaking me out the way--”

“--I seem to know what you’re going to say next?” He cut me off and stole the words right out of my mouth.

“Yeah… that.

Edward smiled and chuckled, “I can read people’s minds.” His face got serious again, “That’s how I know your name, Sandra. It’s how I knew that you were being chased by a mountain lion and were about to fall off a cliff.”

“Just… how… how…?”

Edward’s face lightened up a bit, “Well… like the over acute hearing… all vampires get certain… abilities, such as powerful senses, super strength, and the ability to run incredibly fast. But some vampires get an extra ability, like reading minds. It usually has to do with something that you were already good at in your first life.”

“Wait… first life? I thought you said I wasn’t dead?” I ran a hand through my hair. I was just getting more and more confused.

“In one way you’re dead,” Edward corrected. “You see… your heart stopped beating and all, so in that way you’re dead. But when you become a vampire you’re sort of ‘reborn.’ You’re still around walking, thinking, breathing when you feel like it, but you’re not human anymore. This is really hard to explain, but do you understand enough?”

“Yeah,” I answered, even though I was sure that he would have heard me think it first. But the response didn’t really ring completely true. Questions were building up in my head like bricks. There was so much I wanted to know. So much I wanted to ask.

Edward suddenly smiled down at me, “We can talk more about this later, but right now… Alice is bouncing off the wall to meet you.” He rolled his eyes as he spoke the last part.


“Alice,” Edward said again still grinning, “I’m part of a family of vampires. We call ourselves the Cullens, as in a last name. Alice is my sister… stepsister technically. There are seven in the family total. I guess you could say that Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and myself were kind of ‘adopted’ by Esme and Carlisle. And we were wondering… if you would like to join us?”