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December Air

Edward never came back.
Bella has tried her best to go on, by settling with someone.
She knows she can never love with what she was once capable of.
But when disaster strikes who is it that is capable of putting her back together again?

Chapter 5 is UP


no need to fret guys
I have a beta; the search is over YAY
The AH-MAY-ZINGG Alyss in Wonderland
has temporarily released me from writers block by being my co-writer "]
Let just say this story just got a whole lot more unpredictable

Ok so this one is rather old.
I didn't originally want to post it because
there were so many other ones about
what might have happened had Edward not returned.
This is my story
I hope you like it "]

2. Visitors

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"Alice?" she jumped on the bed beside me quickly pulling me into a hug. I sobbed harder, as I hugged her tightly "Alice oh my god. I never thought I'd see you again" I added letting my sobs take complete control of me. "Bella. Bella. Shhh" she whispered putting her ice cold finger to my lips, hushing me instantaneously. She stared down hard at me. "Bella you are a mess" she whispered. I chuckled humorlessly. "What did you expect Alice?" I asked pulling myself up to sit in front of her. "Well certainly not this. Aren't you happy" she asked. I nodded. "I am. I love my girls, and I love my job, but...." she put her hand on my shoulder. "I told him this would not help you. That you would end up 'settling' instead of actually moving on" I sighed. "Alice. I am trying ok? I really am. I'm not normally like this. I just had a bad dream last night that threw my whole day out of whack" she nodded. "I know. You still talk in your sleep" I blushed and turned my head away. "Not that I mind at all, but why are you here?" she smiled tentatively at me. "I had a vision. This area is very dangerous right now. I came here to protect you and your kids. I saw it and I came to prevent it" I nodded. "Thank you Alice. But does he...." she knew immediately what I was going to ask. "No Bella" she sighed "He doesn't know I'm here. I hardly ever see him anymore. He's always gone" I gasped. Edward not with his family? "Is he ok?" I asked. She shook her head. "No Bella he isn't at all. But with him being so stubborn, he never will be" I nodded, really having no earthly clue what she was talking about. I turned my head as I heard someone knock on my door. I grew immediately nervous until I remembered that I locked it. "Bella?" It was Angela. "I'll be out in a second" I heard the floorboard creak as she walked back down the hall. "Angela?" she asked. I nodded. "We went to medical school together?" Alice's eyes widened. "You went to medical school?" she asked shocked. I nodded and chuckled. "Yes Alice, and I even work at the same hospital Carlisle use to work at" the look on her face told me she was astonished. "You didn't see it?" I asked suddenly anxious. She shook her head. "He told me not to look for your future. So I never did. But this recent vision just came to me" I nodded. I guess it made sense that he wouldn't want to see me in Alice's visions, whenever he did see her. "Do you want to meet my girls?" her eyes widened as she nodded eagerly. I grabbed her arm and pulled her down the hall. "The youngest is Jane and the other is Carrie". I pulled her into the living room after me. Angela looked at us and her eyes grew wide, as she took in who was really standing a few feet in front of her. "Alice Cullen?" she asked shocked. Alice giggled and nodded "You don't look a day older" I had forgotten about that slight flaw. "Well" Alice started "When you have a father that has connections you can always look like a teenager no matter what" so that was her cover story. Plastic surgery. I couldn't help but laugh. "Girls come here" they cautiously approached and each grabbed a hold onto each of my legs "I want you to meet a friend of mine. Alice this is Jane and Carrie" I said poking the tops of their heads as I said their names "Girls this is Alice". Alice approached them carefully, as Jane stepped out towards Alice slowly. They were so shy sometimes. "Hey sweetie" Alice cooed as soon as Jane was arm distance away from her "You are so adorable". As if those were the magical words Jane jumped into Alice's arms in a single step, and Alice jumped back shocked. I laughed at the surprised expression on Alice's face. Alice was never caught by surprise. "Well hello there" she chuckled as she hugged Jane. Without a breath pause Carrie took off and jumped on Alice in the same motion. "I see your kids are alot like you were Bella" Alice laughed over Jane's head. "What does that mean?" Carrie asked pulling back to look at her face. Alice looked quickly at me shocked. Apparently Alice didn't have much practice with kids. "I was a very jumpy kid" I said quickly. Carrie nodded and sat on Alice's lap. "Alice I need to speak with you a moment really fast" she nodded and picked up Jane and Carrie setting them on their feet. "Go watch the movie girls while mommy talks to Alice" They nodded and ran over, hopping onto Angela on the couch. I grabbed Alice's arm and pulled her into the kitchen. When we were out of hearing range she looked at me confusion all over her face. "I know you told me about tonight, but with Angela being here how are we going to explain the freaks coming through the windows. And what are we going to do with Jane and Carrie?" Vampire fights are definitely one thing they did not need to witness or hear. She nodded. "I thought about that. I didn't know that Angela was going to be here, and I was just going to lock you in the basement. I guess Angela will just be joining you" I shook my head. Same old Alice. "How exactly are we going to explain to Angela us being locked in the basement?" I saw from the look on her face she hadn't thought of this. She sighed and shook her head. "Bella your smart. You figure out that one" I chuckled. I guess I could use my imagination. "Are you sure you are going to be able to do it alone?" she shook her head. "I'm not sure" I lifted my eyebrow in astonishment. "ALICE!" She clamped one small hand over my mouth. "Hush" she whispered. I nodded, and she removed her hand. "I will give you a signal. You will make an excuse and get them to follow you into the basement. Lock it from the inside. I will come for you when I am finished" I nodded. "And you are going to leave when you are finished?" I asked tentatively, not really sure I wanted the answer. "Yes I have to Bella" She looked up to meet my gaze "Edward would kill me if I stayed" I felt my eyebrows furrow. "Why do you let Edward control you Alice?" I mumbled "you are my best friend, and I really don't want to lose you again" she sighed and wrapped me in a hug. "Trust me. I really don't want to leave either" I nodded my head against her shoulder. I wasn't really sure at this point whether Alice being here was going to help me or hurt me more. But at the time I really didn't care. All that mattered was that I got to see my best friend at least one more time. One thing I do know is that Jacob can't find out about this. He would freak out if he thought the Cullens were coming back, or if they even visited. Jacob and his prejudice ways. I'm sure things between me and him would become awkward too. He would obviously start feeling self-conscious that I would leave him to try to rekindle my feeling for Edward. So much could blow out of proportion. So it was best if he just didn't find out at all. It wouldn't be hard to convince him that the smell was from the vampires that were running around town right now. "Alice?" she met my gaze immediately. "Bella?" she asked when I didn't start firing questions at her once she noticed me. "Will you please stay a little while?" I asked sheepishly averting my eyes to the ground. I heard her chuckle. "Well I wasn't planning to stay longer than one night, but I can see that you are in desperate need of a shopping trip" I laughed. "No. I still hate shopping. And parties. And playing Barbie" Alice sighed. "But if it'll make you stay I'll do it" her head perked up and she squeezed me tight. "We will make that husband of yours never want to leave the house again" I chuckled. That wasn't what I was expecting her to say. "Alice-" I was cut short when I saw her eyes go blank. "No" she whispered when she came to. I grabbed her arm and shook her to make her look at me. She had a dead look on her face. "Alice please say something you are starting to scare me" her eyes flashed and she grabbed my arm. "Get the girls, and Angela. You have three minutes. Hurry Bella" And she was out of sight. Gone again. I ran to the living room. I didn't even know what I was going to say to them yet. I quickly grabbed up Jane in one arm and Carrie in the other. "Angela I need you" I thought about what to say. I didn't need her to know what was going on, I just needed to get her past the basement door. So I quickly thought on my toes "Alice fell down the stairs" her eyes grew wide as she jumped up from the couch, and followed me. As soon as she stepped past the door I placed the girls down and turned around quickly locking the door. Angela spun around quickly and had a panicked look on her face. I motioned her forward and she steadily creeped down the stairs. Jane and Carrie followed. I spun back around to double check the door. It was locked. I stuffed the key quickly in my bra and made my way down the stairs. "Bella, why are we locked in your basement?" I was completely relieved that the basement was pitch black so she couldn’t see my expression. I could play it cool as long as she couldn't see my face. “I’m sorry. I thought I heard something, and assumed Alice had fallen down the stairs” I said. The basement immediately lit up, and I looked around to find the source. Angela had her hand wrapped around the string coming off of the light hanging from the ceiling. So much for pitch black. “Bella you heard something and you drug us to it instead of calling the police?” she snatched a cell phone suddenly from her pocket “It could be those crazy people. The reason everyone is missing”. In all truth it really was, but it definitely wasn’t something the police needed to witness. I grabbed her phone, and she starred at me in horror. “We can’t call the police Angela. I can’t explain why just trust me ok” she shook her head. “No Bella. Give me my phone” she said reaching out “NOW!” I dropped the phone the ground, and held my breath as it broke into pieces. Angela gasped, and looked at me horrified. “Angela I can’t explain to you what is going on, but the police will only get hurt if they come” her eyes grew wide as she took steps away from me. So she thought I was threatening the police. I shook my head. “Angela you honestly don’t know me very well if you think I would do anything to hurt you or my girls. I brought you down here to keep you safe” “And Alice? Where is Alice?” “Alice can take care of her self. Don't worry” Angela shook her head. “Don’t worry? I think that guns and knives might power a bit over fighting” she shrieked. Alice wouldn’t have to worry if it were some guys with guns and knives, that would actually be relieving. “We need to go get her” I grabbed her arm, as she tried to get past me. “Angela don’t be stupid. We can’t” she sighed and walked over to the couch. I then noticed my girls looking at me horrified. I walked over and picked them up in my arms. “Everything is going to be ok, girls. Mommy will keep you safe no matter what. I promise” I wiped at tear off of Carrie’s face as Jane buried her face in my shirt. I raked my fingers through her black curls trying to soothe her. I hated seeing them like this. I really wish Jacob were here. I walked over to the couch, still carrying them in my arms, and sat down. Then we heard screaming. I gasped and covered Carrie and Jane’s ears between my hands and my body. I heard the terrible sound of metal ripping, and hoped dearly that it wasn’t Alice. I heard a man scream a stream of profanities as a loud crash came. I don’t think I even want to see my home after this. How am I going to explain it to Jacob? “Bella what was that?” Angela asked horrified. “Honestly, probably my kitchen table….maybe couch. I wouldn’t put it past them” her eyes grew wide. “What?!” I rolled my eyes. “Them breaking my belongings Angela. That‘s what that noise is”. Just then the basement door flew open. I jumped up putting my girls on the couch. I turned around and whispered to them “Keep your eyes and ears shut” they nodded and buried their faces into the couch. I stood and walked to the edge of the stairs, but I didn’t see anything. “Keep an eye on Jane and Carrie” I whispered. Angela nodded and scooted closer putting her arm around them. I sucked in all the nerve I had and walked up the basement stairs.