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December Air

Edward never came back.
Bella has tried her best to go on, by settling with someone.
She knows she can never love with what she was once capable of.
But when disaster strikes who is it that is capable of putting her back together again?

Chapter 5 is UP


no need to fret guys
I have a beta; the search is over YAY
The AH-MAY-ZINGG Alyss in Wonderland
has temporarily released me from writers block by being my co-writer "]
Let just say this story just got a whole lot more unpredictable

Ok so this one is rather old.
I didn't originally want to post it because
there were so many other ones about
what might have happened had Edward not returned.
This is my story
I hope you like it "]

3. Blast from the Past

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 2106   Review this Chapter

I clutched the wooden banister tightly, feeling tiny splinters embed themselves in my palm, forcing myself to get past the last few steps. It was like my body was literally refusing what my head was telling it, trying to push me back to where it thought was safe. I knew I had to do this, if not for the sake of Angela and my girls, but for my own sanity. I had to know what my house looked like after they had their ‘fun’ up there, and I could only hope dearly that Alice wasn’t on the negative side of that. “NO” I halted in my mid-step. That voice was so strangely familiar. I knew that voice from somewhere. But where? I sucked in a deep breath and continued forward. I reached the doorframe and held onto it with all of my power, steadying my shaky legs as I forced myself through. I gasped when I saw what my house had become. It was horrible, like something out of a bad horror film. My couch had been violently shredded and thrown into the bookcase. The television was on the floor, smashed into so many pieces, that I couldn’t even hope it would be restored. But what puzzled me most was that nobody was there. “Bella is everything ok up there?” I heard Angela’s voice call me, and froze. I was trying to remain quiet so that if they were still in my house I could maybe not be noticed. I ran back to the basement door, slamming the door shut. It wasn’t exactly cooperating what with the hinges actually being somewhere on the basement floor. Stupid vampires, kicking down my doors. I walked back down the stairs and sat next to Angela, taking my girls from her. They clutched onto me and I hummed a familiar tune as I rocked them in my arms. “I didn’t see anybody Ang, but that doesn’t mean there’s nobody out there. I’m not taking chances, and with Carrie and Jane I’d rather be paranoid than dead” Angela nodded, and stood up stretching. “It’s so late” she said through a yawn. I nodded, as I felt the first strains of exhaustion, and let out a wide yawn. There was no way we were going to make it through this night in one piece. I looked at the girls in my arms, sleepily burying their faces into my shirt. My face tore away from Carrie and Jane as I heard a sickening screech flow throughout the house. Angela looked at me wide-eyed, as if expecting me to actually know what that was. I just shrugged my shoulders, holding up a hand to motion her silent. “Something isn’t right Bella” she whispered almost soundlessly. I nodded. “I think I would know that by now” She side-glanced at the stairs before sitting down on a battered wooden chair. “I really want to know what’s going on” she said after getting comfortable “I mean is it just a coincidence that Alice seemed to disappear? I want to go check to make sure she is at least ok” I rolled my eyes. This is ridiculous. Angela is too perceptive for her own good; it’s likely to end her up in a lot of trouble some day. “BELLA! WHERE ARE YOU?!” I knew who that one was. I stood up quickly, unable to hold in a gasp of relief, as both girls snatched their heads out of my shirt. “We’re down in the basement” I yelled. Jacob busted through the previously busted door, and was down the basement stairs in a flash. “Oh god Bella. What happened?” he asked pulling me to his chest. “DADDY” both girls squealed clinging to him. I pulled away as he took Carrie and Jane from my arms. I then realized that he was crying. My Jacob never cried. “Jake” I whispered wiping a tear off of his cheek “Is everything ok?” he shook his head. “No” he groaned, “I’m such an oaf. I didn’t even think. I could have lost you Bella, and the girls” He then turned his head, noticing that Angela was there. “Oh” he whispered putting Carrie and Jane on their feet and standing back up. With Jacob just being out with the pack he was only dressed in his torn raggedy looking shorts. Angela was looking down at the ground and I could see her cheeks enough to tell that she was blushing. “Is everything safe upstairs?” I whispered closing in on Jacob. He grabbed my arms and pulled me back against his chest. “Yes” he whispered “But I smell leech all over this house. How did you get rid of them?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Lie, lie, lie” the voice in my head whispered. Jacob didn’t need to know what had happened, and pulling up previous thoughts was only strengthening the old feelings of sorrow that tightened in my chest. I know that there was no chance Alice is coming back. She’s gone for good, and I didn’t get to say good-bye this time. I never did. I sighed as I felt Jacob’s lips press against my hair. “I don’t care how you did it. I’m just glad you are safe” I hated lying to Jacob. I really did, but now was not the time to feel guilty. “Angela will you keep an eye on the girls I need to talk to Jacob” Angela nodded, and I turned back to face Jacob. He had a strange look on his face with one eyebrow cocked as if waiting for me to spill my guts right there. I flinched slightly, but held my ground; even if I wanted to tell him, it wouldn’t happen. “Just come with me” I rolled my eyes and grabbed his hand pulling him up the stairs. His eyes trailed over the broken remnants of our home as we passed through the door. “Jac-” “Why Bella?” My eyebrows knitted together in confusion as I spun around to face him. “Why what?” I whispered looking to the ground. “Why do you have Cullen’s smell all over you?” I gasped. I had completely forgotten about the fact that he would have smelt Alice on me. There goes that plan. “Jacob it’s not what yo-” “Not what I think?!” he cut me off again “Those are some pretty famous words Bella, but I never expected them to come from your mouth” “Jacob” I was honestly shocked at the accusations he was putting on me. Did he really think I was that kind of person? “What you smelt was nothing. You know I love you” He shook his head. “Bella” he said through his teeth “I’m not accusing you of anything. I just want to know why the hell Cullen was here” I narrowed my eyes at him. Alice had saved my life, and his children, and this is the ways he acts? “JACOB BLACK!” I was trying severely to keep my voice calm so I didn’t startle Angela and get her involved “If it hadn’t been for her we would have been killed by those things that tore our house apart” His eyes grew wide, as he understood then what was going on. “Bella. She was not the only one here. I smelt them everywhere” I gasped. He…he had been here? He’d come back? I couldn’t believe after all of these years of broken hearts and fallen tears, he comes by here, and I don’t even see him. I'm not even aware of him I felt my knees buckle under me and Jacob catch my body before it hit the ground. This is possibly the second worst day of my life. Edward’s P.O.V Why would I just leave her? How could I do that? I’m such a horrible person. No I’m worse than that, I’m worse than the worst type of human. I’m a monster, the most evil monster to ever walk the earth. “Edward she needs you” I sighed and stood to look at Alice, not wanting to meet her eyes, for fear of what I might see there. “Alice there is no possible way she would forgive me, and she has a family now. I cant” Alice shook her head. “Edward you didn’t see her, you didn’t watch her toss and turn all night. She is not happy, and she never will be. Granted Jacob gave her what you couldn’t she still needs you” I looked over at Alice briefly to see images of Bella throughout the day. Alice had been staying at her house for the past few nights, not really knowing when the newborns were going to strike. I watched images of her, flashing through Alice's mind. My Bella was so sad, her eyes were empty, like she’d been drained of all life, and was running on autopilot. I’d never seen her even close to this sadness before, and it kill me a thousand times to leave her again, but I knew I had to. “Bella has done good for herself Edward. She’s smart. She got somewhere in life, but you and I both know that she would give it all up just to have you come back” I gave her a horrified look. "You can’t possibly know that Alice, and what do you mean? What did she do?” she gave me an angry stare “I wasn’t there until after you locked her downstairs Alice. I was not eavesdropping” she sighed. “Bella is a doctor” I felt my eyes widen; Bella, my Bella a doctor. That was…amazing. I knew she was smart, but this was beyond great. “Umm Edward?” I looked quickly at her “We cant leave” I cocked my eyebrows at her. What did she mean we couldn’t leave? I would have heard it in her thoughts had she not been translating the dictionary into Spanish. I sighed. “Alice you know we can’t be here. We can’t stay in Forks any longer! Someone might remember us, who shouldn’t” Alice groaned. “Edward would you try to think logically for a moment please, think about right now, not what might happen in the future, and not about all of the bad things that could come out of this. You need her. She needs you. I know you do. No matter how much either of you deny it. I saw it in her eyes, and I can see it in yours. And that’s not the reason I said we couldn’t leave Edward. We have to stay; we have to keep Bella safe from the newborns running through the city. Her husband can’t protect her like we can. Not from those.” I nodded, and growled under my breath. Her husband. I don’t even know him and I hate him. “But the weird thing is I didn’t see him. I mean in my visions. It’s like he’s a blank image” I frowned; that had never happened before. What would block Alice’s visions? How would that even happen? Unless.. “What do you mean Alice? Who is he?” “Jacob Black” I froze. So the vampires move away from town and Bella starts talking to the next monster she runs into. “What’s wrong with that?” Alice asked, stunned by the horror written across my face. “Jacob Black is a werewolf Alice” her small jaw fell open into a tiny ‘o’. I nodded. “Edward what do we do?” she gasped. I could think of a million and three ways to kill a werewolf. I could think of any reason you wanted to give me. I wanted to kill this one so badly. But he had taken care of my Bella. He had been there for her when I wasn’t. I sighed. “There isn’t anything we can do Alice. That’s who she chose to be with” I looked up stunned as I felt a tiny hand pop the back of my head. “Edward that's all the more reason to go back you idiot” I growled a protest but she just shook her head. Alice is impossible to win against. And she isn’t going to stop until we are back to where we were, even if that meant moving Jacob out of the way in the process, despite the amount of force that could be needed to shift him.